Thomas Mulcair and pipeline politics

The NDP still opposes Northern Gateway


While in Calgary this week, Thomas Mulcair restated his objections to the Northern Gateway pipeline.

When asked to clarify his position regarding the Northern Gateway pipeline project, Mulcair launched. “I am adamantly opposed to Northern Gateway. Is there anything unclear in what I just said?” he asked. And he went on. “It is madness to think of bringing those supertankers into that pristine coast. It is a non-starter. It is the most abject misunderstanding of the importance of protecting the environment I have ever seen in Canada. The company that continues to propose that is the same company that was described by the highest level of the U.S. administration as the, quote, Keystone Kops.”

… The irony in all this is that Enbridge was one of the luncheon sponsors – and Mulcair was seated to the right of one of its government relations execs.

At last report, 75% of Albertans were in favour of the Northern Gateway pipeline (but only 35% of British Columbians felt likewise).

Mr. Mulcair does support sending oil east from Alberta, but one such proposal, from Enbridge, is a source of concern for environmentalists.


Thomas Mulcair and pipeline politics

  1. You can’t fault him for being evasive, eh?

  2. You can’t get much clearer than that, but I’m sure someone will try parsing it again to ‘tease out hidden meanings’

    • He really means he supports it!!

      • Oh c’mon you could at least have snuck up on the hidden meaning! LOL

  3. Contrast this to Harper’s radical overhaul of the Navigable Waters Protection Act buried deep in last year’s phonebook-sized omnibus budget which was done on behest of the pipeline industry. When Conservatives say they make “principled” decisions they must be holding back a big laugh…

  4. The guy is a hypocrite. I saw and overeard him earlier today at a Starbuck in downtown TO talking to his RBC financial advisor. He’d spend your tax money on lousy projects but he is quite particular how he invests his.

    • Seems to me that’s a testimony to his financial acumen. You want a dunce managing your tax dollars?

      • If I wanted a dunce managing my tax dollars then I’d vote Mulclair. He wants his money managed well, but not that of Canadians.

        • You have no clue how astute he’d be with your tax dollars. Go back to Starbucks, have a latte, and eavesdrop on other people’s conversations.

          • I may certainly do that. Thanks for the suggestion.

          • Don’t forget to report on any other conversations you manage to snoop on. We’re all waiting.

          • And when you do, #TellVicEverything . . . unless you ARE Vic.

    • Firstly, I do not believe that Mucair would be discussing his finances in a Starbucks. Secondly, it is a myth that the business community likes to promote that the NDP have no idea how to run an economy. They did a good job in Manitoba, Sask and BC in spite of the retoric to the contrary. The Liberals in BC took this province from surplus to deficit and raised taxes/ fees on families while giving breaks to corporations, many outside of the province.
      Finally, I think you are likely a troll for the conservatives who fear the NDP because if they win government , they would put a stop to the sell out of Canadian resources, environment and peole of this country in order to please Harpers Comunist friends in China.

      • Email his office and ask them where he was at 11:45am this morning? He was one block east of the CBC building in TO.
        And he wasn’t speaking about his personal finances, but it was clear as day who he was talking with and what their business relationship is.

      • The NDP government in Manitoba has been a complete disaster. They’ve implemented the highest tax hikes in the provinces history, and have managed to go from a balanced budget to massive deficits, and services have gotten worse year after year after year, even while robbing Manitoba Hydro blind. They’ve cost the province hundreds of millions of dollars intentionally making the wrong decision in regards to Bipole II, just to appease political supporters. They’ve been a complete disaster. I can’t believe NDP supporters are actually pointing to Manitoba as evidence of Dipper competence because once people actually start taking a look, they’ll find something completely different.

  5. I must say that Mulcair is a refreshingly Honest speaker. Sitting in the same room as Enbridge execs and speaking as he did takes courage and principled conviction. Well done Tom!

  6. Well Mulcair is not wrong about Enbridge’s monumentally stupid proposal, the Northern Gateway Pipeline. It is dead on arrival and Alberta should thank us for forcing them off their sole reliance on oil for their economy. Redford is the first Alberta Premier since Peter Laugheed to suggest that the time has come to diversify, and she is right.

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