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Time is short


The Conservatives have invoked time allocation on C-19, the bill that eliminates the long-gun registry. Of the ten government bills debated in the House since Parliament reconvened in June, the Harper government has now invoked time allocation on five of them: C-3 (budget implementation), C-10 (the omnibus crime bill), C-13 (budget implementation), C-18 (Canadian Wheat Board) and C-19.

On a sixth bill, C-6, which legislated an end to the lockout at Canada Post, the government invoked closure.

The young Stephen Harper would no doubt be concerned.


Time is short

  1. They are rushing this stuff through because they know the Official Opposition doesn’t have the votes to stop them.

    For the next 4 years the provinces will be the opposition.

  2. Makes sense really.A PM who has less sitting days then just about any previous PM really doesnt have the time for all that messy democracitic oversight stuff; besides he needs to be accountable to the folks who sent him there, not a bunch of whiny opposition mps. Mandate! Think mandate folks!

  3. Better than a political environment with endless filibusters, at least.

    • Funny thing is that was what some people were saying in Germany in the nineteen thirties.

    • Facts and debate:  Conservative poison?

  4. Yeah. Because shutting down the registry just hasn’t been debated enough yet.

    • Same goes for all the other closures too eh? Since much of the preceeding minority was a farce – the opposition largely trying to embarass the govt and the govt trying manfully to spike committees and prevent the opposition doing its job, many of us can truthfully say we’re still waiting for meaningful debate to get started. The opposition has lost its bully pulpit now so what is the govt’s excuse this time? Oh wait. Mandate. I keep forgetting the goddamn mandate. Sure go ahead. Invoke closure. Shove every committee behind closed doors – hell why not move the whole process to SH’s basement so the rest of us can concentrate on arguing why the leafs wont make the playoffs yet again. 

      • Stop giving them ideas!

      • I think what we’re seeing is what happens when the entire decision-making process is shunted to the President’s office. Parliament has been entirely neutered. What could ever go wrong?

        Canadians got what they wanted.