This week in party discipline


Two New Democrats—Bruce Hyer and John Rafferty—have been sanctioned by interim party leader Nycole Turmel after breaking with the party over this week’s gun registry vote. Mr. Rafferty expresses some confusion and says it’s his constituents who are now punished. Mr. Hyer posted the following on Facebook today.

I’d like to thank all my constituents (on both sides of the registry issue) for the incredible show of support for me over the last day or two. It means a lot to me that people appreciate the duty of those elected to represent the wishes of their constituents in Parliament first & foremost.


This week in party discipline

  1. Wow.  Why did Jack want her to be interim leader?  She’s so bad at this.

  2. Good for them, at least they have a pair.   Hurry – cross-over to the big blue tent while you still can!

    Dennis Bevington abstained and Nathan Cullen slipped out before the vote…….guess he doesn’t want to face his northern/coastal B.C. gun-owning constituents, lol!

  3. The NDP doesn’t take kindly to individualism.

  4. I cannot understand why, in a majority government situation when all your votes combined won’t amount to any difference at all, why on earth you would whip a vote?  Particularly a vote you DIDN’T whip when it was a minority government and all your votes combined might have made a difference.

    • Because unfortunately, she’s been making some hooplah about Harper not being able to control his own party.

  5. So how many Conservatives have cast votes in opposition to the rest of their  caucus, say since Harper became PM?  They can’t unanimously agree on everything can they?

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