‘This language is not me’


In a press release distributed by his office earlier today, Conservative MP Garry Breitkreuz was quoted as likening the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police to a cult and using some colourful language to lament Michael Ignatieff’s position on the gun registry.

“Mr. Ignatieff’s hollow offer to amend the registry is a plastic olive branch that’s causing amusement and amazement with Canadian gun owners,” says Breitkreuz. “His attempt to force members of his caucus to vote against the bill is politically transparent. Imagine demanding eight members of your caucus to suddenly abandon the wishes of their constituents. This leader is a bully who may well be committing political suicide. With tactics like this, I doubt he’ll be missed on either side of the House …  the Liberal leader is trying to completely change the game in the House of Commons. It’s an act of desperation that insults the intellect of Canadians. His true colours are showing, and if his caucus has any integrity, those colours should be black and blue.”

And so, Mr. Breitkreuz would like to apologize. And to explain that he didn’t write those things. And he has no idea “how that got out of here.”


‘This language is not me’

  1. Press releases put words in the mouths of the allegedly quoted ALL THE TIME. One would expect, however, that the quoted would have a chance to edit the words that get attributed to them. I wonder if we will ever get an honest statement about whether the MP "signed off" on the text before release. I'm gonna go out on a limb and guess… no.

    • Did you miss the part about the press release coming from his own office?

      That is to say, in trying to defend Breitkreuz, are you simultaneously accusing his communications staff of undermining the MP?

      • Uh, no. No I did not miss that part. Do you get that the MP's own office might actually release a document without the MP's awareness or approval?

        My "no" guess was as in "no, we will not ever get an honest statement about whether he signed off…"

        And I am ABSOLUTELY accusing someone in the PR world for screwing up the choice of language. I am just not prepared, yet, to accept the MP at his word that he has "no idea" how that language got out there. He might be telling the truth, in which case a staffer should be fired.

        • Regardless of whether or not the MP endorsed the statement, the communications staffer who approved the press release should be canned. You don't hang the boss out to dry with a damning statement like that, even if he did approve it.

          I don't believe for a second (so, I concur with your suspicion) Breitkreuz has no idea how those words got out. If he said them, there's always a chance they'll be made public.

          • Hey you two: be nice. You are agreeing.

        • In the CON world, there's always an underling who's job it is to be sacrificed incase of an MP exposing his views…

        • MYL: If the MP allows his staff to send stuff out without his sign-off, he's a fool. So either he signed it off and regretted it and he's a fool, or his staff did their own thing, and he's a fool.

        • If that' was the case, might he have noticed this over zealous staffer a little sooner? Like maybe when he wrote to his gun buddies in 2008 rallying them to come to Ottawa and defend the consitution against the Liberal-NDP Coalition?

  2. Are these knuckle-dragging thugs now issuing the veiled threats and the apologies/retractions at the exact same time?

    • They print the attack on one side of the page and the apology on the other. Saves paper. Very green.

    • It's the first sign of efficiency coming from them. Maybe it will creep into their governing.

  3. He needs to apologize for what virtually every true Canadian thinks?

    • CON-mindthink as popular opinion. Provide some proof behind this. And is there any difference between how Ignatieff is requesting a party-line approach to this and with how Harper's Quebec wing is following along, despite the popularity of the registry in that province (and in their ridings?)??

    • Kindly end this nonsensical Republican tactic about what constitutes 'true' or 'real' Canadians.

      My family arrived in 1848, and have served in our armed forces ever since.

      I'm as 'real' and 'true' as everyone else who is a Canadian citizen, and I consider Breitkreuz and his boss Harper, to be asses extraordinaire.

      • What does serving in the armed forces have to do with anything???

        • Gee I dunno… Serving your country?

        • They served their country – just like the Cons like to toot. Emily has a right to be proud. My ancesters were among the first settlers in Canada (1790's), fought in WWi, WWII and Korea – and I don't have to be told by any Cons if or if not that I'm Canadian.

          The arrogance, really.

        • Why do you hate our troops?

        • Not all 'true Canadians' are loyal Harperites. l

    • I'm sorry… What's a "true Canadian?"

      • Someone who gulps Con koolaid for breakfast, and regurgitates it all day long, while genuflecting to the PMO. Also, they are not allowed to have rational or common sense thoughts, and must be ready to attack at the merest wisp of movement from any perceived threat to their groupthink, whether warranted or not.
        Bonus points for being notable and irrational opponents of reality, truth and democracy.

  4. There is nothing redeeming about Iggy or his fellow members of a caucus that has no credibility with Canadians, the people that love to love him and his fellow Liberal members are those that think criminals should be let out of prison while Canadians continue to suffer because of the bleeding-hearts in his party who have gutted the criminal justice system of Canada in favour of treating criminals with kid-gloves while concerning themselves with only the rights of criminals and forgetting the victims of crime they leave behind. Liberals top it off by appointing bleeding-heart Liberal lawyers to the judiciary who share those ideals, regarless of how sick Canadians are of watching criminals including those in the RCMP and other police services to skate.

    • Here's a buck: buy yourself some punctuation. You must have run out of breath writing that.

      It seems to me that lately, the criminals Canadians are watching skate are actually conservatives! Is that Iggy's fault too?

    • Another Con MP's assistant weighs in. Note another attack on the police. Odd that the 'law and order' types don't seem to trust the gatekeepers to the justice system – the police.

    • Polly wanna cracker?

  5. What would be worse? A few days prorogue of parliament (vacation) or the leader of a party counseling his caucus to violate the trust which his constituents have had in having voted them in in the first place?

    Shame on Iggy. Puffin poop and shame.

    • Uh, Bob, you do realize that, in our parliamentary system, the parties whip the vote all the time? ALL the parties?

    • I love conservitive double speak. Violate the trust of their constituents makes me LOL. Very few conserviatives won their seat with 50%+ of the the vote and yet they use the fact they have the most seats in the house of commons as justification for a mandate to rule with an iron fist. When was the last time the Conservative Party allowed a free vote by its members on any significant issue? The Conservative Party of Canada won less than 30% of all votes cast and does not have a majority of seats but they are the only ones who knows what is best.
      John Baird won my riding with less than 40% of vote but if I am not Conservative how does he represent me? He only consults with Conservative Party memebers……
      It also shows a clear lack of understanding of our political process. When we vote we elect a party not an individual (unless you vote independant). It is the party that is given the mandate to form the government not an individual. Individual's who run under a party receive funds from that party to win their seat. It is fully understood that from time to time an MP will have to toe the party line as a result of accepting party funds.

      • Interestingly though, a young Reform MP from Calgary once voted in favour of the gun registry when it was first introduced because he said that's what his constituents wanted.

        But then he flip flopped and voted party line on subsequent readings and votes.

        And now that habitual flip flopper and promise breaker and principle abandoner is our Prime Minister.

  6. Way, way over the top…. and also very badly written.

    My guess is that it was a joke press release circulated in the office as an example of what not to do, and some noob took it seriously. I mean, come on Breitkreuz, you're only allowed to refer to Harper as a bully who should be turfed. Liberal leaders are strictly off-limits for that sort of rudeness.

    • Yeah, that's right. Let's keep things straight. Only Harper can be the bully. They called it first.


  7. now we are finding out not only metro sadass the pm mouth piece,is a big meanie,so is the member from sask,who seems to always have his foot in his mouth, is the gun regestry,really hurting anyone,sure it cost money ,but the govt ,spends millions on road signs ,getting harpers message out,so big deal ,get along kids,,,

  8. Iggy's certainly done some whipping, alright. Whipping the Cons into a state of apoplexy at the same time as offering a meaty policy alternative that balances liberty with public safety. Well done.

    Mmm, pistol whip.

    • Meaty policy alternative……………well, you must be happy living on scraps!

      • Contrasted with the polarizing position proffered by the Cons of "scrap it or keep it", it's positively meaty. Iggy's proved he can listen to the concerns of his rural caucus and forge a real compromise. He's also painted the NDP into a corner and brought out the best in the Cons, like Mr. Breitkreuz. But most importantly, Canadians win. Rural and urban. A real triumvirate.

  9. So Iggy makes a stand and he should be ashamed for it? He to make of this stands so we know whee he stands and why. He is a big boy and he cannot be a things to everyone. Note to Mr. Breitkreuz and his supporters if I stand for something you disagree with that is OK it is called democracy and a clear choice. State your position and your reasons why and your opponent should do the same and may the best person wins.

    • Let's not forget the CONs and their double-talk. In one instance it's 'Down with the registry!' and in another whisper to the riding where the work is processed 'We'll save your jobs!'
      Harper not only failed to deal with Canada's pardon system when he first looked under the hood, he's also failed to provide Canada's police with the proper tools to do their jobs. Guess he thinks they can just go prorogue themselves…

    • Mr. Ignatieff should try some of your medicine. Not really a democracy when you're told to vote against your own opinion. Have you not been following the news lately?

      • He has to consider what he wants to stand for and believe in it. Then he has to have spine (that called leadership) to defend his policies even then one the conservatives bash him on.

  10. Articulate, understated, correct and perceptive. Were I a mouth-breathing Liberal, I'd memorize the passage and swear to my friends and family that I wrote it myself.

  11. I'll bet Breitkreuz's ears are still bleeding after Harper's phone call on THAT one! He sure reversed himself in a hurry, and with a totally unbelievable excuse.

    No wonder normal people consider all Conservative mentally deranged!

    • "No wonder normal people consider all Conservative mentally deranged! "

      I love those kinda answers. Makes you look real smart.

      • Given your responses, I wouldn't be so sarcastic.

        Hey, Breitkreuz is one guy that "shouldn't own a rifle. He's got a history of nasty TEMPERMENTAL remarks.

        Take his rifle away, please

    • I don't think so – I would say that Harper knew full well that it was going out. That's their strategy most of the time. They (Harper) will get someone else to come out and say something that's out of bounds, and then there's an "apology". But the strategy is that the words got out there, and they're floating around in the media. Just as when Harper attacked Ignatieff's patriotism while he was in Europe for the G8? meeting — and then said "Oh – oops. My Press Secretary (the slime Soudas) gave me the wrong quotation".
      It didn't matter that it was wrongly attributed – what matters was that the words got out into the ether. It's happened repeatedly.
      They don't care whether the info is outrageous or wrong, they just want it out there; and then they pretend to apologize. In the words of Harper's mentor Flanagan "It does not have to be true, it just has to be possible." or words something like that.

      A variation on this tactic is the "trial balloon". Harper gets someone else to float something distasteful, or controversial, to see what the reaction is. Then he either drops it, or he takes over. Has happened to the sad Foreign Affairs guy Cannon a number of times – happened over the changes to the anthem. Harper goes to great pains to remain unattached to any kind of controversy, he ALWAYS uses someone else to float what he would like to say.

      In this case, Harper would like to say that Ignatieff should be beaten black and blue. He's said it – it's out there. Makes him and his "macho men" sound tough, and it appeals to his thug core.

  12. Garry Breitkreuz isn't the only Conservative who doesn't trust the 5-0…

    7:11 – "Police don't understand the issue, either." -Candice Hoeppner, when asked why the Chiefs of Police across Canada (including Brian Blair of the Toronto Police) want to keep the long-gun registry in opposition to the Government view of scrapping the registry.

    Really, CPC? Are we going to be giving police unions and associations "the Colvin" because they don't spout your political ideas? Shall we be seeing more Conservatives come out to degrade our men & women in uniform? This is quite the absurd double standard when compared to their "stop attacking the troops" position.

    • Well, than why don't you explain to us all what difference the gun registry has made in solving crimes, or in preventing crime with a long gun?? Come on now, you must have the answers. Why not give them to us all.

      • Candice Hoeppner has no police expertise – her background is communications and that's why she's being used to promote this.

      • I can give you one example. The gun registry was a key piece of evidence that lead to the arrest and conviction of the two men who were convicted in the Mayerthorpe murders.

      • Can you explain why the government doesn't want it's name on this bill and is procedding by way of a PMB?

  13. "Kill him. Kill him dead".

    – Scott Reid, Liberal strategist, writing in the Globe and Mail about Stephen Harper, November 29, 2008

    No apology ever offered by Reid or by the Globe and Mail. No apology ever demanded either by the same media outlets making a big deal out of metaphorically saying Ignatieff should be "black and blue". As usual, it's only an issue when a Conservative does it.

    • Didn't know Scott Reid was a sitting MP.

      • Exactly.

        • Ah, of course. That makes it perfectly OK then. It's perfectly fine for unelected backroom spinners and staffers to suggest that we kill the Prime Minister in a national newspaper. Got it. But God forbid they should write a letter to the editor in support of their bosses.

          And of course, it was Harper we were talking about. I'm sure for many of you that makes it OK as well, right?

          • Cut it out; you're better than arguing this one.

          • But God forbid they should write a letter to the editor in support of their bosses. That would just be wrong.

            I don't know what God forbids, but honesty requires that you not misrepresent yourself when speaking in support of your boss (or at any other time.)

      • Yeah, those sitting MPs are so much more influential than party strategists!

        It's hilarious to me that someone (john g) makes an accurate & effective comment and is promptly subjected to negative reactions by the "thumbers". No doubt, I will get the same.

        • Was Scott Reid employed by the Liberals as a party strategist when he made those remarks? I don't think so, though I'm uncertain.

          • What difference does it make? Scott Reid was, and remains, a highly ranked Liberal insider. And he said something intemperate and none of the current partisan shriekers so much as raised an eyebrow.

            I want people – on all sides – to quit wetting their pants and squealing on each other whenever anyone says anything more colourful than "from coast to coast to coast." How much more boring do we need to get?

          • It makes every difference in the world, actually. A press release from a sitting MP does not equate to the musings of a guy who may have links to the party but is not a party spokesman. And party insider? What's a party insider? Everyone and their dog qualifies as a "party insider" these days. Just ask Jane Taber.

          • So it's not intemperate remarks that bother you? It's only intemperate remarks made by "sitting MPs"?

            So if Jean Chretien, for example, cracks a joke about assaulting political enemies, that's perfectly kosher with you? Since he's not, a sitting MP, after all.

            The distinction you make between sitting MPs and well-known partisan pundits – with the first presumably powerful and the second powerless – is a false distinction that ignores the facts on the ground, in my opinion.

    • You expect the media, apologists in the opposition to believe in the same level playing field for conservatives. Not going to happen.

      • Oh, the 'Wah-wah!' defence from conservatives rises again. It must be horrible when everyone's against you. Especially those media and police chiefs types…

        • No need to apologize, I am confident the loss of the senate majority, money given to the special interest groups to support another failed Liberal policy has no bearing whatsoever.

          A pity Canadians don't see the Liberal Party as a credible alternative.

    • That sounds unpleasant. Can you provide the link? Often context is relevant.

  14. Yet another tool in the Conservative party. Truly shocking.

  15. Lovely. Breitkreuz & Hoeppner just keep giving and giving don't they?
    And then there's Toews – Mr. Family values (well except for the small child in the arms of his former aide…) Sheesh! You couldn't invent this stuff!

  16. This guy isn't too quick. I'd have blamed Janine Kreiber.

    • Or Guergis or one of her staff, or that staffer that left the recording device in the bathroom (did she not get promoted to the PMO?) or the one that impersonated Jaffer on the radio. Or even better the Libreals hacked the site and posted it there…..

  17. This "new" government, these Conservatives, are "scumbags". They hide behind the uniforms of our men and women in Afghanistan on the issue of torture, yet these same Conservative "patriots" basically call our Police Associations and Police Chief liars. What a whore house these Harper Reform Party traitors have turned Parliament and our country into. All this Conservative Party and its "Prime Minister" know is how to smear, threaten and suppress our government people from the Parliamentary mailroom to the deserts of Afghanistan.

  18. So a man has to say he is sorry because Iggy is going to force his lackeys to keep the idiotic waste of resources known as the long gun registry. I am sorry Iggy is a Liberal and it is not in his nature to understand concepts like honesty in government. Did nobody tell you folks about Turdeau and the way he abused the country by removing all of our rights as Canadians in the middle of the night when that arrogant pig was in charge of the crooks. How much money did Turdeau and his bank accounts skim from all the money wasted in the Liberal party's attempt to enact as many of Adolf Hitlers policies as they could get away with? Didn't anybody notice that Hitler made everybody register their weapons with the government before his thugs went out to round up all the undesirables in Germany? Does anyone realy think a gun registry is anything more than the pigs protecting their own? Only Liberals are supposed to have guns to terrorize us with and anybody who knows we can not trust the crooked Liberal party is labeled a criminal. Either you are one of the gang or you are nothing. If you are stupid enough to vote for a crook, don't get upset when the crook says he is a Liberal and he does not care what he promised you, his boss tells him what to do and he said to do you. Remember Turdeau and his "Just watch me."

    • Oh for godsake. Hitler got control of Germany when the German Parliament, the Reichstag, burned to the ground. Conveniently. Harper's been trying to get rid of Parliament from Day 1. Hitler blamed those damned Commies, the left wing – for burning it. Trudeau didn't need to "skim" money – he was independently, enormously wealthy on his own. Before he even got into government. Are you a native of Texas?

    • <3

    • How do you sleep at night being so parinoid?
      By the way you did not have any rights until the Charter was signed in 1982…….

  19. I'm surprised that Tory MPs are even allowed to issue press releases without PMO clearance…

    • Are you sure they are?

  20. I say we spank Herr Breitkruz by forcing him to listen to an 8-hour tape of Paul Szabo drone on endlessly in the House.

  21. He knew EXACTLY what he released…..the Conservatives can't claim to have this super organized machine and then try and convince that every press release is not vetted first……..and I might add, anyone who has listened to Brietkruz speak at those gun rallies know that this is exactly something he would say.

    But I am a gun owner and frankly….I don't get the Conservatives narrative any more….

    "we are tough on crime, really really tough on crime but think that any police groups or unions are a cult and that we should get rid of the gun registry anyway…..becuase although the police claim to want to use it and do so 11K times a day…..they don't need it. Further? if you don't agree will will beat you"

    As a 'reasonable' gun owner MY issue was the cost and the paperwork……so I am really not getting the zealous random craziness this has all devolved to………..

    I would say that the Conservatives should put the whole thing on ice……becuase if they have wound themselves up to such a degree that they are advocating violence then I think they need a time-out on the issue

    • Breitkreuz still has the press release up on his site – with no apology. Seems to have been crafted to appeal to the usual nutbars. Mission accomplished I'd say.

  22. A few insults from the Conservatives in the last few days. Which party takes the award for insults and incivility? Entitlement to govern?

  23. Not one of the Breitest MPs.

  24. It's Harper's wishes put into concrete form. I'm sure Harper would like to beat Ignatieff black and blue for persisting on the Guergis/Jaffer affair; and one of his pit bulls did the work for him.

  25. This release, whether actually sent out by Garry or not, speaks the truth, and as we all know, Liberals can't handle the truth.
    The sooner this useless money sucking Liberal scheme is put to rest the better. I can't think of anything more useless than something that the police say they use 11,500 times a day (and apparently growing daily like pinocchio's nose), and STILL can't show where it's has prevented, or even solved a single crime! That's 4 million, one hundred and ninety seven thousand, 500 police accesses every year, and can't show a single useful result. Give your collective heads a shake people. That's the very definition of useless.

    • Right. Last year in Toronto alone, some 1500 unregistered long guns were confiscated. No criminal records. No courts. Pay the registry fee? And you get your precious firearm back. Furthermore, the long gun registry is of great assistance in tracking down stolen long guns and crimes that may have been committed with said gun. If one of my neighbors has a gun, long gun or otherwise, in his house…well it's none of my business. But I sure as hell would like somebody to know about it!! And I can't think of anyone better than my community police officer. One more fact, more police officers are shot dead with long guns than any other sort of weapon. Get your facts straight

      • The fact that last year alone 1500 unregistered long guns were confiscated in Toronto is abundant proof that guns don't get registered, no matter how much money we spent on this registry. The system doesn't work, can't be enforced and is very obviously a waste of resources. And why is it that Toronto's stats are used as an average for the whole country. Surprise, yes there is Canada outside of Toronto. Make gun control a municipal law and enforceable and we'll see some results.

        • Stop screaming.

      • They were not confiscated, the majority were old and broken guns turned in during an amnesty. Stolen firearms are tracked through CPIC not the registry. There are many many cases of stolen firearms that have been registered to new owners and went undetected by the registry. Licensing and the 'Gun Registry' Actually puts more guns on the street.. A full two thirds of the firearms in this country are not registered. Millions of firearm owners have also simply said no to licensing themselves in order to posses their own previously legally obtained property. Someone not having a firearms license, and/or owning an unregistered firearm that is stolen, will likely just suck up the loss and not incriminate him or herself by reporting the theft. As long as the simple possession of a otherwise legally obtained firearm, as well as not having it registered on some government shopping list, is a crime. Don't expect people to turn themselves in by reporting the theft. Why would they want to open themselves up to financially crippling court costs, job loss, and prison? Under these conditions, for most it's a no brainer. they would just shut up, suck up the loss, and go on with their life.. Under the old FAC system (that made no legal owner a criminal) which worked much better, stolen firearms would be reported immediately, be recorded in the CPIC system, and be in effect registered as stolen. The owner could then collect his insurance for the loss, and the police would know it was 'out there'. The current system promotes crime by criminalizing the theft victim. If you 'really want to know what police officers think about the registry, check out this .pdf http://www.garrybreitkreuz.com/publications/2010/

  26. The hypocrisy of Conservative MP Garry Breitkreuz — this from an MP whose Prime Minister — won't allow his Cabinet take a trip to the washroom without permission. As far as Politicians changing their minds on a vote…let's take a look at the Harper's history in office…Income Trust, breaking one's own election law just to mention one of many unconscionable transgressions of the Harper Reform Party mouths.

  27. Amazing how dimwitted some of these Conservative MPs are. Breitkreuz says he doesn't know how this press release got released and yet, a day later, he still has it up on his website under 'news release'.

    • Heh. Yeah, it's strange that they haven't taken it down yet. Must be that rogue staffer.

      • I suspect the Police Chief cult has hacked into his website.

  28. If Liberals are going to be this sissy sensitive now,
    they are going to spend the next election campaign crying about their boo boo's.

    And who cares? The really big story is 'what will Helena wear to the committee interrogation'?

    • Idiot troll.

      • Oh, I think most would agree with me that you`ve got the ownership of that label.

      • wah wah wah, after Liberals and their media totally shred Helena, her career and everyone in her life,
        Liberals get all insulted over a STAFFER writting a hard hitting partisan notice….cry me a flippin' river.
        Sissy silly all of you.

        • I see. I suppose not one conservative made any mention of a liberal staffer coining the phrase "beer and popcorn". Conservatives also stayed out of "nannygate" too, right?

          Ms. Guerges destroyed her own career, with a little help from her husband.

  29. "This language is not me"

    “In the Fifties, buggery was a criminal offence. Now it's a requirement to receive benefits from the federal government.” Garry Breitkreuz, National Post, Nov. 21, 2000

    • He was passed the torch from Randy White.

    • I just might repost that quote in every Breitkreuz thread.

  30. Maybe one of Helena's office assistants wrote it to deflect some of the media heat off of his/her boss.

    Or does she have office staff now that she's been shunted to the Independents?


  31. Stop using facts, it is unfair.

    The Liberals Plan B is to save the remaining urban ridings is more important than those 8 seats in the woods.

  32. Well he is the same MP who penned a letter calling for the rise of all gun owners to resist the unholy, illegal coalition by all means necessary.

    I would say this is a step down from his call to arms against the constitution.

    • I see. So yet another staffer takes the falll for a conservative MP.

      • Yes, going by who resigns, it seems that in the current CPC the staffers not only do all the work but they also make all the decisions. Of course, with idiots (bigots?) like Breitkreuz (see his "buggery quote") one wouldn't want him making any decisions.

    • It's so gutsy letting your staff take the fall. I wonder if there any studies showing a relationship between gun ownership nuttiness and penis size?

  33. The Conservatives always seem to find a way to mess up. Just when the public was getting fed up with Helena Guergis, another MP screws up and makes them look bad. And once again our PM will defend said PM until it's no longer politically expedient.

    See Ignatieff and Harper in action in QP over this issue at http://battlelight.blogspot.com.