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‘This young man in an unfortunate situation’


Tuesday will mark ten years since this question was asked, seemingly the first time Omar Khadr was reference in the House of Commons.

Svend Robinson. Mr. Speaker, my question is for the Minister of Foreign Affairs. Last July, Omar Khadr, a 15-year-old Canadian citizen, was arrested by the U.S. army in Afghanistan. To date, the U.S. has allowed the Red Cross access but has refused all Canadian consular access, in blatant violation of international law. I want to ask the minister this. What action is the government taking to ensure that this teenager will not be held at Guantanamo Bay indefinitely, tried before a secret military tribunal and possibly sentenced to death? What is Canada doing to defend the rights of this young Canadian citizen from this abuse of U.S. power?

Bill Graham. Mr. Speaker, my colleague opposite, who is very familiar with international law, will know that he is wrong in qualifying the right to consular access in these cases. This young man in an unfortunate situation was arrested in the course of having been accused of killing an American serviceman in the course of a conflict. There is no consular access in the course of conflicts or we would have had consular access to all of our prisoners during the second world war. We have access. We have requested to the United States to have access and it has assured us that we will have access. The Red Cross has assured us that the young man’s health is in good condition. We continue to press the United States to ensure that his rights will be protected, but I want to assure the House–


‘This young man in an unfortunate situation’

  1. Yeah, 15, half blind, nearly dead, tortured and imprisoned in a gulag….’unfortunate’ is definitely an understatement.

    But back then our govt trusted the Americans

  2. The Tarnak Farm incident of April 17, 2002 resulted in the deaths of 4 Canadian soldiers.
    The Khost Province Mud Hut incident of July 27, 2002 was a simple matter of reciprocity.
    The score sits at Yankees 4 – 1 Canucks.

  3. Lest ye might think me to be a self-flagellating Librul like our special EmilyOne, verily I must intone the following as well.
    To wit:
    The 1993 Somalia Affair resulted in the deaths of Shidane Arone and another Muslim known as ‘Arush’?.
    To date in the Afghanistan War (including Cpl Abel’s death in 1993 in Somalia) 159 Canadians have perished in the Biblical spirit of reciprocity.
    The score sits at Islam 159 – 2 Canucks

    Obviously, many of the Canadian deaths were ‘own goals’ as it were, but they still count! I have ignored the actions of Cpt Semrau and the uncounted countless other unlawful enemy combatants who remain uncounted. Even still, if Islamic deaths were counted, which they are not, and of course will never be ’cause we just don’t do that sort of thing, right?, they will still be ahead!

  4. Graham knows all about young men in ‘unfortunate situations’.

    “Canada’s newly appointed Foreign Affairs Minister, Bill Graham, is a darling of the homosexual activist community …. However, last year a Toronto-based homosexual magazine called Fab published an interview with Lawrence Metherel, a former male prostitute, who claimed to have had a sexual relationship with the Graham, dating back to 1980 when Metherel was 15.”

    • Lord t’underin’ jaysus b’y, that’s worse aggregate, scoring ‘Type 1’ on the Bristol Stool Chart, than even I would excrete.

      Good job!