Threats and support for Vic Toews


A second video purported to be from Anonymous has been released.

The Canadian Association of Chiefs Police, on the other hand, apparently supports C-30, but it’s unclear how either side will be able to use this to bolster their respective arguments. The Harper government might appreciate the endorsement of its legislation, but it previously chose to ignore the CACP’s support for the long-gun registry. The opposition might disagree with C-30, but it still champions the CACP’s support for the long-gun registry as an important consideration.

Meanwhile, Michael Geist again offers some solutions.


Threats and support for Vic Toews

  1. Are these the same Police Chiefs that supported the Long Gun Registry?

    Does their support suddenly matter?

  2. Police have said both tools would be useful.  This was a much bigger deal in the long gun registry debate, because it’s opponents said it WASN’T useful.  Although there’s been a tiny bit of that argument this time, the main argument isn’t about utility, but about it going too far and being too vulnerable to hacking.

  3.  When will Macleans address the actual issue? Do libertarians approve of this bill?

  4. Wow, what a shocker.  The police support a law that says that the police can do X without getting a warrant. 

    Isn’t this just the sort of issue that illustrates why cats aren’t supposed to be allowed to make the laws that govern the lives of mice?

  5. Talk about an empty threat. What dirt could anyone possibly have on Vic Toews that’s more damaging than what is already known?

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