This weekend in Guergis -

This weekend in Guergis


The Star and Globe explain how Mr. Jaffer met Mr. Gillani. The Citizen looks into Mr. Gillani’s business career. Environment Minister Jim Prentice rose in the House yesterday afternoon and revealed that a member of his staff met with Mr. Jaffer. Meanwhile, the Enterprise-Bulletin, Canadian Press, and Canwest stake out the riding association meeting in Ms. Guergis’ riding and find support for the currently party-less MP.


This weekend in Guergis

  1. Holy cow …. the trolls have not yet arrived!

  2. Harper will breakdance on Parliament Hill before he allows Guergis to run in the next election.

  3. Makes me wonder about the citizens in Ms. Guergis' riding.

    • Don't worry, I'm a Conservative in Simcoe Grey and the is no way Guergis will get enough support to run, she's toast !

  4. BTC reads a lot like TMZ these days.

    • Are you reflecting on the subject of the coverage or the coverage?

    • Let me rephrase that, BTC reads like TMZ most days.

  5. This is not news. This soap opera, this daily dose of sleaze, brain dead nonsense from CTV, CBC, the mainstream media…This is a big part of the reason people are tuning you clowns out. You are no different then the comedy show that goes on daily on Parliament hill. Spin, lies, corruption, blame, scandals…what a joke this country has become. Like the politicians, the media is as much to blame for the socialist cesspool this country has become. Yes it has left Quebec and is spreading across the country. The only difference between the CBC and CTV now is that one sucks 1 billion dollars a year out of the taxpayer's pockets. CBC, CTV, Liberal, Tory, same old story. Both have destroyed our economy and our proud English speaking, UEL history, all a disgrace to the country. What a mess.

  6. By Phil Connors

    NEW LOWELL — ♪ …Then put your little hand in mine
    There ain't no hill or mountain we can't climb
    I got you babe
    I got you babe…

    Step aside Punxsutawney Phil. Back to the woodshed Wiarton Willie. Bruce-Grey's latest prognosticator Georgie Gopher emerged late in the day from its shotgun riddled hole, looked around, spotted its shadow, and in high pitched gopherese proclaimed "Six more weeks of silence" before scampering back into its cage and being counseled away to its undisclosed den.

    And so ends another uneventful Simcoe Grey Annual Gopher Manifest (AGM)… Time to head back to bed.

    Shine up the music, the band has begun. The Rahimelena Polka