Today’s Conservative case against Justin Trudeau

Before Justin Trudeau speaks, the Conservatives send out their version


[The following email, which I’m posting verbatim complete with a little inter-office chatter at the top,  went out from Stephen Lecce, a press person at the Prime Minister’s Office, to the office of the Parliamentary Press Gallery this afternoon, and thence to every journalist who is a member of the gallery. The occasion was the Liberal caucus gathering in Edmonton. Emails like this have long been common practice among many political parties when an opposing party is about to get news. Today’s offers one-stop shopping for every Conservative critique against the Liberal leader. – pw]

Hey guys: can you get this out?? Needs to move quickly, as a presser is about to start!


Subject: RE: Conservatives to Trudeau: you don’t have the judgement to lead / Les Conservateurs à Trudeau : Vous n’avez pas le jugement requis pour diriger

Please send this version instead (corrected date).


David Bakker

Special Assistant

Chris Warkentin, MP

Conservatives to Trudeau: you don’t have the judgement to lead

19 August 2014


Chris Warkentin, Member of Parliament for Peace River and Jacques Gourde, Member of Parliament for Lotbinière—Chutes-de-la-Chaudière, issued the following statement as Justin Trudeau’s “team” meet and rally in Edmonton today:

“Liberals will be meeting in Edmonton today to tout the strength of Justin Trudeau’s so-called “team”, as they prepare for the 2015 election.

“While Justin celebrates the breadth of his team, I think every-day Canadians would be appalled that Justin Trudeau is courting the pro-drug vote with the impending nomination of Jodie Emery, Canada’s foremost pot legalization advocate. Having visited Israel, I was shocked that Justin’s star candidate in Calgary Skyview, Darshan Kang participated in a radical anti-Israel rally that denounced the Middle’s East’s only democracy as “an apartheid state”.

“Just like his so-called “team”, Justin has led the pack by continuously demonstrating poor judgement. As Conservatives, we believe that increased accountability by First Nation chiefs will deliver more effective, transparent and accountable government. Yet, Justin Trudeau has pledged to repeal this legislation to protect the interests of elite chiefs, not average taxpayers.

“Justin has committed to repealing our Government’s mandatory prison sentences for the most violent crimes – including child sexual offenses and serious gun crimes. This is in addition to his steadfast defence of his visit to a radical Wahabi mosque that is alleged to recruit for Al-Qaeda. Yet again, Justin has decided to advance interests of violent criminals and extremists, over law-abiding Canadian families.

“Canadians remain concerned by the unstable global economy and they want Government to take action to protect their pocketbooks, jobs and children’s future. Justin Trudeau has admitted he doesn’t have any economic policies and thinks “the budget will balance itself”, while urging reckless spending that would kill jobs. Under Prime Minister Harper, we will continue to focus on the priorities of Canadian taxpayers – by keeping taxes low, balancing the budgets and building on our record of creating one million jobs.

“From the economy, to our security, to First Nations accountability and Canada’s role on the world stage – Justin Trudeau and his team have consistently demonstrated one truth: they lack the judgement to lead.”

– 30 –


Today’s Conservative case against Justin Trudeau

  1. And furthermore, they don’t like his tie. LOL

    Cons are counting on voter stupidity if they expect them to believe THIS load of tosh.

    We have moved from minor partisan campaign exaggerations to outright lies on every subject no matter how small.

    We need a ‘truth in political advertising’ law.

  2. Martin Patriquin said on Power & Politics the other day that the Conservatives are obsessed with Justin Trudeau, and this proves it.

    Can’t they go more than 2 minutes without attacking him? Even in the aggressive world of U.S. politics, politicians sometimes give their opponents a rest.

    You’d think they’d realize that attacking Justin just a few days after his children had their home broken into doesn’t look so good! Enough already!

  3. Canadians lost respect for Harper and this bunch when Trudeau tried to reach out to Harper at the Calgary stampede with his kids, and Harper went AIR MAIL after him(JT)with his diatribe to his base, same type of diatribe. As I said some time ago, Harper will end up taking himself down by trying to take Trudeau down. Even Pete(chopper)McKay is out flip flopping again on easing pot laws today. This bunch(cons) are in way over there heads.

    • To add, I’ve never seen such a hatred towards a fellow house member in all the years I have been watching politics(40 years). This is the next best thing to obsession. There is a cure for all this obsession bother way, and that’s to turf this conservative party out of power in Oct. 2015(unless Harper decides to break the election rule), nothing but a bunch of dowdies.

  4. Please send this version instead (corrected date).


    David Bakker

    This was written by David’s “date”? Makes sense, I guess.

  5. Double down on your cynicism and double down on the darkness CPC its time for a change.

    Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

  6. Political email from the PMO?
    Isn’t this illegal?

    • Not even remotely.

      • Has the PMO of previous governments also behaved this way or is this an example of a PMO following the letter of the law if not the spirit?

  7. These comments from the PMO read like undergraduate rants from grade C students in short pants. Little substance, just PR spin driven by blind obedience to their leader. The subject matter mean-spirited, weak and negative. Justin Trudeau thinks the people of Canada deserve better than this nonsense. So do I. That’s why I am on his Alberta team like many other biomedical professionals across the province.

  8. While the Conservatives focus on funding organized crime and Muslim-bashing, Justin Trudeau is focused on you.

  9. At this point listening to the Tories on Justin is a bit like listening to the adults on a Charlie Brown special. Waw-waw-wawwaw-waw, wawwaw-wa-wa, waaawaa wa wa…. Total tune-out time. I think Trudeau’s poll numbers will come down only if he says something truly outrageously boneheaded (not just what Tory partisans shriek is boneheaded), and mostly his chances in the election will depend on how he performs under the scrutiny of a campaign. Until then the constant Conservative attacks continue to come across as huffin’ n’ puffin’ about nothin’

  10. Going back even further, check out the interview Justin did soon after he became an MP and was organizing his office on the hill. I remember he talked about ‘not reading newspapers’ and getting his political coverage from Jon Stewart. It was so ridiculous because, hey, he hadn’t proved himself yet and so he gives the incredibly strong impression that he is flaky. The letter above ought to be an over-the-top tabloid piece of garbage but it all has a sad ring of truth about it. I wish Justin had been a serious person entering politics. Time will tell if the Liberals under Trudeau can weather the cyclone of “Marijuana Party” branding that could stick once the 3 million Marc Emery supporters start marching across the country wearing Liberal gear. The coming year in Canadian politics promises to be anything but dull.

    • How can we check out something that exists only in your imagination?

  11. This could hold the record for most talking points — first pot pushing, then mollycoddling terrorists, then mollycoddling child molesters, then voodoo balanced budgets, BOOM, BOOM, BOOM, BOOM — in a 350-word release. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t impressed.

  12. It’s high time the CPC/PMO changed the focus off JT and onto the many substantive, visionary Liberal policy positions – hey, wait a minute!

    • Yes, what is this “Liberal Party”?

      I’ve never heard of a Liberal Party before… is it new?

      I wonder what kind of government we would have under a “Liberal Party” since they must not have ever formed a government before or I surely would have heard something about it…

      • It would seem to most observers that the answer to the question “…what is this “Liberal Party”” is “JT”. If a political party determines the best path to power a charismatic and fetching, but vacuous young leader, the other parties will respond by repeatedly pointing this out. Try not to get too upset about it – it’s a strategy that worked well for the Democrats.

  13. Talk about your juvenile blather!

    Thanks, Paul, for posting and letting us see first-hand just how ridiculous this bunch can be. Actually laughed out loud at a few of these TPs.

  14. Time for Justin to take off his shirt again, and make the cons shake and explode like Austin Powers did to the fembots when he stripped and danced. Cue Roy Orbison’s song “Running Scared”.

    • “Comprehensive” would require something novel-length. And wouldn’t need the fictionalizing along the lines of that found in the above email, either.

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