This or that? Figure out where you stand in this election

This or that? Figure out where you stand in this election

Find out what you’re made of using our Policy Face-Off Machine


A federal vote is around the corner. It’s decision time, Canada, and you’ll soon ask yourself: How will I vote? That’s a tough question, and there’s so much to consider. That’s why we’ve built our Policy Face-off Machine, which introduces you to some of the campaign’s biggest and most contentious issues.

What is a Policy Face-off Machine?

It’s an entertaining and educational tool, and a jumping-off point for your own conversations about the ideas that will decide the coming federal vote. The tool doesn’t offer any opinion about the merits of each idea and won’t offer advice about which political party deserves your support.

How does it work?

The Policy Face-off Machine pits two policies against each other at random, and you’re asked to choose which you prefer. The parties pitching the policies are not identified when you make your pick, but every party has the same number of policies in the machine. Sometimes, you’ll be forced to choose between two policies offered by the same party. That’s okay. It’s all part of the fun. When you have no opinion about both policies in front of you, simply hit the “pass” button and we’ll randomly generate a new face-off. Pick at least 20 policies and we’ll present you with some analysis of your choices. But you don’t have to stop there. The more you pick, the more refined your policy profile.

Try our Policy Face-Off Machine today. Make the tough choices now, so your toughest choice of all—whom to vote for on election day—will be a little bit easier.

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This or that? Figure out where you stand in this election

  1. OK, so it’s just a game.

    But ….

    Interestingly, for my play, all parties are quite close to each other, and we shouldn’t be too concerned if we had a Green PM.

    • I agree. Anyone but Harper.

  2. What rubbish. For example, there’s a suggestion that money ought to be restored to the CBC budget. I did not see one I’d have clicked, “defund the CBC entirely.” There’s no reason for a national propaganda machine at the taxpayers’ expense. On Senate reform, how can one answer? a referendum? on what? what are the options? Abolish? Then what? Who watches the thieves? Proportional rep? On what plan. It took at least 4 times round to pick 20 and their results are what the test was invented to do. My results were dead wrong. I picked nothing to further empower the Fed. govt and yet I got 50% NDP (never) and only 59% Conservative (always, a member in good standing) and 46% Liberal (hahahahahaha! for a child and a stupid child at that). What a lousy survey.

    • Heh.
      You haven’t got a clue how the survey above works, do you?

    • b.cause,

      The reason ‘abolishing the CBC’ is not among the questions is because that is not a policy statement made by any of the parties. Your view is ideological and not fact-based which is not what this survey is about.

      • Really…….You should read the Platform of the Green Party….I am sure there are assurances put in place for Art and Culture.. the Green Party stands for the Freedoms of our Constituents. Access to funding for this would be needed if only to enhance the access to such fine programs CBC has provided to our Canadians…..

      • Really…….You should read the Platform of the Green Party….I am sure there are assurances put in place for Art and Culture.. the Green Party stands for the Freedoms of our Constituents. Access to funding for this would be needed if only to enhance the access to such fine programs CBC has provided to our Canadians…..

    • You obviously have never listened to CBC Radio. They steadfastly criticize Harper (and other rightwing governments). That’s why he’s been working to destroy them – cutting their budget drastically and appointing his cronies as CEO and Board Members in a desperate attempt to muzzle them. And have you heard Rick Mercer on CBC TV doing his brilliant satire on Harper and the Conservatives? We need these people who will speak truth to power. The CBC is a publicly-owned broadcaster, not a state-owned broadcaster, at least not yet.

    • You have been brainwashed for so long to be a Conservative you refuse to see that other parties actually have good policy so instead of seeing this as a useful tool to find out more about the policy of each party you reject the whole thing. Unfortunately this is a reflection of the narrow-minded rightwingers in this country.

    • Oh, what a true ‘blue and cold blood’ individual you represent in the upcoming federal election. Truth is so hard for you to accept isn’t it? Please wake up and look at yourself in the mirror.

  3. I suppose we don’t know enough about the parties’ platforms yet, but a better tool (IMHO) would be to compare the estimated cost of various election promises, and let Canadians decide on the budget they would like to see (including the size of the resulting deficit). Also, some of the match-ups given are strange, why not have simple yes/no questions on issues like marijuana legalization, instead of trying to compare it to completely tangential policies?

  4. NDP =) not a surprise being a Social-Democrat .

  5. I don’t like this survey method and I have no confidence in the results. I’m not even sure that the person wrote the introduction understands how it works! “When you have no opinion about both policies in front of you, simply hit the “pass” button”?? I often found a lot of the pairs of policies pitted “against each other at random” were often equally odious or equally attractive, not that I had “no opinion” about them.

    I didn’t find this “entertaining and educational”, but boring, frustrating and a waste of time. I’ll take Vote Compass any day, That one truly is entertaining and educational.

    • Too bad that Vote Compass doesn’t have a quiz on the Federal Election. The the Alberta one from last year. Oh, and since it’s sponsored/commissioned by the CBC, Abu Nudnik above won’t like it :)

  6. Results were….interesting. I’m not a fan of how they set up the quiz. I found that most of the two choices given me, I didn’t want to choose either. Ended up hitting ‘Pass’ a lot. And I do agree with some commenters below, that the choice of issues seemed to be skewed. I.e. they offered an ‘abolish’ choice, but not an ‘endorse’ choice in many cases. Or vice versa. You really had to think about which ones to pick and which ones to pass. But maybe that was also the point of the survey…to catch those people who were ‘for’ an issue and then down the road said they were ‘against’.

    In the end, I found it interesting, it ‘somewhat’ agreed with how I’m currently leaning, but ultimately I will still read each of the party’s platforms front to back and make the most educated and informed choice I can. Which everybody should do :)

  7. I didn’t select “pay tuition fees for the first two years of post secondary education”. But I would support ” pay the last two years of tuition”. The drop out rates in first year are very high. Usually because of too much partying or lack of aptitude.

  8. RE: “Create a carbon-neutral Canada by 2100”.
    Can we have an honest debate about “Green Energy”? The only media so far to do this is TV Ontario “The Agenda” with Steve Paikin (*). Wind proponents have a very hard time explaining why Wind struggles to reach less than 5% of Ontario’s power capacity. All this despite enormous government push, subsidies, and priority access to the grid.
    (*) TV Ontario, “Wind Power, Wind Problems”, first aired 25 March 2015.
    tvo DOT org/video/programs/the-agenda-with-steve-paikin/wind-power-wind-problems

  9. Yawn! The most accurate description of the peoples’ reaction to the upcoming (pun intended) Federal Election is “Electile Dysfunction” — defined as the inability to become aroused by any of the three Party Leaders hoping to become or remain Canada’s next Prime Minister.

  10. Umm.. I don’t really understand the methodology, and find the proposed trade offs to be mostly random. Why do I have to choose between Senate moratoriums or income splitting (that may not be a literal example, but most of the questions were in that vain).

    • If this is what the voting public is doing answering these moronic this or that questions and treating the results as gospel than we are in BIG BIG trouble in this Country!

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  13. Hello all;

    I found this most interesting. I had “no pick” (a pass) on three questions. I got NDP 56%, Liberal 54%, Green 51% and Conservative 45%. On that basis, my stance is a simple matter of ABC: “Anything But Conservative”.

    I already knew that I wasn’t voting Conservative, and I just don’t understand Justin. I have some misgivings about the NDP, but – by a slim majority – it looks like this confirms they best represent my views.

    So much for that. . . I hope others find this as helpful and as thought provoking as I did.

    Mr. Brian Leslie Engler

  14. Thanks a lot MacLeans, for this. It was very interesting ………..

  15. I find some of the findings spurious. Just because I put an inquiry into the fates of the missing indigenous women as more important than legalizing marijuana does not mean that I support the Conservatives (who want to keep pot illegal)! They’re against both so my voting for either means I don’t support them… that doesn’t follow at all.