This week has four sketches


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Monday. ‘Whoops!’
Tuesday. Your deferential silence is appreciated
Wednesday. Ah yes, the lives that are at stake
Thursday. ‘Ask my brother in law’


This week has four sketches

  1. Off topic but topical and something I need to get off my chest.

    Who is Canada's Hockey team in these playoffs?

    Jarrid's answer: Notwithstanding the biased play-by-play coverage on yesterday's CBC in favour of the Vancouver Canucks, IMHO, it is the Chicago Black Hawks, and not the Vancouver Canucks who better exemplify Candian Hockey. The Black Hawks show true grit, a nice balance of finesse and determination.

    The Canucks look like a bunch of European mercenaries: talent yes, finesse yes, guts and grit, no and no.

    The quintessential Canadian hockey player: Jonathan Toews, the Black Hawks' captain.

    This 2010 edition of the Chicago Black Hawks represents the way the Canadian game was meant to be played.

    • Never thought I would agree with Jarrid, but the Canada centric CBC view of hockey drives me crazy. Millions of Canadians cheer for Boston, Buffalo, Detroit, Chicago, and other original six teams in particular. I am in the east; I don't give a damn about the Vancouver Canucks. All you hear on CBC sports reports is how the "Canadian" teams did last night. So petty. So small town parochial nonsense.
      But not as bad as Harper getting all full of himself and from his perch as the leader of a pip squeak country arrogantly lecturing, preaching, pontificating, talking down to, whatever you want to call it, to the great powers of Europe. The G8 and G 20 promise to be cringe inducing in the extreme if he keeps up this stance.

      • Serve me up some of that Stephen Harper sledgehammer statesmanship.

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