This week has three sketches -

This week has three sketches


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Tuesday. What price freedom?
Wednesday. First, convince us you’ll do no harm
Thursday. There but for the grace of God go us


This week has three sketches

  1. The biggest political story of the week and very possibly the start of the biggest political story of the year happened at the unveiling of Jean Chrétien's portrait in the House of Commons. At the unveiling Chrétien subtly dissed "Ignatieff". I put that in quotation marks because that's exactly how Chrétien adressed Iggy. One of the most respected journalists in the PPG, Stephen Maher found the speech very revealing and quotes verbatim from it:

    "Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff came last: "And later, my friend Ignatieff came. And he studied and came after. It's a bit different from us but we can't all be the same."

    Note that [Chretien] addressed Ignatieff out of order or precedence, that he did not call him mister and that the whole point of his speech was to praise career politicians. Ignatieff is not one, which seems more significant with every drop in the polls."

    • post it one more time Jarrid…maybe then it'll be compelling.

      I got faith in ya big guy!!

      • What is interesting is that the Maher story was posted as the lead story on Liberal-leaning National Newswatch but the story was taken down completely. Very interesting. It is still over at the Halifax Chronicle-Herald website.

        And yes Richard, I did cross-post this from a post below. This could be an absolutely HUGE story. Maher's article also references how Rae also subtly contradicts Iggy on the coalition by posting on his website on the occasion of the anniversary of the Liberal-NDP coalition in Ontario. This is what makes politics fascinating Richard, but if it unsettles you, go watch the hockey game – there's a real barn-burner going on in Chicago tonight.

        • I dunno, Jarrid — at random, I offer this:

          I think you have to remember that Americans saw their purpose as so innately good that they could excuse the pain they would inflict on others to carry out those purposes. Because the purposes were so good, they would justify this pain we were inflicting on other people.

          — Neil Sheehan

    • Maher – 'one of the most respected journalists' – wow that's quite a compliment. When he criticizes MR. Harper (note I'm now addressing him as Mr., I suggest you do the same with MR. Chretien) he gets called a bum. Everything is conditional with you guys. The story seems may have been pre-empted by the firing of the commander of our troops in Afghanistan for having an affair with one of his staff. The Days of our Lives, continues.

  2. "First, convince us you'll do no harm."

    First line in any new oil extraction contract negotiation?

    Counting on you, Jarrid, to lead.

  3. Oh, Crap! Me only now figured it. Harper da leader of "provisional government". Golly! Snow in June.

  4. Michael Ignatieff is living on borrowed time and no longer controls events, if he ever did. Maher's artlicle is a must-read article.

    Meanwhile, Chantal Hébert on her french blog at l'Actualité, today tells us that the NDP are going to be making the balance of Iggy's spring a rough ride.

    Who says federal politics are boring: they're anything but!