Thomas Mulcair goes to the Calgary Stampede


The leader of the opposition wore a white, or maybe pearl, cowboy hat. And talked about oil. And sounded like Peter Lougheed. While Jason Kenney fumed.


Thomas Mulcair goes to the Calgary Stampede

  1. More horses killed too…..which makes world headlines, and is the only reason the Stampede is known elsewhere.

    • Horse suffered a brain aneurysm….brought down 2 other horses.

      • Happens every year from one cause or another. Maybe you could just stop doing it.

  2. AB expression: “All hat, no cattle”

    BC expression: “All tar, no pipe.” (peace or otherwise) [OK, I made that one up]

    True story. I was sitting in Fluor’s Rope Square (Olympic Plaza) yesterday eating a flapjack and the emcee started out the festivities saying: “We have the best music from AB here with us,…nay the WHOLE WORLD!” Lucky me.

    • Bet you were eating the best flapjacks in the world too, eh? Made from some generic Aunt Jemima mix and water.

      • Correction: “Best outdoor flapjacks in the world.”

        BIg difference with those “chez nous ,i>oldest settlements in North America ‘Rene where’s my beret?’ poupon mustard splattered and twenty flavours of cheese curd gravy and freedom fries garnished and served by some big fat snowman in the dead of winter, where’s my english verse in *your* version, crepes.”

      • No I think they use “coyote” pancake mix. Much more stampede-like.

  3. Well, all I know is the guy who wears the white hat is usually the good guy — remind me what colour steve and edie, er I mean laureen, were wearing?