This is why you stuck it out until you’d learned French


At last, at last, Chantal Hébert has a blog. Or rather, blogue.


This is why you stuck it out until you’d learned French

  1. Or, another reason to better my French………

  2. Macleans should hire someone to translate it

  3. I thought this day would never come. Will you be providing des services de traduction of key posts ici, Paul?

  4. Awesome!

  5. To the “Têtes carrées,” right-click, select Page Info, select Translate into English, and Bob’s your uncle (or mon oncle Robert?)!

  6. I vote for a translator also! I have always paid attention to her Quebec perspective as for years now she has always been proved out in the end and she gets right to the point, I like that not just spin for a quick reaction and possible headline.

  7. This makes me wish that I had spent more time reading complex syntax. I can read simple text fairly easily, but when it gets fancy with verb tense and pronouns I get confused. Maybe an opportunity to brush up… Chantal’s insight is probably worth the effort.

  8. Hmm. Chantal Hébert at l’Actualité and the far better playoff hockey play-by-play and analysis at Réseau des sports doing more to promote Canadian bilingualism than any taxpayer-funded mush out of Ottawa.

    Vive le Canada…

  9. Hey Wells, she’s been at it since le premier septembre. What took you so long to share this welcome piece of Rogers advertising? Quelle honte!

  10. Pshaw, I don’t need a translater. I am pretty sure the gist of it is…

    blah blah blah… Quebec… federalism… Stephen Harper’s unprecedented outreach to soft nationalists… blah blah… Dion unprecedentedly electable… blah blah… NDP’s unprecedented surge… blah blah… Duceppe and the Bloc decreasingly relevant in an unprecedented development… wow I’m actually from Ottawa and grew up in Toronto… but because I speak in a monotone voice with a French accent and have a haircut no tete a carre would ever get I must have my ear to the ground of Quebec… did I mention Quebec?

  11. Well, HtH, good thing we won’t expect you to read anything, so you may remain quite comfortable in your preconceived notions. You think it’s easy having an open mind?

  12. Chantelle and Andrew Coyne must be spending too much time together on The National’s “At Issue” panel. How else can you explain such similarly creative names for their blogs.

  13. madeyoulook is right. I’m lamentably slow on the uptake. Is “busy time in federal politics” an excuse?

  14. This is great, and finally inspired me to set up a Firefox plugin so I can figure out what a boucan is and why you shouldn’t throw anymore because the court is full.

    Thanks PW!

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