This weekend in Guergis (II) -

This weekend in Guergis (II)


However much Ms. Guergis wants to come back and however much her riding association wants her there, an unnamed Conservative tells CTV that the party is looking for a new candidate in Simcoe-Grey.


This weekend in Guergis (II)

  1. You don't say.

  2. Happy effing birthday to her. I guess she's stuck in that hellhole. Etc.

    • There is no gratitude among the Conservatives. She worked her a$$ off for those people

  3. What I think is germain to this topic is – when Ms. Guergis was first elected – she made some demands upon her riding association that half of the executive found to be inappropriate – so they resigned en bloc.
    The "riding association" executive – as it stands right now – is almost certainly hard core – inside the very tightly controlled circle – a mix of former Reformers and – let's say – power brokers whose ambition is to divi up the spoils in the riding…who would vote for a pig if it was painted blue types

  4. The Guergis family is politically strong in that riding. I'm not sure anybody else could mount a nomination challenge and win. Harper may have to appoint somebody, probably from that same family.

    • Somebody will step up to the Conservative trough if they perceive an advantage to do so. This is why Dona Cadman decided to run in Surrey North out in BC. She saw a glimpse of the Ottawa gravy train and didn't look back at her late husbands legacy of honesty.

  5. I guess Senior Conservative wasnt available this weekend, had to leave Senior Tory Source to mind the media.

  6. Hasn't Rob Anders in Calgary West been facing great dissent from his riding association? Will he run next time around?

    If Stephen Harper doesn't want her as a candidate for the CPC, he won't sign her papers and the only way she's going to run will be as an Independent. Mr. Harper runs a very tight ship and no riding association is going to dictate to him who will be his candidate.

  7. Liberals to spark a "culture war".

    Liberals flogging to death tangential personal issues of CPC MP's.

    If one tried really really hard I suppose one could eke out an argument that the Liberals' objective is really in the best interests of Canadians and not the same base desire for power that ousted them from power in the first place, ala Adscam.

    But I don't think the average non-hyperpartisan Liberal (in other words, folks who don't generally frequent this site) are really in for doing such gymnasitic arguments in favour of the Liberals.

    Rather, they'll see that it is what it seems to be. And its not pretty.

  8. What will result in more contributions from the CPC base? Money to fight a national election campaign with Guergis as a candidate? Or money to support the new CPC candidate's fight against an independent Guergis, as well as a party led by a "principled" Stephen Harper who "quickly acted" to remove her from caucus, out of his HofC background, and refused to sign her nomination papers?

    She's toast.