Thomas Mulcair vs. Michael Enright


In between an essay on Penguins and a segment on artisanal pencil sharpening, Sunday Edition fit in a half hour interview with Thomas Mulcair to discuss C-38, defining himself, Bob Rae, the Liberal party, uniting the left, building the NDP, opposing the Harper government, young voters, the oil sands, Europe, Syria, student protests in Quebec, poverty, organized labour and his beard. The interview starts at the 8:29 mark.


Thomas Mulcair vs. Michael Enright

  1. I’m surprised to learn that Tom Mulcair is interested in penguins and pencil sharpening. Let no one say he’s one dimensional.

  2. That was the most light weight interview I have ever heard. Not one follow-up question anything. Thank god the radio signal faded while I was driving in the mountains.

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