Tonight in Guergis -

Tonight in Guergis


The member for Simcoe-Grey writes an open letter. The last paragraph might be the most interesting part.

I do look forward to the RCMP’s quick resolution of this matter and trust that their objectivity will finally put to rest the very unfair and unspecified cloud of rumour that has interfered with the very important work I am proud to have done and which I intend to keep doing; representing the people of Simcoe-Grey.


Tonight in Guergis

  1. Intend to keep doing …. mmmmmm, how? She'll not get elected as an independent from Simcoe Grey.

    • Maybe she thinks different.. or maybe she doesn't care; and that by staying in the race she hopes she will split the Conservative vote and screw them out of the seat.

      • Or maybe she is considering crossing the floor and join Iffy's team!

        • Oh wilson. The way you are stretching to try to make this about the liberals makes you look kind of desperate.

          • God supports Helena Guergis.

          • But that's just one vote right?

  2. What's preventing her now from doing "the very important work I am proud to have done and which I intend to keep doing; representing the people of Simcoe-Grey" apart from the fact that she's chosen to continue hiding in some bunker somewhere and sending out spin and p.r. managed missives?

    • By "bunker", are you referring to her $800,000 house?

      • Dunno.

      • By "her" , are you referring to the bank's $800,000 house?

        • You never know… if she wrote a tell-all book, she could probably pay down a substantial chunk of that mortgage.

          • I wouldn't buy that book but she probably will, what else is there to do for those two!

          • If the book does not pay off the mortgage the movie rights should do the trick.

          • I'd put 2:1 odds on an eventual Guergis book launch. The book would have to be ghost-written, of course.

          • The lady who does the voice-over of Lisa Simpson should play Guerguis.

          • Mr Burns as Harper. Smithers as Baird. Chief Wiggum as Snowdy. Apu as Gillani. Barney as Jaffer….

          • I thought Disco Stu would be Jaffer… with Lenny and Carl in the roles of Patrick Brown and Pat Martin on the Government Operations and Estimates Committee…

          • Selma Bouvier as Senator Nancy Ruth. Nelson as Poilievre.

          • Hahaha, Nelson as Poilievre, is the best!

          • Or you could reunite some of the Sopranos cast, in fact they did a simlar episode, when Adriana is found out to be talking to the FBI, and gets knocked off. The Jaffer / Christopher part works well . . . young, poor judgement, uses his wife's place of business to conduct his, cocaine found on him while drunk driving an SUV, . . .

          • Snowdy looks alot like Tony.

          • Maybe so, but in this instance Harper acts like Tony

          • "what else is there to do for those two! "

            It's sex tape time!

          • Hahaha, yikes!

  3. "I had no access to, nor did I monitor his use of this Blackberry, and so while it is certainly possible he relied on it for occasional business purposes, I didn't expect him to. Nor did I have any reason to worry about this. I frankly wonder what benefit he would gain by using an email address indicating one of my assistants."

    I don't suspect that anyone would have ever thought that Rahim was her assistant. If you look at the emails posted online, sure the sender is Assistant 2 but the emails are clearly signed Rahim.

    I thought that Cabinet Ministers pledged the Oath of the Privy Council when they were sworn in – this Oath of confidentiality binds them for life. Did Ms. Guergis really think that it was wise to let her husband use her Blackberry where he'd be able to access all of her confidential emails?

    If she wants to do a documentary on her life, perhaps she could get Rahim to approach (NOT lobby) the Film Board of Canada. They ought to be good for a few bucks.

  4. It seems clear to me now that Harper made a tactical error when he booted Guergis not only out of cabinet but out of the Conservative Party entirely. He now has no power over her: unless he has enough on her to get her arrested and detained, there's nothing he can't do to her now that he hasn't already done. So she is free to act as a loose cannon.

    Obviously, Guergis is indulging in wishful thinking if she believes that she can continue to serve her constituents. Her political career is effectively over, at least at the national level. But I hope she runs in the next election as an independent, just because it would annoy Harper – and prove that he doesn't have complete control over everybody who crosses paths with him (or crosses him).

    • Yeah, Harper really didn't need to go all the way.

      Once dropped from cabinet, the media and Opposition back off the former minister who can later rehabilitate himself by saying outrageous things about climate change science even though everyone knows he doesn't have a clue.

  5. Harper picked the lesser of two evils by booting her. Do you think there is anyone left in the country who doesn't see him as controlling and autocratic…or difficult to work with???

    Imagine how bad it would have been for him if he'd kept her in caucus and all he had to argue was 'presume innocence, until we have photos'.

    While Harper may not have liked Rahim all she is doing is showing that they don't much like Harper either. And the only reaction people are really having about all this is to laugh at how pathetic Helena and Rahim really are.

  6. In related news, the RCMP have now confirmed that they are officially investigating the BMO mortgage-fraud case which includes MP Devinder Shory as a defendant.

    Mr. Shory retains his post in the Conservative Caucus at this time.

    • I think I saw something on CTV last night that BMO has dropped Shory from the lawsuit.

        • Ha. Same link.

      • Maybe I mistook the story. Perhaps it was something along the lines that the criminal investigation does not include Shory – best I could find here:

        The bank has said it is not alleging fraud against Shory. It alleges that the MP was negligent in the way he acted as a lawyer for both the bank and a straw buyer in four transactions that lost the bank about $300,000.

  7. "…that has interfered with the very important work I am proud to have done…"

    Can anybody remember anything she actually did? Aside from handing out giant novelty checks, that is.

    It's not like Canadian women saw their lot in life improve during Guergis' tenure.

    • Please don't mistake me as a helena defender — but it is just a wee ironic that the Minister for Women lost her job because of her husband's antics, and not her own, isn't it?

      • More ironic that she was hanging out with a guy who allegedly had an interest in an escort service, and regularly hung out with his associates at a peeler bar.

    • Anyone who looks hard for her accomplishments soon finds themselves dumbfounded.