Today in whatever this is now -

Today in whatever this is now


Well then, let’s see what we have.

The Prime Minister’s Office says it is “absurd” to suggest Rahim Jaffer had any access to the PMO to offer. Helena Guergis’ office says Mr. Jaffer is a “private citizen” and this is a “personal matter.” The Conservative party asked Mr. Jaffer to remove its logo from his website. Mr. Jaffer’s business associate is threatening to sue the Toronto Star. Mr. Jaffer was using a parliamentary e-mail address and one of Ms. Guergis’ Blackberries. He squabbled with some Conservative MPs over the caucus’ petty cash. And she is trying to claim socks as an election expense.

Oh, and “bustyhookers” is currently the top trending topic on Twitter.


Today in whatever this is now

  1. Boy, this story is just going to go on and on and on … It has everything. Drugs. Sex. Booze. Con-men. Politics. Police. Dropped charges. Arrests. Tantrums. etc etc etc

    • bustyhookers!

      • And socks! Hubba hubba!

  2. Odds she resigns at 4:59 tomorrow?

    Apparently the blackberry thing is common place, for spouses/staffers – peculiar to lump them together frankly…

    But is ti really commonplace for spouses to use the Parliamentary email? Particularly if its to conduct business?

    • Yes, it's extremely difficult to get your own email address. Next to impossible. See:

      And reconfiguring your BB? Fuhgeddaboudit!

    • Yep, she's definitely circling the bowl now.
      Grey-Simcoe will likely turn on her (and Rahim) and the Conservatives will probably lose a seat if she is their candidate in the next election – and every seat counts.
      On the bright side, she makes fellow cabinet ministers Baird and Flaherty look absolutely brilliant.

    • You could very well be right about the Guergis resignation; maybe Shelly Glover will take her spot and be appointed Minister of State (Status of Women).

    • Well, you off by a few hours…

  3. Is it not a felony to impersonate an MP (although who would want to?)?

    And here I thought the Harp-Cons were supposed to be tough on crime.

    • "Is it not a felony to impersonate an MP (although who would want to?)? "

      Not if you're impersonating an MP simply to impress the #bustyhookers

  4. I feel horrified that we are spending time on these two clowns.

    And yet…here I am. It's like watching a low brow – but good – comedy.

    • Like Trailer Park Boys, but not as endearing.

      • This has to end in a reality show…

    • You're not alone. Currently, six of the top ten most read articles at G& are Jaffer-related.

      • I am gulty too, delicious gossip!!

  5. Well, if a former staffer where I work were to conduct business, continuing to use the email of my employer, the cops would be called. That would be considered a major electronic security breach.

    It always amazes me the dumb things powerful people (of all political stripes) seem to trip over. Lowly bureaucrats know you don't order booze on government expense accounts and you don't lend your blackberry to your buddy, but MP's, MPP's and CEO's don't seem to well acquainted with the rules and always claim that "there was no written policy" or "I didn't think I was in a conflict of interest" .

    • Where on earth do you work? it's definitely a serious issue and obviously measures should be taken – but police?

    • This is because the means these people are selected for the job has little to do with competence, and more to do with how they can schmooze.

      Not that I'm saying it's not an important skill-set.. especially for CEO's.. but it's why any of these type of people need an expert staffer devoted to them who has the ability to go, "Hold on a sec.. let's think this through."

  6. As Alan Gregg just said on the National, she remains in cabinet because "the Guergis family is royalty in Simcoe"

    I hope they put that on a highway sign outside of whatever or wherever Simcoe is, so the rest of us can avoid it.

    Must be one heck of a "hellhole".

    • From Toronto to North Bay there's not much you can do to avoid Simcoe lest you want to take an 8 hour detour.

      • Royalty? Looks like the king is dead. Long live the king.

    • Just keep a look out for the "Welcome to Anus" sign.

      (But seriously, she's from Angus and pranksters keep blacking out the "g.")

  7. Maybe what they need is another Guergis on the ballot, then.

  8. Ladies and gents, I think it's time someone contacted Webster's, we have a new textbook definition for "gong show".

  9. Jaffer has 11 years in as an MP, so is he getting a pension? Or does he have to wait until he's 55 to collect? Anyone know?

    • He has to wait….

    • He has to wait until 55 to collect.

  10. And very close to Angus is the lovely little community of Utopia! I wonder if that’s where the “bustyhookers” live?

    • I believe Utopia takes its name from the original Greek (or was it Latin?) meaning for "nothing".

  11. Claiming her socks as an election expense!!! Remember the fuss over a receipt for a pack of gum – and remember that Dingwall never tried to get reimbursed for it.

    If the minister doesn't understand the inappropriateness of such a claim, how can she understand the appropriateness of any spending done in her department?

  12. The last sex scandal I recall is the Gerda Munsinger affair – when the Cons were in government.

    I could be wrong.

    Boy, biker chicks, booze, drugs, sex, sleazy business contacts. We've hit the jackpot here.

    • Busty Hookers. Let's not forget those Busty Hookers

  13. The pig-pile of premature ejubilation form you folks here is hopefully going to come back and bite you on the butts. Granted I'm a partisan, but I have seen zero evidence sufficient to convict (like the Crown) and basically a dump truck full of crap thrown at the wall hoping enough sticks.

    Mr. Jaffer's recent run in with the law is certainly news, but this tabloid stuff is why I don't much bother reading the msm anymore. The calibre of coverage here is more suited to the Enquirer or the Star, yet to satisfy some morally superior need, we see it featured in national serious" publications. BTW, I wonder how those loan repayments are going for the LPC leadership conference? No influence pedalling there eh? All those kids were committed Liberals.

    • I will put you as a partisan or claiming-for-socks-as a legitimate election expense. Don't worry. Helena is only three months away from being eligible to her gov pension.

      • Yes, and you belong to the premature ejaculation crowd Peter talks of!
        Wear some rain gear!

    • Sorry, the Star story is tight, well researched and bulletproof. All those details, police radio transcriptions and word-for-word quotes from an arrest show he's got a source with the police or with the courts. He carefully avoids making any guesses, just puts the facts out and lets us make up our own mind.

      It's actually news writing done well. Tabloid journalism is Michael jackson and Jon and Kate. Sadly, you can make a lot more money writing that stuff.

  14. Bob Coates. Tories have the best tittie-related scandals.