Thomas Mulcair vs. The Supreme Court vs. The Liberals -

Thomas Mulcair vs. The Supreme Court vs. The Liberals

‘If the NDP wants to play that game, it will have to play it with the Bloc alone once again’


Further to Mr. Mulcair’s concerns about the Supreme Court, Francoise Boivin wrote to the other parties to ask that they support the NDP’s call for disclosure. Stephane Dion has now responded for the Liberals.

Madam Member,

On behalf of the Liberal caucus, thank you for your letter dated April 29, 2013.

In your letter, you suggested that the Liberal caucus join the New Democratic Party in asking the Conservative government what its response will be to the motion passed by the Quebec National Assembly on April 16, 2013.

This motion calls for the federal government to release archived documents related to the constitutional negotiations which led to the patriation of the Constitution in 1982.

However, the federal government has already stated that it does not intend to give policy directives to civil servants responsible for the application of the Access to Information Act.

We would like the government to hold firm in this respect. The Conservatives already have a tendency to politicize everything; there is no need to encourage them in this bad habit. The last thing we should do is politicize the application of the Access to Information Act.

We believe this act should be strengthened; however, this should be done as part of a global legislative review and not in response to one specific request for information.

In your letter, you criticize the Supreme Court. Your leader, Mr. Mulcair, took things one step further by accusing the Supreme Court of never having had the intention to seriously investigate the allegations of inappropriate communications between judges and members of the executive branch in 1981.

We are distancing ourselves from these irresponsible and unfounded comments. There is no doubt in our minds that the Supreme Court investigated as it should.

We suggest that you leave history to historians. But, let’s not be naïve: separatist leaders have a vested interest in reinforcing the idea of a scheme in the minds of Quebeckers in order to undermine their confidence in the Supreme Court, in Canada and in the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

To summarize, your leader has demonstrated irresponsibility on three fronts by attempting to politicize the application of an act, by criticizing the Supreme Court without foundation and by playing the game of separatist leaders.

If the NDP wants to play that game, it will have to play it with the Bloc alone once again.


Hon. Stéphane Dion, MP
Liberal Democratic Reform and Intergovernmental Affairs critic


Thomas Mulcair vs. The Supreme Court vs. The Liberals

  1. BAAAZIINNG!!!! Why on earth did people not take this guy more seriously? Honestly, the shame of the attack ads will be how they characterized this guy and how many will not know just how smart he is.

    • Because of the Senator from OntarioPEI.

      • Yes, it’s all Mike Duffy’s fault. That cave video he recorded had nothing to do with it. His idiotic Green Shift policies had nothing to do with it. The fact that he just doesn’t come off as a leader had nothing to do with it.

        No, it was all because Mike Duffy gave Canadians an unvarnished view Dion answering a simple question. Surely Duffy should have been like the rest of Canadian media and tried to cover up Dion’s short comings to ensure the Liberals retained their rightful place as the government of Canada.

    • Oh, come on: one written letter a leader does not make!

      • FYI. This is far from one letter this man has written. You could easily collect a book of his letters.

        • I have never said that Dion has only written one letter. My post was in response to the post before mine which states that many will not know how smart Dion is. I indicated that one letter a leader does not make!

          I have always thought that Dion is not a leader, and I still think that.

          • You didn’t think that Dion is not a leader, Francien, you absorbed it. As you wrote to me last week, you need tenpercenters to understand the characters of political leaders, that’s why you find it’s a justifiable expense of the HoC money. Without tenpercenters, you wouldn’t know what to think.

          • Just because it upsets you that I think Dion never was a leader and never will be a leader, does not mean you have to lower yourself this much.

            I never wrote any such thing to you last week! Get a grip.

  2. That’s certainly fair. He would have made a fine prime minister.

  3. Bloc, Dippers all the same……….


    This will be dismissed as also coming from liberals; nevertheless the logic is solid. Mulcair did this to himself. I had some hope he wouldn’t make a bad PM if youngish Trudeau should prove to be in over his head – i no longer think this. This is unforgivable in my book if you’re a federalist. On this at least even Harper has proved to be responsible.[so far]

    • Harper might not have led the charge personally or been willing to name names to Peter Mansbridge, but as far as attacking the justiciary with little or nothing to go on the CPC still is in the lead.

      • Yabutt i’m impressed when faced with an opportunity to reach beyond the grave and tweak the nose of a Trudeau, he has so far remained resolute…fairs fair.

  5. Dion has no credibility on unity anymore, not after he tried to usurp the government and form a coalition of losers with BQ. Dion is a clown, far too impressed with himself.

    Also, can’t Justin write letters on Canadian unity or is Trudeau even less credible than Dion on unity after he threatened to break up Canada if Harper continues to govern?

    I can’t but help think that Harper must be delighted with all the Quebec hillbillies that dominate our news now – Trudeau is millionaire dilettante and Mulcair is paranoid loon, amongst other things., and daily corruption stories about prov politics.

    Good luck with message that Canada needs more Quebec.

    • Whatever else i can say about our PM, he isn’t so dumb as to cavalierly dismiss Dion on national unity. As i recall he consulted him over the nation nonesense. Dion told him to make sure he used Quebecois, not Quebec as MI foolishly put out there. He also advised Harper to quite playing symbolic politics in QC; which i am delighted to see Harper has paid not a scrap of attention to. Lucky for him those the House is expanding west, not east. It’ll still cost him though.[ and maybe Canada?]
      What’s more some pundits have said Harper will have to lean on Mulcair as the federalist option in QC – whither that policy now?

    • Please. Dion’s deal with the BQ would have been the death-knell for that party and the separatist movement as a whole. When you look at it, the BQ was so worried about the Harper government moving ahead as it was that it was willing to hamstring itself — sign away it’s voting authority for all non-confidence issues and receive basically bupkiss in return.

      • I so totally agree…

      • “sign away it’s voting authority for all non-confidence issues and receive basically bupkiss in return”

        That some revisionist history there.

        In reality, the BQ would have been given veto power over all legislation, as the LPC and NDP would have needed their votes to pass anything. But sure, you can write that off as “signing away it’s voting authority”… right until the moment they decide to vote against something.

        • Try reading the agreement they were signing on to.

  6. So the real fight has begun – now this is egtting interesting folks – in one corner we Justin the Just Watch Me Kid and the other Tommy the Beard – who will it be? place your money on your choice because over the next few rounds the real oppostion to harper will be determined! There will be no ABC, no arrangment, no cooperation and under no circumtance any sort of deal! the real match will be Justin and Mulcair and then when one of them wins he will take on harper – I wonder who it will be?

  7. Props to Dion. He nailed that one.