To respond or not to respond?


In an interview with Global’s Tom Clark—shortly after the 2:30 mark—Thomas Mulcair hedges just slightly as to whether or not the NDP will mount a response to any forthcoming Conservative ad campaign.


To respond or not to respond?

  1. I suggest they laugh at Con attack ads, and make fun of them.

    • Emily, I think they can. I think TM can take it on the chin better than Bob save the money and focus on the task at hand. I agree the Cons are going to have a hard time defining this guy in an ad.

      • Oh they have their attack points….but I think it would be wise for Mulcair and Bob to just laugh at them.  As adults would laugh at children.

        As McGuinty laughed at the ‘evil reptilian kitten-eater from another planet’ nonsense.

        • Hey did you catch Stephen Harper on tv today congratulating Mulcair and saying he looks forward to interacting with him in the coming years ?

          Considering your raved that the form letter the Liberals put out was “CLASSY” you must have been blown away by Harper !

          • harper needed some airtime to take away from the ndp during their leadership rally.  he didn’t get as much mileage from the japan trip as he frankly should have, and do you honestly think he would be asked about the new opposition leader, focus his cold fishy stare into the camera and say to Canadians: “I will moider him; I will pull him apart, limb from limb…bwuahahaha.”  Really, you thought that might happen? 

      • The Cons will give it a good go because they never limit themselves to the truth.

    • Exactly, the talking points are so hackneyed, it’s  easy to mock them.  The outrage should be saved for the governing Harper is doing and the numerous ethical breaches which are occuring almost daily. 

      • Agreed.  Everyone is familiar with Con talking points by now, and know they are a joke.

        • Yes, Conservatives are dishonest and bad, while Liberals and New Democrats are truthful and good.

          • In their defence.. not all of them.

          • Heavens no,I voted for Joe Clark,I’m a big fan of his.  Great talent internationally.  .We could use that kind of talent now.

          • If you believe the Tory talking points, the Liberals and New Democrats are dishonest and bad, while Conservatives are truthful and good.

            Really, it’s fine and fair game when Tories criticize policy positions, but when they resort to phrases like “opportunist”, “blind ambition”, “divisive personality”, it really does become hackneyed… especially when these were the exact same terms used to describe Ignatieff.


            You have been harping on this point for a few weeks now, and I really don’t understand it… why criticize the commenters when Tory talking points (see hyperlink) get a pass from you?

      • How is pointing out policy differences resorting to “talking points” ?

        Bottom line is that Mulcair does support higher taxes and some kind of carbon tax or cap and trade system.

        The NDP either need to scrub their policies or be prepared to defend them.

        • You should just call him a communist, or something equally hyperbolic – it would save us all a lot time and save bandwith.  He’s your new enemy – we all get it. You must realize that after the first few words of a talking that all the MP’s and all the online operatives use – it’s just ‘Blah, blah blah’ to those of us having to listen to it.
          You guys need a whole new schtick, you’ve completely worn out the old one.

          • I expect to hear them call him “pinko.”  That one plays so well in Canada.

          • Communist ?

            No. His specific policy proposals include higher taxes and some kind of carbon tax or cap and trade system.

            In a democratic society we study each others proposals and then argue the pros and cons.

            We don’t yell “talking points !!!” at people who disagree with us to shut down debate.

    • Brilliant plan. It worked wonderfully for Dion and Ignatieff.

      • Dion and Ignatieff took them seriously….I said laugh at them.

        • Like release a video of Mulcair laughing? Or when a reporter ask about them, just laugh maniacally until someone asks another question? Issue a press release that simply reads: “LOL”? Or he’s just supposed to laugh at them while he’s watching at home, and hope that nobody asks him to respond? Pray that by somehow “laughing” at the issue, Canadians won’t pay any attention and he’ll still be able to re-define himself come campaign time?

          • Well, as your post shows, Cons don’t understand humour…..so Cons’ll be baffled by the lack of traction, but Canadians in general will laugh and move on.

          • Yup, because again that’s exactly what happened with Dion and Ignatieff. Canadians laughed, and moved on. Speaking of laughing and moving on…. LOL

          • Again….no sense of humour

          • I would really like to say that. Politics gets surreal enough as it is. Why not have Mulcair laughing?

    • I suggest they blow their noses at them and fahhhrrt in their general direction.

      •  LOL are you saying Cons smell like elderberries or that your mothers are hamsters?

  2. That the NDP is even considering not responding is hilarious. I mean, those attack ads targeted at Ignatieff and Dion did nothing to define their public images. His French citizenship is going to be a major issue for a lot of people, and if he doesn’t figure out a way to get in front of it, he’ll be doomed.

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