Threat level: Orange


From a letter to the editor in the Windsor Star.

The recent outrage against the coalition made me feel Canadians weren’t politically dead from the neck up after all.

I’m concerned though that people are falling asleep again. Stephane Dion is gone, but the coalition he tried to cobble together with NDP Leader Jack Layton and the BQ Leader Gilles Duceppe is still lurking in the sidelines.

I hope Canadians will continue to speak out against the coalition. We’re not out of the woods yet.


Threat level: Orange

    • It’s all electronic at this point. The CPC letter generating machine is very sophisticated: its reads papers, composes generic responses based on the subject matter, creates a fake name, and sends it out. Easy.

      • The CPC letter generating machine is very sophisticated: its reads papers…

        Given the sophistication of most people’s reading comprehension these days, it doesn’t even have to bother with that step. It’s not like anyone would notice whether a particular reaction is off-topic or not.

        • Which is why we need to get to the bottom of this Casey business NOW.

          • Given that that involves the RCMP, I have real doubts that that’s even possible.

        • Sorta like their answers in QP

      • Too bad Alan Turing didn’t live to see the day.

  1. Our machines are able to act more and more like us because we now act more and more like machines.

    • Most. Profound. Comment. Ever. Could John Saul’s macleans.ca name be Bazoo?

  2. I hear Jack and Gilles are still planning on inviting Stephane to their Valentine’s Day dance…

  3. She has nothing to worry about the coalition is indeed dead that’s what that little flat line on the brain activity monitor means … all that remains is the epithat : Here lies the broken and twisted dreams of a former leader and several present poltical partys : designated to to the dustbin of history along with other good ideas of their time like ‘ Let Them Eat Cake ‘ or Caligula’s making his horse a Senator in Rome (though this one might come back or at least the rear end of one anyways) or Bush’s left turn to IRAQ at a red light. Having said that now we have to deal with the consequences in other words we have listened to the piper and now we have to pay.

    • Speaking of bots…

    • Actually, it reads:

      Here lies the broken and twisted dreams of a former leader and several present poltical partys : designated to to the dustbin of history along with other good ideas of their time, but still worth $25 bucks a pop from the gun nuts.

    • Wayne
      Searching through those twisted dreams of a former leader you mentioned i came across Steve’s quest for a majority. Do you want it back? It might look good on the mantlepiece alongside W’s left turn signal, don’t know if there’s room for the horse though!

      • with only 12 more seats to go!!!! absolutely behind Harper right now for a majority next year especially if Iggy keeps rolling over like he has been and get this : out west here more NDP’ers are considering voting CPC than ever before and downright furious at Jack because of the mickey mouse coalition idea and then we CPC bots 9/10 are fully behind the budget with 6/10 LPC being fully behind the budget. I don’t know how your math works but as I read the polls so far (though still very early) it aint looking good for the LPC a little bump at best but nowhere near a trend with across the board upward indicators (nope aint happening folks and aint likely to). The best part is though that Iggy just willingly threw himself into a mess and Stevie doesn’t have to do anything just let it play out while saving on advertising. Personally I think my boy Stevie is right now trying on his I heart Obama t-shirt and figuring out a way to deliberately fail his first report cord in the HOC – just to see how the Igster will keep talking tough and then keep supporting the gov’t ROFL LMAO!

        • Don’t know what planet you’re from Wayne, but thanks for visiting earth on your vacation.

          Take polls with whatever salt you want – you usually can’t have enough – but the polls yesterday showed 85% of Liberals were fully behind Ignatieff on the budget, and 68%/75% of NDPers/BQers agreed with his budget decision as well. Couple that with hugely rising polls in Quebec catching up to the Bloc and doubling the Cons, rising in Ontario and slightly rising in the west PLUS outpacing the Conservatives in fundraising since Ignatieff became leader.

          Le Devoir is calling it the Ignatieff Effect. I would call it the beginning of a reawakening.

          • Check out the Strategic Counsel as anything in Quebec is skewed because4 of it’s support for Iggy.n Check out the TGM : Let me repeat that: page 7 of the survey shows that nine in 10 Conservative voters are net positive on the budget. That is waaaay more than the six in 10 Liberals, five in 10 Dippers, four in 10 Greens or three in 10 Blocquistes. The survey goes on to report that 92 per cent of Conservatives say the budget gave them more confidence in Harper’s ability to manage the economy. Conservative voters are also most likely to say Middle Class Canadians will benefit from the budget, compared to supporters of other parties who are more likely to report that Large Corporations and Wealthier Canadians will benefit the most. Page 17 finds that just 27 per cent of Conservative voters think the federal budget goes too far in creating a federal deficit that is too big. Liberals, BQ and Green voters are significantly more likely than Conservatives to think the budget was too profligate and the deficits are a threat to our prosperity. But get this: New Democrat voters are equally likely as Conservatives to think the deficits are too large! (NDP voters are actually marginally more likely to be concerned about deficits in the survey – 28 per cent NDP to 27 per cent CPC – but that is within the margin of error, and not statistically significant.) and the latest polls here in BC show NDP -> CPC support so much for the Iggy Effect!

        • Indeed, you don’t know how maths works.

          You don’t even realize that in the poll you are quoting (Strategic Counsel), the CPC support stands at 33.1% whereas the LPC is at 31.5%. So simple using elementary mathematics and logic, if the CPC support is lower than in both the 2006 and the 2008 elections while the LPC support is higher than both of them, I fail to see how you can claim that Harper is heading toward a majority.

          But why I bother explaining you these simple concepts, you are a self-proclaimed harperbot.

    • Epathetic

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