Today in Parliament


Before Question Period each day, 15 minutes is set aside for MP’s to stand and deliver short statements on whatever subject they wish to speak to. Usually this involves expressions of concern for international events, commendation for local charities, or reference to legislative matters. It is, at least in theory, the House’s one forum through which individual members can speak of their own volition, irrespective of ongoing debate or strict party interest.

Here’s a quick recap of today’s statements.

Conservative Lois Brown rose first to decry violence against women. Liberal Mario Silva expressed concern for the welfare of senior citizens. The Bloc’s France Bonsant called on the government to aid workers in her riding. The NDP’s Peter Julian outlined human rights violations in Colombia. Conservative Dona Cadman accused the opposition of greed and arrogance. Liberal Anthony Rota asked the government to support an airport in North Bay. Conservative Harold Albrecht accused the opposition of greed and arrogance.

The Bloc’s Luc Malo saluted a Quebec professor who helped develop a more environmentally conscious way to manufacture steel. Conservative Rick Norlock accused the opposition of greed and arrogance. Liberal Brian Murphy asked the government to address declining salmon stocks in the Bay of Fundy. Conservative Jacques Gourde accused the opposition of greed and arrogance.

New Democrat Paul Dewar drew attention to the raping of women in international conflict. Conservative Gerald Keddy accused the opposition of greed and arrogance. The Bloc’s Meili Faille lamented the ideology of the government’s economic policy. Liberal Marc Garneau expressed concern for Canadians caught in the turmoil presently taking hold in Thailand. Conservative LaVar Payne accused the opposition of greed and arrogance.


Today in Parliament

  1. I love that my new MP’s current contribution to parliament is to be a partisan hack and offer nothing constructive.

    I’m not particularly surprised, when you dont attend a single all candidates meeting in the entire campaign period, one generally suspects your an empty shirt shill for your party…

    I only wish I could be happy knowing I was right.

  2. It’s as if all their speeches were written in the same place! How mysterious!

  3. I think we’ve passed the expiration date on the New Spirit of Cooperation.

    Smell this, do you think it’s past its prime?

  4. This isn’t new. Prior to the election Conservative members regularly used this time to deride M. Dion in generally unpleasant terms.

    Classy bunch the Conservatives.

  5. “Greed and arrogance! Greed and arrogance!”

    It sounds like Steve-bot’s broadcasting his “Steve-bot approved” pop-ups to his little worker* bots.

    *I use the term ‘worker’ loosely.

  6. Lois Brown sounds just about ready to cross the floor.

  7. Please notice Lois Brown. Residents there take pride in having elected a candidate of substance, even though she happens to be in the Conservative party.

  8. Sorry, T. Thwim, but I think it’s just because her implant is malfunctioning.

  9. Someone needs to tell Rick Norlock that “ligitinous” isn’t a word.

  10. Don’t sink to their level, Robert. Just don’t.

    Acknowledge good politicians and good policy when they occur, from wherever they occur. It’s the only way we’re going to get more of them.

    One thing Mr. Dion said during the last campaign, which raised my estimation of him more than anything else, was when he acknowledged that the Liberal Party doesn’t have a monopoly on good ideas, when speaking of the Conservatives moves on Canadian Unity. That, my friend, was class.

    I just wish there was more of it on the hill.

  11. Mr. Wherry
    Me-thinks you have a low opinion of our gracious ruling party.

  12. who voted for the CPC and why again?

  13. The work of John Howard once again?

    – JV

  14. Newmarket Aurora will be one of the ridings that will see huge unemployment numbers if the auto industry collapses. Perhaps that is why Lois Brown is sounding relatively sane.

  15. Next time, feel free to be as specific about what the “greed and arrogance” is as you are in summarizing the nature of the other remarks. If that’s what those MPs did, let us in on the specifics so that people with a mind to do so can send a piece of it to those MPs to persuade them to stop behaving like children.

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