Tony Clement believes in a strict interpretation of the rules


The Harper government’s argument for not cooperating with the Parliamentary Budget Officer’s review of budget cuts rests on the idea that budget cuts are not part of the Parliamentary Budget Officer’s mandate.

In an interview that aired on CBC Radio’s The House, Tony Clement, the Treasury Board president, told host Evan Solomon “I’m making the argument that [Page] is outside his mandate. There’s lots of work for him to do inside his mandate and he should stick to that.” … “When you look at the words in his mandate — the finances, the estimates and the trends in the national economy — it’s not about money not spent, it’s about money spent,” Clement said.

As Stephen Neil notes, the PBO’s mandate covers “the state of the nation’s finances.”


Tony Clement believes in a strict interpretation of the rules

  1. Oh how I hope they continue with this angle. People love Kevin Page and feel that the work he does is valuable. They’re not going to be too impressed with the CPC saying, “you don’t need to know the impact of cuts.” Very shortsighted on Clement and the CPC’s part.

    • I suspect that PM Harper purposely appointed an annoying, unlovable, anal, and odd-looking character like Page just to make his government look good by comparison.

      • Typo there bud…Page for Clement – it’s easy to do. Now it makes sense.[ well, it doesn’t but it’s still an upgrade] You’re welcome.

      • Take a look at the Con caucus and say that again with a straight face.

      • Classless ad hominem attacks your stock-in-trade?

      • Makes sense. I guess that’s why he chooses intellectual giants with charming personalities to support and repeat his talking points on discussion boards like this one.

  2. Gazebo Tony insists that everyone must follow the rules… that he makes up as he goes.
    Now! we’re playing Calvinball!

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