‘This serious bastardization of our electoral system’


Here is some of Pat Martin’s opening statement to reporters this afternoon on the subject of fraudulent calls made during the last federal campaign.

Voter suppression techniques are commonplace in the United States with high-priced consulting firms specializing in sabotaging elections. But I don’t think anybody really expected a Canadian political party to stoop so low that we didn’t take the necessary steps to protect ourselves from it.

This could mean the end of the age of innocence in Canadian electoral campaigns. Elections Canada stated that these phoney phone calls deliberately disrupted the voting process. How is this different from a bunch of goons with clubs blocking the door to a voter station as we’ve seen in Third World countries or the deep south of the United States? Because the net effect is the same: you are sabotaging the ability of people to exercise their democratic right to cast their ballot in a federal election. In my view there can be no more serious crime, nor a more heinous affront to democracy.

Too many brave Canadians died fighting for the right to have fair and clean and free elections in this country to let this go unchallenged at the highest possible order. My father didn’t go to war to fight for democracy only to have some sleazy punk in an American-style black ops department run roughshod over it and undermine its integrity.

Now the boys in the black ops department will call it voter suppression techniques to try and give it some semblance of legitimacy, but in my view there is nothing legitimate about cheating and there never will be. We want the Conservatives to fix health care, not elections. We want the Conservatives to fix pensions, not elections. And we want the Conservatives to fix our crumbling infrastructure, not fix elections. When you consider the millions of dollars of overspending through the in-and-out electoral fraud and now the hundreds of thousands of phoney calls by the Racknine rascals, it makes you wonder about the legitimacy of the Conservatives’ 39% majority mandate. Did they really win that last federal election? Or did they achieve their razor thin majority by cheating?

The public needs to know because there is a serious matter of public interest that far exceeds the success or failure of any one political party. Cheating in an election fuels the cynicism of an already jaded electorate and if the public loses even more confidence in their electoral system, they will be even less likely to come out and vote and the integrity of our system is irreparably harmed. And, in my view, nothing could be more serious.

There were those who tried to say that Watergate was just a couple of snoopy plumbers, but those journalists who pressed on found it was much more than that. I predict the Racknine will become the Conservative party’s Group Action. And I predict that we will find that the sheer magnitude and audacity of the Racknine rascals will be enough to make Richard Nixon blush. And I predict it will hang around the neck of the Prime Minister like an albatross. And I wonder if Justice Gomery is still available because I think we need his services once again if we are going to arrest this serious bastardization of our electoral system.


‘This serious bastardization of our electoral system’

  1. some wonderful resonant language in there.

  2. “My father didn’t go to war to fight for democracy only to have some sleazy punk in an American-style black ops department run roughshod over it and undermine its integrity.”

    Well, both my grandfathers participated in WW II and both ended up volunteering for Lib Party of Ont in 1950s/60s where they did work for “black ops department ” because they thought it was much fun. 

    Every party does it – even the dippers – so while I don’t support these shenanigans I reckon they each cancel each other out. Does Martin take himself seriously or does he just enjoy hearing sound of his own voice?

    • Well, both my grandfathers participated in WW II and both ended up volunteering for Lib Party of Ont in 1950s/60s where they did work for “black ops department ” because they thought it was much fun. ”

      ಠ_ಠ  Pics or it didnt happen

      •  also, big difference between 1950 and today.

        We are living in something called the information age, where digital records of all transgressions are kept.

        What may or may not have worked in 1950, surely will not pass today’s smell test.

    • That’s a big allegation to be throwing around without proof, mon frere. 

      • Tony doesn’t need proof. He usually relies on a couple of dipper friends to back up his theories, but this time he’s co-opting liberal grandpapy [s].

      • I’m sure he has an unrelated non- contextual quote to back it up.

    • Two wrongs make a right is the dumbest argument ever. There is no cancelling out, it’s wrong plain and simple and should be stopped regardless of who and how many are doing it.  

    • Where is the evidence that this has happened before in Canadian elections?  

      • Surely you’ve heard of all the robo-calling done in 1953?

        Oh wait…

      • Warren Kinsella is the author of Kicking Ass in Canadian Politics, which sold as well as you might expect for a book released on September 11, 2001.

        Warren Kinsella is Canada’s own “Prince of Darkness.” From the moment he was recruited to help the Liberals in the campaign to unseat Kim Campbell in 1993, Kinsella became an enthusiastic advocate of tough, in-your-face politics – politics that infuriates opponents, but wins votes.

        Just last November, the national media reported that his style and tactics were crucial to the campaign that won Prime Minister Jean Chretien his third term and an unprecedented majority in the House of Commons. Now, for the first time, Kinsella lifts the veil on what really goes on inside campaigns – and it’s not pretty. This is the good, the bad and the ugly of partisan politics, and Kinsella argues that all three are necessary for a healthy and democratic political dialogue.

        You’ll learn about push-polling, frugging, ratf**king, quick response, dirty tricks and oppo, and you’ll learn how to counter them all. You’ll be treated to Kinsella’s Twelve Handy Tips for Surviving Encounters with Unethical, Unscrupulous, Unprincipled Political Journalists, as well as to his unique rating system on whose political reporting you can trust.

        • Yes, but you are claiming your grandfathers participated in post war black ops, that’s what you are required to prove.  Surely they had some fascinating stories – like the night they went out and switched around road signs leading to voting stations.  And were their children already married when they were doing this because that would make them a little old to be WWII vets, wouldn’t it?

    • Really, Tony?

  3. “This could mean the end of the age of innocence in Canadian electoral campaigns.”

    William Lyon MacKenzie and Election of 1836:

    In the Upper Canada elections of 1836 William Lyon Mackenzie ran as a Reform Party candidate in Peel County against Colonel William Thomson the Tory candidate …

    The methods used by the Orangemen to secure Colonel Thomson’s election wouldn’t be tolerated today, but political standards of those days can’t be judged by those of today. It was then considered natural that an election should involve wide-spread drunkenness and good old fashioned brawls. Clubs were wielded by both sides and bribery and intimidation were used by both sides.

    Mackenzie’s meetings were often broken up by loyalists armed with whatever weapons proved handy. After a speech in Brampton he had to be taken away by a Doctor Patullo, hurried on by a shower of rotten eggs. At Cole’s Corners [Churchville] there was a riot described by Mackenzie’s correspondents as an ‘orange outrage’. They described the incident as follows: 

    “Harry Cole, the Orange Bully, brought with him a club in his hand, and a boy bearing his rifle loaded with ball. An orange brute climbed the platform with his shillelagh, crying, No Popery — No Surrender! and tried to throw Mackenzie down upon the knives, whips and clubs of his enraged and infuriated banditti. Colonel Thomson publicly applauded the Orangemen for their ‘loyal and soldierly conduct’, and Charles Magrath ‘praised his brother orangemen for their spirit’ in cutting and slashing a number of ‘quiet and respectable unarmed men'”.

    • 1836??

      • He’s talking about WLMK’s grandfather who was a reformer; considering TA’s earlier post one could be forgiven for thinking he was conflating this with his liberal “blackops’ fantasy, for which we haven’t seen any evidence yet.
        Citing a period of sectarian violence in our history as somehow being analogous to present day tory voter suppression is standard tony cow pie floppery; something you need a backhoe to plough through.

      • Elections Canada – A History Of The Vote In Canada 1867-1919: 

        Some of the rules in effect at that time did nothing to promote fair and equitable polling practices. In all provinces but New Brunswick, which had adopted the secret ballot in 1855, electors voted orally, a polling method manifestly open to blackmail and intimidation.

        Furthermore, in all provinces except Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island, elections were held on different dates in different ridings. The system allowed the party in power to hold elections in a safe riding first, hoping in this way to influence the vote in constituencies less favourable to them. The system even enabled a candidate who lost in one riding to run again in another. In the 1867 general election, the Conservatives stretched the process over six weeks; in the next election (1872), they dragged it out for nearly three months. 

        The figures on members who lost their seats because of fraud or corrupt electoral practices indicate the extent of the problem. Between 1867 and 1873, when petitions protesting the outcome of an election were presented to a committee of the House of Commons, just one of 45 contested elections was invalidated. When the courts began to look impartially at claims following adoption of the Liberal reforms, the number of voided elections soared. Between 1874 and 1878, 49 of the 65 contested elections submitted to the courts were voided, forcing nearly one third of the members of the House of Commons to resign.

        Fraudulent practices took many and varied forms. One of the most common was to purchase votes through “treating” (the purchase of food and drink) or compensation. In addition to cash payment for votes, candidates or their agents might hand out alcohol, pork, flour and other foodstuffs. Personation – the illegal practice of voting in the place of another elector – also occurred on a large scale, especially in urban ridings where population mobility was much more prevalent.

        • Which is why we developed Elections Canada, and run voting properly.

          Think you could stick to this century?

        • Thanks for providing proof that with the Harper government Canada is regressing, and rapidly.

        • Distraction is not a defence, Tony. So when did you become a Con hack?

    • Imagine we’re in court on the 2011 possible election fraud – do you think this would be admissable?

  4. This comment was deleted.

    • That would explain their stunning upset victory in the last election. Oh well, the Ignatieff Government is doing a pretty good job anyway. Can’t really complain.

    • Really? Proof please Mr. Troll.

      • The fact that they continually leak information about investigations into the CPC to the media isn’t enough proof for you? In this case, they’re just peddling unfounded allegations and innuendo.

    •  Try me again when Harper doesn’t have a record for cheating his way into power, and isn’t trying to spy on all of us without cause.

    • Your comment just shows your stunning ignorance about how elections work in this country.  I guess you would say that all Independent Officers of Parliament – such as the Auditor General, the Privacy Commissioner, the Chief Electoral Officer, the Parliamentary Budget Officer – are all Liberal shills, is that right?  Give it a rest.

    • I was waiting for that.  That’s usually the first response from the Cons.  Amazing it took 24 hours.

  5. I’m afraid I just can’t take Pat Martin seriously any more unless he’s swearing every other sentence. If he’s not, then how can I be sure it’s a sincere and heartfelt statement?

    • Sure, that’s exactly the issue we need to zero in on – PM’s potty mouth, rather than illegal voter suppression – so glad you pointed that vital fact out to us. That changes everything, I think we can all go home now.

    • He has to tone it down when he’s pontificating on a “scandal” involving zero evidence.

  6. I think that if anyone ever got inside @PatMartinMP ‘s head, they’d have a seizure from sensory overload.

    • Being Pat Martin – I’d watch it.

  7. The BlockNDPers are at it again!!!!A bunch of smoke at the very least!!!! Grow up ! You are not the governing party and thank goodness for that!!!!!!

    • Be careful or you will wear out your exclamation point key.  One is usually enough to make your point.

    •  So wait, a party that proclaims itself to be the only moral ones in the country, DOESN’T CARE that it’s being accused of a crime?

  8. I migrated to Canada to make a better life for myself and my children. One huge problem in the country I left was the electoral system. Money ruled through bribery, thugs and cheating. Now, I see these perpetuated by the Tories. Bribery – G8 summit spending. Thugs – in addition to the article, use of media to attack opposition leader way before elections. Cheating – everything the Tories have done these last few elections. Fines are not enough retribution for what the Tories have done. A more telling penalty should be assessed to (not only the Tories) parties that are proven to have cheated in an election.

    I agree, Elections Canada should keep the sanctity of the vote foremost otherwise, voter apathy will increase to a level where  this sacred democratic process will not longer be statistically valid.

    • Maybe you haven’t been in the country long enough: The Liberals were tossed out of office for stealing millions of taxpayer dollars to buy votes in Quebec and fund their campaigns. The NDP takes money from Union members who don’t support them. Jean Chretien personally throttled a protester, on camera. You could certainly even say the NDP cheated in the last election by not releasing information about Jack Layton’s health. The Liberals used their friends in the media to plant completely fabricated stories about Stephen Harper and CPC candidates and pass them off as news.

      And Elections Canada has an obvious axe to grind with the CPC, which tells me that they’re not respecting the sanctity of the vote *at all*.

      • Alcan thanks you for your support.

      • Well, somebody’s been taping and altering tapes and firing ethic commissionner, and somebody’s been cutting brake lines of automobiles, and somebody’s been writing graffiti on the homes of those who display a LPC on their front lawn – or are you suggesting none of this happened?

        • Seems like some irresponsible and seriously criminally libellous statements, and totally unfounded allegations you are making here!  
          Really? – in Canadian elections -“taping & altering tapes”, “cutting brake lines of auto-mobiles”, and damaging and defacing private homes that display LPC signs?”  Get real and smoke some better stuff!
          Al Capone and Attilla the Hun are long gone.
          I don’t know about you, but I think you should be very careful what sort of accusations you are making. These are Criminal Acts  of a serious nature and I would sure hope that you have PROOF before stating them on a Public Forum! You may need a GOOD Lawyer if you get called on this garbage!

          •  and looks like the cpc are gonna need a whole whack of good lawyers to wiggle out of this one ……. :-)

          • Well I don’t hide behind a fake name or anything.  They can sue me for reading the news.  I accused no one in my statement. I have no idea who did these acts, but all were reported in the newspapers.  

            No matter who you are, your “you should be very careful” does not intimidate me.

            Stop smoking the stuff and drinking the coolaid, buzz, and read the news.

          • Indeed, why don’t you use your name to intimidate me!  Who do you think you are?

            These are not unfounded allegations.  These are facts that happened and were reported in newspapers everywhere in this country- from the Grewal tapes, which the Conservative Party, on On June 2, 2005, admitted to have been accidentally altered, to the brake lines:


            Now tell me your name, you spineless thing.

      •  Exactly ‘who’ isn’t respecting the sanctity of the vote???  Umm, gee, did you hear about the robocalls bought and paid for by the cpc??  It was all the buzz today!  Soo, what you are saying is that Elections Canada has it out for the tories??  Gee, wonder why that might be?  get a grip!!

        • So you think it’s alright that Elections Canada targets only the CPC? Then can we at least stop referring to them as some kind of non-partisan protector of democracy and acknowledge that they’re a partisan arm of the LPC?

          •  Geez Rick, you’re sounding as paranoid as your dear leader!  Maybe take a trank, it’s bound to help you …..

          • So you’re suggesting they should target the other parties as well.. not because they did the same things but just to appease your wounded sense of fair play? Seriously?

            The fair play was wounded when the voters were misdirected. Don’t whine now about how they’re only going after the people who did it and not everybody.

      • What ax would that be, Rick?

  9. Most of the comments are supporters of the Conservative party I see!

    • One might almost think they were sent here apurpose.

  10. Guilty until proven innocent again.

    • I guess you haven’t heard. It was a Conservative “staffer” gone rogue according to the CPC. Better to stay quiet until you get the full briefing on who’s guilty and who’s doing the pronouncement of that guilt.

      • I wonder if they have a pre-determined list of sacrificial staffers to choose from, or if they just draw names out of a hat.

        • One day later and this question seems even more apropos.

        • Because the NDP and Liberals are likely to direct their own voters, but none of the CPC ones, to the wrong polls?

  11. Is it just me or did “trade unionism” come to mind repeatedly while reading Martin’s rant?

  12. This latest staffer is number 15 in a series of Conservative underlings who have gone rogue and started freelancing their own illegal and/or immoral operations under the Conservative government. Maybe the Conservatives need to start some sort of screening process, you think?

    • What makes you think they aren’t already? :)

    • What I’m curious about is how many of them have been hired back.

  13. Running hate / attack adds, creeping around facebook, and the in-out scam they ran (and were convicted on) I do believe we are at the very bottom of the barrell.

    • Every party was using in-and-out, Elections Canada just decided they’d only go after the CPC for the transgression. 

      The Liberals ran as many hate/attack ads as they could. They were far more guilty of creating fake persona’s on social networks acting like “regular Joe’s” and passing around Liberal talking points (see the above comments).

      • Did you even read the link you gave? Or do you just not understand the difference between transferring funds and transferring expenses?

        Here’s a hint.. Elections Canada doesn’t refund you for funds you transferred.

        • It’s all explained here.

    • They long ago threw the bottom aside and kept on digging…

  14. I am seeing snide remarks here as if this were some bar room joke. And seems most of these snide remarks appear to be “con” supporters. Democracy is far from being a joke. Follow for a while what is happening overseas, where people are dying by the thousands to get where we are today; also, were we are today came despite from some sleazy tactics in our early democracy. Let’s not allow these jokers keep us, who are serious about our hard won freedoms to bully their way into allowing our democratic institutions to slide into their abyss of stupidity.

    • The evidence seems to indicate they are just as serious about allowing that slide into the abyss to continue as long as it helps to win them elections. or maintain their hold on power.

      • What “evidence”?

  15. How is this different from a bunch of goons with clubs blocking the
    door to a voter station as we’ve seen in Third World countries or the
    deep south of the United States?

    Serious question for Pat Martin. Which world leader, Harper or Obama, actually had the help of “goons with clubs blocking the door to a voter station” to get elected?

    The answer.

    • Obviously it was Democratic thugs carrying clubs. Republican thugs carry guns.

      •  So do Democratic ones. Illegally. While they at the same time lobby for the stricter gun control they are only too happy to ignore themselves.

    • I think you may want to find a better source to back that up. A quick scan of the blog does not make me feel this source is what anyone may consider credible.

      As I recall, that was an isolated incident, the charges of bias were completely unfounded, and there was no ties to the Dems at all.

  16.  True but Harper does have a track record for this, and the company that did it, has done business with the Conservatives in the past. That’s definitely enough to suspect something.

  17.  Wait, someone is in a union — which is somehow bad — just because they point out that the last election was sabotaged?

  18.  Don’t forget the G20 incident, assaulting people for being Liberal supporters, and wanting to spy on us without a warrant.

  19.  Harper had people thrown out of his campaign stops, for having Facebook photos with the opposition, had one of his candidates try to steal a ballot box, allowed (if not ordered) the assault and kidnapping of a thousand peaceful protesters at G20.


  20.  Oh and by the way, can you find an article supporting your claim, that doesn’t come from a conservative hate blog?

    • Stephen, if you could use the little “Reply” link in the bottom right corner of the message you’re replying to, (and then make sure you’re typing into the box that pops up, not the one at the top of the page) that’d be helpful.


      • I didn’t understand what Stephen was doing until I read your comment just now. I thought Stephen was having conversation with himself but it makes more sense that he didn’t see reply button. 

  21. The second question for Pat Martin…if you’re so against tactics like “goons with clubs blocking the door to a voter station”, why did your party accept tips from a world leader who used such tactics to get elected?

    • From your link….seems like potty mouth goes with being a union rep, lol

      “Before Myers and Ganz spoke Saturday, international United Steelworkers president Leo Gerard had no trouble firing up the convention floor with some heated rhetoric.

      Dismissing Americans who oppose health-care reform as “right-wing nut balls,” Gerard also dubbed Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff the “Prince of Darkness,” and told delegates Prime Minister Stephen Harper thinks of himself as “master of the universe” when he’s giving away Canadian resources and jobs.

      Gerard also swore during his speech and then immediately apologized to cable station CPAC, which is broadcasting the entire convention.”

  22. Someone should remind Stephen Harper this isn’t Texas or Florida. He forgets Canadian values at his own risk.

  23. Hear Hear!

  24. The number of
    right-leaning Christians in Canada may not be as high as those who have
    commandeered the Republican party in the U.S., but they’re as vital to
    Conservative Party fortunes as those economic conservatives who make up the
    other half of Harper’s core constituency.



    Canadians watching
    the pastor-politicians and “culture wars” south of the border think, with a
    sigh of relief: It could never happen here



  25. Who do you think you’re talking to?

  26. Where does this guy get his outlandish ideas from? He is either
     a nut case or drinking too much  fire water!

  27. The veterans that fought in WWII should be outraged that Stephen Harper and his Conservatives were illegally was able to pull a Putin and cheat their way to a majority when thousands of their brothers died to stop election fraud like this from existing.

  28. The phone number was “traced” to an IP address linked to a hosting company that’s done work for the CPC in the past. That is very scant evidence for so many people to be jumping to so many conclusions.

    • The calls were made to a huge number of people in the riding, *with the exception* of listed CPC supporters. The voters called were directed to valid polling stations other than the ones they were registered to go to.

      This implies significant funding, it implies significant knowledge of the riding’s polling boundaries, and most damning, it is evidence that whoever did this had the CPC’s list of supporters to know who to *avoid* calling.

      So far as I’m aware, they don’t just give that list out to anyone for the asking, do they?

      •  “The calls were made to a huge number of people in the riding, *with the exception* of listed CPC supporters.”

        Show us your evidence for this claim.

        • Obviously we can’t show direct evidence that people weren’t called until we actually find the person who did the calling, or the list of numbers that was called. Hopefully Racknine has this information logged and will provide it.

          Until then, however, what we can show is the strong circumstantial evidence that none of the complaints made were from CPC supporters. This suggests one of two things: either CPC supporters don’t care if somebody calls them to try to get them to go to the wrong polling station, or CPC supporters weren’t called at all.

          So which is it? Are CPC supporters wusses who don’t care if somebody’s trying to defraud them and hurt democracy, or were they not called in the first place. You pick.

          • “Until then, however, what we can show is the strong circumstantial
            evidence that none of the complaints made were from CPC supporters.”

            False. The article specifically says that the local Conservative campaign paid to call their own supporters to counteract the wrong information.  I’ve also heard of Conservative supporters who got similar calls myself.

            Also, the article doesn’t say anything about NDP supporters getting the calls.  So by your logic, that party must be complicit in this, too.

          • Does it? This is news to me.. can you link the article please? It’s possible I’ve been reading abridged versions, and there seems to be a lot of people suggesting that this has occurred through multiple ridings.

            Forgive me if I fail to trust your personal anecdotes, however.

          • Thwim: http://news.nationalpost.com/2012/02/22/racknine-inc-fraudulent-election-calls-traced/

            That, of course, is the original article that started this whole thing.  If you hadn’t bothered to read the whole thing, why were you making bold assertions as to what happened?

            And I’m still curious whether you think the NDP must be responsible, since the article doesn’t say their supporters got called. I’m sure you want to be consistent in your accusations…

          • Okay. Read a little deeper into it – and it looks like they’re editing the story as it goes along, which explains why we read different accounts.
            There is still absolutely NO evidence that CPC supporters received any of the calls. Just that people in the Burke campaign heard about the fraudulent calls happening to Liberals and took steps to warn their own supporters about it.

            To my mind, all that does is suggest that the local campaign had no idea this was going on. It does nothing to argue that CPC supporters received any calls.

            The NDP are irrelevant in the riding, especially with the additional information in the article telling us that whoever did this used an account already set up, and we know the NDP doesn’t use them.


    This robo-mail is being
    jointly sent by The Liberal Party of Canada and the New Democratic Party to all
    of their supporters.


    We hereby request that all of
    our friends and supporters strongly support the government of Mr. Harper in all
    things and encourage him to quickly pass legislation to,

    -place more citizens in jail,

    -keep them in jail longer,

    -pump oil to the Americans
    more quickly and cheaply,

    -extend the working age to

    -prevent terrorism, and child
    pornography by freely snooping into the lives of all Canadians,

    -allow the American military
    to manage our forces.


    Thank you.





    Provided to you under
    government contract by


    Racknine Inc.

    Edmonton Alberta

    Matt Meier President

    Cc: PMO


  30. Beautifully put.

  31. Harper’s I.D. voting scam


    Taking a page from Karl Rove’s electioneering playbook,
    Harper’s Reformers adopted provisions of the notorious Help America Vote Act
    (HAVA) that make voting more difficult for people not generally found among the
    conservative voting base of either America or Canada: the poor, indigent,
    seniors living in care facilities, immigrants, and young, first-time voters.







  32. The details about the 2,284 election complaints and other
    complaints may reveal that Elections Canada is investigating and ruling on
    every complaint fairly and effectively, and in a timely way


    — or it may reveal Elections Canada is acting in biased,
    unfair ways that negatively affect the outcome of elections and/or the
    reputations of only certain politicians and party officials.







  33. Will Elections Canada Investigate Anti-Vote Scandal?


    The evidence is increasing there has been a systematic
    effort in certain regions to deceive people and to prevent them from voting —
    although not a universal one, certainly, since I was not affected and I imagine
    that most other ridings weren’t either.


    Nevertheless, one or more groups have been contacting people
    in large numbers — using devices like automated calls and fake Elections Canada
    phone contacts, so clearly this isn’t just a couple of teenagers having some
    fun — and informing them that their voting location has changed to some other
    address. Invariably it hasn’t. People voting today are reminded to trust only
    Elections Canada when finding their voting place.





  34. From Emily Dee’s blog:


    However, skimming her financial reports to Elections Canada,
    something jumped out at me.  A $15,000.00
    expenditure to Responsive Marketing Group. 
    RMG has a long history with Canada’s conservative movement, some of it


    So I then looked at the first few ridings where those prank
    phone calls took place and examined the Conservative candidate’s financial
    reports and darn if they all didn’t have a similar entry for RMG, most for the
    same amount of $15,000.00


    If they were conducting phone surveys, why would it cost
    Block, in a riding of  69,547; the same
    amount as Peter Braid of Kitchener-Waterloo with 126,742?



  35. repost from Yoga Rani – Many Conservatives used two
    different names, addresses and telephone numbers, and voted twice.  I know at least one person who has bragged
    about it.


    Repost from Janice Gougeon – Can anyone who lives in a small
    town tell me where your voting stations were?  In my town, it was set up on the outskirts of
    town – no public transit – anyone without a car that lives in town couldn’t get
    out to cast a vote. Just wondering if this was part of a strategy as I live in
    a Con Town.


    Repost from Gxxxx Xxxxxx – Well let me tell you. Not that
    I’m saying anything untoward happens, but the incumbent gets to supply &
    approve the majority of the poll clerks and deputy returning officers. Our
    ballots are all paper & hand counted so…………..




    repost from Johanna Sommer – The Conservatives were busy in
    my riding as well… making robocalls on Sunday morning… the Liberal
    candidate did not make calls on that day, but the Cons faked the calls…
    knowing that in this riding people do not appreciate calls on a Sunday
    morning… More slimey behaviour on the part of the Cons and Harper…



    repost from Deb Sheppard Lindenas – They canvassed on my
    street dressed in red jackets and hats. Happened to be out in my driveway and
    thought I’d chat but they were uncomfortable (probably my large Liberal sign on
    my lawn) and started to walk away when I approached them. When I joked that I
    didn’t need the literature, I saw they actually had blue Con flyers. On
    election day I heard what was in the flyers. A photo of Dan McT’s house and a
    real estate listing for a similar house. His wife has a big career and 5 kids.
    I HATE CON dirty tricks and the stupid judgmental tricks that fool people.

  36. At doors I canvassed I kept hearing certain stories about
    how I spent too much time in Africa, or that my voting presence in the House
    wasn’t too impressive. When I informed them that I only spent one week a year
    on that continent (Sudan), and that I take it on my holiday time over New Years
    and on my own dime, I could sense the hesitation in their voice.


    “Oh … that’s not what we heard when the Conservatives phoned
    us last night.” Something that hadn’t been an issue heretofore was suddenly
    looming large in the final days. It was frustrating, but I didn’t know who to
    talk to.


    It was only when the election was over that a good
    Conservative friend informed me that they had actually been utilizing a central
    office for phone calls and that none of them emanated from London itself. They
    had poured big money from afar into influencing my riding. What I had thought
    to be a local campaign had suddenly taken on national dimensions.





    • TL;DR

        • Sorry. Formatting matters.  

          Several messages in a row all eating up tons of screen space for no good reason reads to me as a drive-by cut and paste job from some other site. If I wanted to read some other site, I would. 

          If someone’s too lazy to take a moment to format their message decently, they should expect it to be ignored by a large number of people. I’m just pointing that out in case Nadine Lumley ever bothers to think there might be a conversation here.

          I expect, however, that s/he doesn’t care, and really this is just spam.
          On-topic spam, perhaps, but spam nonetheless.

          • All true. And you were pretty busy at the time. My deepest sympathies.

      • ADHD

  37. We as usual have the nut jobs who accuse the liberal media. Yet the Media quote a report from Elections Canada part of the Canadian government.

    The people who made these charges must be pretty certain of their facts as Harper could just fire them. Like water-gate did to Nixon so many years ago that would finish him. They probably know that Harper cannot fire them because what they say is true.

     Harper may not be directly involved and will certainly distance himself, he will also throw the people responsible under the wheels of the bus. In other words he didn’t do it but he likely knows who did.

  38. The only bastardization in our election system is the left wing media who can not stand a government that isn’t kssing up to them for a good story .

  39. Right on Aaron!

  40. Hello all;

    I’m just wonderinig how this political insult to Canadians compares with
    other political insults like Adscam? Or being accused of being on the side of
    child pornographers?

    Instead of having learned something from the Liberals, and in their supreme
    arrogance, the Conservatives today refer to themselves as “Canada’s natural
    governing party”.

    As such, they seem to expect to be “in power” for some considerable period of
    time; perhaps even in perpetuity.

    However, this is still a democracy: Even if electoral processes have been
    even further corrupted by the supremely arrogant “natural governing

    I sincerely hope that the current crop of Conservatives enjoy their stay in
    Office. They may not be there for as long as they seem to expect.

    Canadians don’t change Conservative governments.  They kick them out.

    -Brian Leslie Engler

  41. There is already an active and legal mechanism for voter suppression in federal elections.  After the Guelph incident, polling stations on University campuses are now been banned, forcing students (who often lack vehicles) to travel back to the home location of their poll to vote.

    This is definitely a deliberate move to ensure that University/College (youth) rates of voting stay below average.

    • Canada…not worth voting in unless they bring the polling station to your house.

      And we wonder why young people have a sense of entitlement.

    • I’ve never owned a car or had a license beyond a G1 and I’ve managed to vote in each and every election at every level that I’ve qualified to vote in. Funny that. There’s no conspiracy. The majority of people under 35 or so are quite lazy when it comes to voting (given their participation rates, it’s no unfair).

      Whether it be the sort of laziness that makes a 10 minute walk or bus ride too far or whether it’s the cognitive laziness that says “they’re all bums, they all suck, and none of them pander to me specifically so I won’t vote”, it’s still laziness and those of us in this youthful category have *nobody* to blame but ourselves.

  42. CANADA , as we knew it, is “up for sale”, it has been for a while, and these big business/banker brained idiots will do and carry out anything to keep it going that way.These Elitist pricks , all of them, will have their day……People are watching and listening more intensely than ever before now, thank god for social media that brings B.S to light quickly .

  43. The Racknine rascals sound ADORABLE.