To redact or not to redact -

To redact or not to redact


The Globe discovers another curiosity of redaction.

But in one instance, a description of rebellious activity by detainees is apparently blacked out in one portion of the 2,600 documents but inadvertently disclosed in another section. It’s presumably the result of diverging censorship decisions by separate officials. The sentences in question describe how detainees began testing and challenging their Canadian captors in early 2008. Prisoners are held in a short-term Forces detention facility before being transferred to Afghan authorities…

Michel Drapeau, a former Forces colonel and a professor of military law, said there’s no justification for withholding this information from Canadians – as one of the censors processing the documents had apparently done.

The CBC, meanwhile, has posted all 2,628 pages of documents tabled in the House this week.


To redact or not to redact

  1. This topic has little interest for most Canadians and I suspect other than those locked in their basements will want to read the 2600 pages. This subject is not winning the hearts and minds of Canadians. The opposition are playing with fire. If Milliken rules in favour of the opposition parties there will be an election because Harper will delcare the vote a confidence vote. If Iffy and his misfits run and hide Canadians will see them for what they are…a bunch of blowhards.
    It will not be detainees that will dominate the election that is for sure. There are far more important subjects to be covered i.e. economy, jobs. You know the stuff that ordinary Canadians care about.

    • I disagree: If Harper tries to go to an election (where he again is running away from Parliament and being accountable to it – which feeds back to his polls dropping during his prorogration stunt), on the issue of transparency, and coverup, and whether or not they are hiding these because they don't want to be politically embarrassed or worse, are hiding complicity in violations of international law, I disagree hollin.. I think a LOT of Canadians will care.

      The opposition parties main theme should and will be "Harper has called an unnecessary election trying to get a majority government to avoid accountability as to what his government knew and didn't know about this"

    • It seems to me that there are two distinct issues: one is the very complex issue of the treatment of Afghan detainees; the other is the less complex issue of whether or not Harper is hiding something that would embarrass the government, and Canadians may care about that but nobody seems to be asking them.

      • The Liberals would have to make it all about accountability of which the Afghan issue is just one in a list of examples…..

        • That's the thing tho – I think that it's ordinary Canadians who should make it about accountability, whether or not the Liberals do, and that's where the media should come into play. As long as it's about what the opposition parties do or don't do, the responsibility appears to rest with them, and not with us.

    • "This topic has little interest for most Canadians…"

      Most Canadians don't care what you think, holinm.

      Seriously, the arrogance of some people to presume to speak for "most Canadians." is insufferable.

  2. Harper is failing his own integrity measure.

    Transparency and accountability.

    And the 'national defence' excuse was just an excuse, as evidence above.

  3. Overreaction to overredaction

  4. Soudas was in charge of one section.

    A career ATIP officer was in charge of the other.

  5. Anybody know anything about Drapeau? You might want to look into his history with DND/CF. Not exactly the most credible of sources.

    • Ah yes, like Colvin? And anybody who disagrees with your opinion? What's YOUR background? Your lack of cooperation with this committee can only lead us to suspect the worst of your motives.

      Are you now, or have you ever been a member of…

  6. I think Harper and his Conservatives are redactulous!

  7. And according to your logic, anyone who criticizes DND/CF must be credible. Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant.

    Drapeau was fired from DND/CF in the 1990s and has been waging a non-stop campaign to discredit the CF ever since. Shouldn't that at least be acknowledged?

    • Or, we could solve the whole problem by releasing the documents.

      • Or calling a public inquiry that would rely on the testimony of real experts who don't have a two decade old axe to grind.

        • i beleive that option was put on the table Paul.

  8. Terry Milewski, CBC news, having read the documents Harper turned over:

    "In other words, it's not about national security, to be blunt about it. It's about national embarrassment. That's what they're trying to hide. It's educational to understand the context, the texture and it leaves you with the impression that 'how could anyone pretend that they didn't know that abuse and torture was routine in Afghan prisons? How could anyone NOT know?'"