Today in Guy Fawkes analogies -

Today in Guy Fawkes analogies


Conservative MP John Williamson’s member’s statement this afternoon.

Remember, remember the fifth of November
Gunpowder, treason and plot
I see no reason why gunpowder treason
should ever be forgot

On this day, in 1605, Guy Fawkes was apprehended trying to blowup Parliament and the sovereign. It was an act for which he paid a gory price. Mr. Speaker, we have a metaphoric and modern day Guy Fawkes. The Bloc Québécois, and it would seem the NDP, attempt to undermine the lawful order of this realm by removing essential elements of the Clarity Act which provides a rigorous process should any province wish to secede from our nation; namely, a clear referendum question and the need to achieve a decisive majority vote. They say that history often repeats itself and in today’s case, the schemers will be exposed in this House or foiled. Luckily for them, they will meet their demise at the ballot box and not on the scaffold. God save Canada.


Today in Guy Fawkes analogies

  1. Nothing in the Clarity Act or the supreme court decision from which it is taken verbatim could be considered rigorous. But reality does not matter to the Harper cons.

    • That’s a puzzling statement. Is it not equally true there’s nothing there that lends any kind of support, moral or political to the Sherbrooke Declaration?

      • Assuming either is actionable (they almost certainly aren’t) the Sherbrooke declaration would be MORE rigourous because it sets an actual number to begin negotiations for separation where the Act and Reference Re: Separation just say “clear majority”.

        • Well okaaaayy….but i have to side with Mr Dion [ the principle architect of the clarity act after all] when he says that if 51% is a clear majority he’d hate to see what an unclear majority looks like. That NDP # better be going up if it’s going anywhere.

          • Could be. if there’s authority along the lines of a higher court discussing the phrase in a situation that isn’t clearly distinguishable, or someone with the reputatino of say, Peter Russel or higher on the matter, then there’s some direction, if not, not. I hope, of course, it never needs to be tested.

  2. Every time Harper leaves the country, the back-wood Stupids come out of hiding…

    • I’m pretty sure it’s the frat boys in the PMO who put words like these into the mouths of the eager sock puppets in the Con benches. That, unfortunately, will continue unabated in Stevie’s absence.

      • No, I’m pretty sure they’re coming up with this stuff by themselves….frat boys in the PMO know who wears the Guy Fawkes mask these days.

        When Harp isn’t there the back-woods set stand up because no one is pinching their leg.

  3. Did i miss something major in the news? Have the NDP formally repudiated the clarity act or something equally heinous? Where did that come from? Or are they finally getting bored by the carbon tax farce?

    Cuz I don’t think i could stand a round of a couple hundred robotic statements pointing out how traitorous the NDP are and how they love to crawl into bed with the separatists.

    • You have to admit it’s an upgrade from calling them Taliban.

      • Iran is likely coming up.

  4. I can remember a time – and I swear it’s not even that long ago – that a comment like this would have been a huge embarrassment to any government and a cause for outraged denunciations from pundits, government leaders, the general public, and even ones own party. How far down the scale of basic decent behaviour we have fallen, and how quickly, that someone can speak like this in our parliament, and eyebrows are barely even raised. It is shrugged off almost immediately with the attitude that “they can go lower” and the expectation that they almost certainly will.