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‘To the benefit of large corporations’


The Liberals are unimpressed with the Conservatives’ use of foreign aid funds.

“The Liberal Party supports the efforts of Canadian companies working abroad to fulfill their corporate social responsibilities. We also support those who have chosen to work with Canadian NGOs in meeting these responsibilities effectively. However, it is inappropriate for the Conservative government to use taxpayers’ money to fund these projects when the companies should be paying for these projects themselves. The Conservative government should be putting Canada’s precious foreign aid dollars to help alleviate poverty and not to the benefit of large corporations.”


‘To the benefit of large corporations’

  1. Good to see the Liberal party is still getting it’s talking points from the media.

  2. Wow!   Mark Eyking is a liar.
    Here you go – all liberals hate World Vision,  Plan Canada and the World University Service of Canada.
    Liberals only love KAIROS.
    Bev Oda is stupid, even though she has been Minister of International Cooperation for five years.

  3. Or in other words, the Liberals think our development dollars should be used to support development around Chinese investments, rather than used to leverage good will around Canadian investments.

    • Since when is “foreign aid” supposed to be about “leveraging good will around Canadian investments” ANYWHERE???  That may occasionally be a side benefit of the aid that we give to foreign groups and nations, but “foreign aid” is supposed to be primarily about helping OTHERS, not ourselves, and certainly not the shareholders of any particular private corporation.

      I don’t have a problem, necessarily, with all corporate welfare.  I don’t even have a problem necessarily with taxpayer money being used to burnish the reputations of giant, profitable, multinational corporations that are headquartered in Canada.  What I do have a bit of a problem with is this sort of taxpayer support for corporate Canada involving the Canadian International Development Agency, and being sold as “foreign aid”.