To Degas Sikorski with love from Ottawa

Man who got homophobic Valentine at work gets new card signed by Justin Trudeau

Signatures of various members of parliament and the Prime Minister, top right, adorn a booklet sent to Degas Sikorski, an Edmonton area man who received a Valentine at work last month that was defaced with a homophobic message. THE CANADIAN PRESS/HO

Signatures of various MPs and the Prime Minister, top right, adorn a booklet sent to Degas Sikorski, an Edmonton area man who received a Valentine at work last month that was defaced with a homophobic message. (The Canadian Press)

ST. ALBERT, Alta. — An Alberta man who got a Valentine at work defaced with a homophobic slur has received a much nicer card signed by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

The card, which Degas Sikorski received on Saturday, contains messages of support from the prime minister as well as cabinet ministers and MPs.

“Know that your friends outnumber the haters by millions, and I am one of your friends,” Trudeau wrote in the card, which was delivered to Sikorski by Edmonton Centre MP Randy Boissonnault.

A photo of the Valentine that Sikorski, 20, of St. Albert received last month at a party supplies store in Edmonton caused an online furor after his mother posted it to Facebook and explained what happened.

She said a supervisor at the Party City store made Valentines for all the staff, but when her son picked his up, it had a hate message on it.

The company said after the incident that it would investigate the matter.

Sikorski said the card from Trudeau and other MPs also contained photos of the prime minister signing it.

“It was a beautiful card,” Sikorski said. “There were so many pictures and so many people wanted to sign it, they had to add extra pages.”

“Canada went from being this big, wide-open country to feeling like Ottawa and Ontario were right next to Alberta.”

Sikorski said he has quit Party City. He’s since accepted a job from Starbucks that was offered by a manager who reached out to him on Facebook after hearing his story.

He said he’s dropped his plan of pursuing a police investigation, not wishing the person who defaced his Valentine to suffer a criminal record.

“Whoever did it knows it was wrong,” Sikorski said.

Sikorski said he’s still pursuing a human rights investigation against his former employer.

The company issued a statement at the time saying it did not condone what happened and was committed to creating a fair and inclusive work environment.


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To Degas Sikorski with love from Ottawa

  1. Something about this entire story is simply not right. This man (who Trudeau oddly refers to as a “boy”) admitted to posting this claim on facebook without telling anyone at his workplace. His mother and him want it to immediately go viral. He then changes his story (he found it at the beginning of his shift changed to he found it at the end of his shift) and personal accusations (originally the store manager, then not anyone in management) as things start to snowball. What they each refer to as a Hate Crime now does not even merit wanting the police to simply investigate? This from the same person who said in an email last month to CTV news (Julia Parrish) that he had already filed a complaint with EPS (Edmonton Police). To now say he hasn’t contacted police represents yet another deception. His apparent gesture of saving this alleged ‘hate criminal’ from a criminal record is a bit of a leap for him to take and is quite possibly self-serving. The Police would investigate it first, IF they found evidence they MIGHT charge someone if in fact an ACTUAL crime had been committed. That is not his problem…unless…he doesn’t want them to investigate anything. The Police would definitely not be as gullible as our ‘image only Prime Minister’ and might actually consider motive/opportunity and statements from everyone at the store that day – not just the changing tale of one person. Likely they will do this before declaring their love to him as a ‘friend’ and a ‘special person’ unlike our federal government. His changing story is full of holes – and that is obvious from what he and his mother have put online and said on news video. I can only imagine what actual facts would bear out under any kind of scrutiny.

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