Thursday night and Friday morning: an Inkless campaign videoblog


Here’s what I saw at the debate on Thursday night and on Stéphane Dion’s campaign bus on Friday. 

[wpvideo rTke2hAV]


Thursday night and Friday morning: an Inkless campaign videoblog

  1. You have upped your game, Paul. Good video.

    Is that Kory Teneycke with Starbucks cup in his hand at the beginning? Isn’t that off-message, someone get that guy double-double from Tim’s, quick.

    I wish you had dedicated the whole video to Dion being incapable of scoring a goal during his street hockey photo-op but that’s my partisan instincts talking. Dion’s lucky the media’s got his back or we would be talking about Stanfield II.

    “A vial of hope and a vial of pain” indeed.

  2. Nice sound track. Love to see what Randy Newman could do with it, though.

  3. I saw one person talking policy,

    and the rest hurling (oftentimes childish) insults.

  4. Holy Art Movie, Batman. You could soon be eligible for funding … no wait, forget that, there soon won’t be any …

    Picture quality seems better. I can see the improvement in skills but is there also an equipment upgrade?

  5. Indeed, De. On the video spot of our election page we have proper props to the maker of the altogether more impressive camera I’ve been using. I still plan to expense the first one, though.

  6. Nice musical choice, Arcade Fire is quite good.

  7. Great clip. Pure art. Annotations and thought bubbles would be great additions. Especially for the section where Trudeau is watching Dion. I wonder what he is thinking….

  8. Another excuse to expose us to your favourite music, eh?

  9. That was great work, Paul. What are you using to edit your video?

    And yes I agree that it was a great choice in background music.


  10. Nice job, best so far! Really puts us there on the campaign trail, taking a step back to where gesture is most eloquent (esp. with music), very cool!

    I must say, the contrast between Dion and young Trudeau is very stark in that. The latter looks like he’s about 19. Who was the last male MP with bangs, I wonder?

  11. What’s the name of that song? I know it’s AF…

  12. Austin So, the software I use to edit is freeware: HyperEngine-AV for Max OS X. I was wondering what to buy (our work computers don’t have iLife) and it occurred to me there must be something decent for free, because it’s a strange world, and indeed it was so. This program is fairly powerful and very intuitive, which is good because I couldn’t find instructions anywhere.

  13. Paul Wells, thanks for the heads up on the software.


  14. The music is definitely the title track from Neon Bible.

    Paul, just wondering…did you include Teneycke’s “looking forward to having this behind us” line in the video because it jived with your impression that Harper doesn’t much care about or pay attention to the debates? That is, Harper’s indifference implies party-wide indifference?

  15. Rob, it would greatly overestimate me to think I have any motive in including any given clip in these things. I used the Kory clip because I had a clip of Kory. If I’d had a clip of, say, Scott Brison, in he’d go.

    My favourite part is that when it fades in on Elizabeth May, you hear Win Butler sing, “Not much chance of survival…” That’s entirely by accident. The music just lined up that way with the edit.

  16. @Rob

    @Paul Wells
    Is Rogers paying any royalties for using this song?

    What was that bill the Tories tried to push through… C61? Right, that one.

  17. P.S. Keep up the good work. The videos really do add something new and exciting to Canadian politics. And this is just the beginning!

  18. Great! Thanks for that. My favourite part was Steve Paikin waiting in the wings. What was he watching?

  19. Well done. I especially liked the empty room/full room transition.

  20. Stephen Harper: He’s Just Not That Into You!

    This may be the most iconic slogan of the campaign and it works no matter which political party you support. When I saw it, I laughed so hard I threw up a little.

  21. That was neat.

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