To Strathmore, Consort and beyond -

To Strathmore, Consort and beyond


Kevin Sorenson’s latest MP reports in the Strathmore Standard and Consort Enterprise conclude thusly.

While our government is working to balance the federal budget, in the House of Commons we continue to stand up against the NDP plan for a massive $21 billion job-killing carbon tax.

Meanwhile, last week, Rob Merrifield informed readers of the Mayerthorpe Freelancer, Whitecourt Star and Fort Creeks as follows.

 We will also continue to stand up against the NDP plan for a massive $21 billion job-killing carbon tax.

Here again is a rough guide to the Conservatives’ carbon tax farce.


To Strathmore, Consort and beyond

  1. Notwithstanding the farce, what exactly does a government MP, who sits on the side with all the power, have to do to ‘stand up against’ an opposition party with no power? That doesn’t strike me as a very difficult job.

    • Find a media outlet that doesn’t ask any difficult questions is a good place to start, i guess.

  2. Well, let’s see. First Ignatieff was in favour of Dion’s proposed Green Shift, and then he wasn’t. The people of Canada sure weren’t in favour of the Green Shift, and so the Liberals dropped that. What about the current Liberal stand on GHG? Oh, wait, they are in a leadership race and we will have to wait……..Trudeau, please tell us what your plan will be?

    And besides, if the NDP policy on GHG was that popular, they would have won more than one by-election this week, not? You never know, the NDP may win the next election in a landslide of support for their GHG emissions plan. Only time will tell.

    In the meantime, who really cares which way Wherry tries to spin this. I will keep voting for Sorenson while not worrying too much whether the NDP will defeat the government or not come next election.

    • For your reference.

  3. It’s amazing the lengths that Wherry will go to try and shill for the NDP in attempting to cover up the $ 21.5 BILLION in NDP proposed new carbon revenues that actually did exist in the 2011 NDP Election platform. Even the NDP have given up trying to hide this fact, but not Wherry – he keeps shilling away for the NDP….

    • It’s amazing the length you will go to to avoid the fact that the Conservatives have already implemented a $20 billion carbon tax of their own that will surely imperil our economy.

  4. A larger issue than MP’s being less than truthful with their constituents is that they aren’t even writing the questionable material themselves. Rather than representing their communities in parliament or in caucus, they are instead representing the Conservative Party of Canada in their ridings by repeating the lines provided to them by some central committee (Politburo?). They do the same thing when they speak in the House of Commons with nary a mention of Whitecourt or Mayerthorpe or any concerns thereof. Why would citizens want to fund a representative of a political party to tell them what to think?

    • Two more Stepford Wives in CPC caucus.

    • Did you read the bio of numero uno on the MacLeans Ottawa Power List?

      Harper makes all the important decisions.

      and anything repeated over and over like this is certainly an important decision.

  5. Haven’t these guys been listening in the HoC? The NDP’s tax on everything is going to kill families now, presumably through some baby-eating mechanism.

  6. I see the vast conspiracy of the liberal media bias is alive and well then!