Today's the day -

Today’s the day


The Speaker is expected to deliver a ruling on Afghan detainee documents at 3pm today. Prepare yourself accordingly.


Today’s the day

  1. I've wrapped myself in tinfoil and am off to defend the cauldren with empty paper towel rolls. Stop by and say Hi!

  2. Get the torches and the pitchforks, just in case…

  3. Ironically, this announcement post comes immediately after a post on battling bullying.

    I'm sure the Conservatives will see that coincidence as yet more proof positive of the Vast Leftwing Media Conspiracy that is devoutly dedicated to doggedly devouring the Conservatives.

  4. "Rule 1: For any given situation, Canadian politics will tend toward the least exciting possible outcome."

    I was excited when I first read this but then I remembered Wells' first rule and how it seems to be accurate 99.9% of the time. I bet The Speaker does a 'on one hand but on the other' …. type explanation and there will be no clear ruling.

  5. Tough to see a situation where torches and pitchforks won't be used by at least one side.

  6. Probably, but with the exception that the only clarity will be that he urges or even suggests or even demands an all party committee come up with some solution, and then the issue just dies quietly.

    This is the way democracy ends.
    Not with a bang but a whimper.

  7. This is also Milliken we're talking about, who seems to have a desire to as much as possible avoid ever doing anything that might require him to come up with a firm opinion or set a precedent.

  8. Ah yes.. he'll call an all-party committee, and it will be a CPC member who has to chair it.. and never shows up.

    Tah-dah! Crisis of Parliament averted.. oh wait..

  9. Maybe he will surprise us… if he's just going to wimp out, he could have done that weeks ago and spared us all the suspense.

  10. I'm wondering if he's going to go all dramatic, big finish-style (not "big Finnish", that's more a Winnipeg thing) and then shortly after inform the house that he'll be retiring soon.

  11. I'll believe it when I see it. I've been thoroughly unimpressed by Milliken. For a while, he responded to direct complaints about his unwillingness to enforce the rules governing members statements (which were being used by the Conservatives to attack private citizens) by saying "speak to your MP;" right up until he was compelled to enforce the rules governing members statements, something he could have done a lot sooner.

  12. I'm with lgarvin on this one. The historical nature of his ruling has to be clear to Milliken. My money is on him ruling against the government.

  13. My money is on a Mackenzie King type resolution, as suggested by the OP of this particular thread.

  14. "Prepare yourself accordingly."

    I've been drinking since 11:30.

  15. Somebody really needs to tell Milliken that the "Do nothing by halves" bit was meant as criticism, not advice.

  16. Speaking of preparing oneself, I don't understand why the opposition parties haven't been all over the news talking about the meaning and significance of this decision. That would have put pressure on Milliken to make the right decision and prepared the public if a battle ensues.

    They've had months to lay the groundwork for whatever happens next and they've pissed it away on Jaffer and Guergis.

    I need another drink.

  17. Actually, I think it is meant to be advice, isn't it?

    The problem is, it isn't "Do nothing, and do it by halves" it's "Don't do anything only half-way"

  18. *pops cork on <ii>Veuve Clquot*

    None for you, Prime Minister.

  19. Credit where credit is due: I think he did an excellent job. He ruled pretty decisively against the government, addressed all the substantive points and slapped down the less substantive points, and gave the government a 2 week deadline to find a way to comply with the order.

    I'm impressed. Mr. Speaker

  20. Excellent point. I find it ridiculous the number of times I have heard pundits and media spokesthingies explain that this issue is "too complicated" for the public to follow. Do your damn jobs and explain the issue… it's not _that_ complicated.

  21. I really hope he is deep into the Speaker's Scotch when he delivers his ruling