This morning in Guergis -

This morning in Guergis


Nazim Gillani releases a statement. Mr. Gillani’s spokesman says Ms. Guergis met Mr. Gillani over dinner in Toronto. Ms. Guergis’ nomination may be in doubt. Conservatives are unimpressed. And a note of concern for Mr. Jaffer’s weight.


This morning in Guergis

  1. As you read about Helena Guergis — the tantrums, the arrogance, the inability to hold on to staff — the more I think that she sounds just like Harper, which would explain why she was one shoulder nudge behind Him until this weekend.

    Reading the Star account on her family, it also appears that "trouble" is a common theme in the family, including bankruptcies and such. What is telling is that even her family members are distancing themselves from her.

    I'm not sure that this story has legs, though, especially with her being drop-kicked right out of caucus.

    • Who even voted for this "woman"??? Why is she still drawing a pay cheque? Is this what the Harper gov is all about? Get rid of her entirely.

      • He's kicked her out of cabinet and caucus. You do realize that Harper cannot revoke somebody's MP-ship? Think about it…is that a power you would like him to have?

      • Ya! Screw democracy!

  2. Okay, I was waiting for Feschuk to hold the contest, but with all the ink these people are getting, we need a combined celebrity name for so we can stop saying Rahim Jaffer and Helena Guergis. My suggestion: The Gaffers.

    • How about RaGu, 'cause they're certainly in the stew.

    • I could swear that we've had a nickname discussion before somewhere. Maybe it was elsewhere?

      • Ya, Feschuk ran a just-for-fun contest on this a few weeks ago.

  3. At least the Sun is consistent. Dogs, weight…..
    What's next? Speculation on how this has affected their sex lives?

    • Two different Suns: Toronto, Edmonton

      • Much depending on what I eat, I suppose there are ways in which I could describe differences in my poop. No matter what I observe – it's still poop! Best just to flush, and move on….

    • Knew I wasn't just dreaming things!
      While it would be ideal to find something short and sweet, JM's "B*tch Sassidy and the Crackdance Kid" made me laugh!

  4. My bad for not noticing. JM's suggestion is too long but hilarious. Thanks for looking it up.

  5. Jaffer a drinker and nearing middle age is probably the reason for his weight gain.

    Why are they trying to make it more than it is.

    • Because, for some, they aren't human beings, just silly politicians so the bludgeoning is ok.

    • I was going to say drinking, too. That's a lot of liquid carbs he's likely downing.

  6. GuerJaffer gate

  7. While we are piling on here – Simcoe-Grey has not been well served by the Conservatives in what is a Tory dominated electorate.
    The most influential Tory bar none in Simcoe County was the riding's MPP for many years (George McCague), a minister in Bill Davis' cabinet – until he left under a cloud. Got immediately elected as mayor of what is now New Tecumseth – and his riding exec assistant Jim Wilson took over. Wilson rode to fame as Mike Harris' Minister of Health and slip down down down from there – finally finishing as Minister of Northern Affairs – about the bottom of the cabinet totem pole. He's still there – a shadow of his former glory – so now Simcoe-Grey has two Tory duds!
    I wonder when the voters will finally clue in?

  8. They said they and many other constituents were angered when an elite private school, Pretty River Academy, obtained a total of $507,667 in economic stimulus grants from the federal and provincial governments following the 2009 budget, with Ms. Guergis' active support. The academy, on the outskirts of town, charges $10,350 tuition for high school students and $10,500 for pre-schoolers.

    Glad my tax dollars can help make a difference in the lives of the privileged.

  9. Proof that traditional organized crime presents a clear and sustained danger to our members of Parliament. Our Members of Parliament are ghosting for crime. It would be logical to protect Parliament by ending prohibition thus removing nine billion dollars from crime.

  10. That's funny, Jaffergate.

  11. This is a great opportunity for Parliament to amend the coming crime bill to include minimum mandatory jail time for political malfeasance.