Tom Mulcair's enemies forget about Tom Mulcair's allies -

Tom Mulcair’s enemies forget about Tom Mulcair’s allies

Tease the day: The NDP leader’s position on energy is reviled by oil sands advocates, but he has friends elsewhere


NDP leader Tom Mulcair

Pissed off. There’s no other way to describe the reaction of oil sands advocates to NDP Leader Tom Mulcair’s stateside criticism of the Keystone XL pipeline. This morning, Postmedia‘s Michael Den Tandt eviscerates Mulcair’s position on the pipeline, which he calls “poorly researched, half-true or spun-up by ideological assumptions.” Den Tandt basically dismisses the NDP’s prospects for forming government thanks to the party’s plan for oil sands development. He goes further than that, even, calling the party’s energy strategy “the same-old, same-old, dooming the NDP to return to the Stygian depths from whence it came: third place.”

From that seething column, we leap to the pages of the Toronto Star, where Chantal Hébert writes about the lack of a federal Liberal presence in Quebec—even at the convention that, this past weekend, elected a new provincial Liberal leader. Philippe Couillard, the new leader, hopes to bring Quebec into Canada’s constitution. That means reopening those increasingly age-old constitutional debates buried by history. Justin Trudeau, likely the next Liberal leader, has no desire to go down that road. So, Hébert suggests, Couillard” is more likely to prefer Thomas Mulcair’s NDP as a federal dancing partner.”

All that to say: oil sands advocates may just about hate the NDP and its leader, but Mulcair has allies waiting to be courted. Canada is a big country.

What’s above the fold this morning?

The Globe and Mail leads with Finance Minister Jim Flaherty’s plans to cut spending as the Canadian economy weakens. The National Post fronts Philippe Couillard’s election as Quebec Liberal leader, and wonders about his connection to disgraced businessman Arthur Porter. The Toronto Star goes above the fold with the relative ease with which Canadians can sexually abuse vulnerable people overseas. The Ottawa Citizen leads with the dramatic jail break of two Quebec inmates who escaped in a helicopter—before being caught, eventually. iPolitics fronts the remains of an abandoned mine in Mexico formerly run by a notorious Canadian company. leads with the jail break in Quebec. National Newswatch showcases a Hill Times story about a major federal cabinet shuffle this summer, followed by a Speech from the Throne in the fall.

Stories that will be (mostly) missed

1. Missile defence. The U.S. military is considering installation of a new missile defence site that could end up near either the Ontario border near Ottawa or in northern New Brunswick. 2. Naheed Nenshi. The popular Calgary mayor has political enemies lining up to challenge his vision for the city in the upcoming fall election—including several city council candidates.
3. Darlington. Plans for a refit of the Darlington nuclear plant east of Toronto were approved by the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission after they cleared an environmental assessment. 4. Lord Stanley monument. The location in Ottawa of a monument dedicated to the man who donated the Stanley Cup to reward Canada’s best hockey clubs will be announced later today.

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Tom Mulcair’s enemies forget about Tom Mulcair’s allies

  1. He’d have more allies i he hadn’t sucked up to the separatists by signing the Sherbrooke Accord and demanding conditions for that racist province’s separation. Few English Canadian will vote for him.

    • X’s always have plenty to say… {{{{{{{ DRAMA }}}}}}}

  2. Does anyone want to to reopen the constitution? If that was a popular idea Harper would not have to wait around for the SCC to rule on his Senate reform package.

  3. the most underreported story today in Canada is EU bureaucrat’s crazy decision to cancel depositors insurance in Cyprus in order to punish Russian gangsters. Any citizen in one of the dodgy countries of Italy, Greece, Spain, Portugal …. should move their $$$ to a German or Swiss bank account soonish if they want to protect their savings.

    • Agreed. The IMF and friends are essentially punishing ordinary Cypriots because banking regulators didn’t do their jobs.

    • Yeah, but the media don’t want you to know about that. The EU is the UN’s template for world government. A totally planned economy where they pull the strings and you do what you are told.

  4. Here’s an election slogan for Mulcair: “Keep the oil sands jobs at home”.

    • “Harper: Exporting jobs as well as resources. You want fries with that?”

      • Harper: “We reserve the rights to going North, South, East and West with Canadian oil. We are not the party of discrimination.”

    • Election slogan for Mulcair: “We hate big oil. Time for the NDP to set up Canadian refineries. Chavez is dead! Long live Chavez Norte!”

    • The NDP hates construction unions

      • The NDP insults its past leaders both Ed Broadbent and David Lewis were 100% union and 100% for the working man

  5. eviscerates usually means to successfully attack, not to attack in an extreme manner. I think the author got a little ahead of himself on vocabulary here.

    • Actually, it literally means “to disembowel”. I leave it to your judgment as to whether or not that is an “extreme manner” of attack.

      Myself, I wouldn’t care to experience it.

      • sure – he eviscerated the argument by tearing it’s bowels out, which realistically should kill it. like trashed, crushed, or killed, it connotes attacking AND severely harming.

        But that’s not what Tendt did, he just said some things with limited impact. Therefore, wrong word. Something like “attacked”, “attempted to criticize”, or even “took a swing at” would be more appropriate.

  6. Tommy betrayed the Const. Unions

  7. “The U.S. military is considering installation of a new missile defence
    site that could end up near either the Ontario border near Ottawa or in
    northern New Brunswick.”

    Are they worried about an inscrutable Korean attack from the rear? :-)

  8. Mark Brian Mason and Cam Broten off his allies list

  9. What I am eager to know is will new leader Trudeau become the Liberal’s “MacKay” when he agrees to a merger with Mulcair’s NPD…???!!!!! (Please spread this rumour/meme.)