Tony Clement will take your questions, eventually


The President of the Treasury Board says, despite his refusal to do so each afternoon, he’s happy to answer opposition questions about the G8 Legacy Fund.

“We have arranged for myself and others including [Foreign Affairs Minister John] Baird, who had his responsibilities in the program, [Infrastructure] Minister [Denis] LeBel and others to appear before the public accounts committee in the weeks ahead, where parliamentarians will have a full right to ask any additional questions they may have ,” Mr. Clement told reporters Wednesday after the Conservative Party’s weekly caucus meeting.


Tony Clement will take your questions, eventually

  1. And those answers will be just as explanatory as the ones he’s giving now.

  2. Does the malevolent goblin have explanation for why he’s been hiding behind Baird’s skirt for months if he’s so keen to answer questions? 

    Interesting example of different kind of power that NDP has now. NDP had some real power in minority government but I think being official opposition is way more beneficial than third party during minority Government. NDP set tone of national debate, focus on whatever they like, and Cons have to respond. 

    Focusing on Clement’s corruption is good idea because whole caucus can join in kicking Clement while party goes through process of selecting new leader. Also embarrassed Clement because there will be lots of Reform types who aren’t impressed and I am sure Clement is hearing from Con base. 

  3. What he means is that the PMO has arranged for John Baird to give the same non-answers that he gave last time.

  4. Is Baird going to sit at the committee table to ask the questions instead of answer, and then yell at the members of the committee again?

    • Maybe Doug Findley will show up and demand to be heard.  Expect dogs and ponies, and possibly that dam fire alarm going off again.

  5. Tony will now prove he can lie his way out of a wet paper bag 

  6. Given recent history at the Public Accounts Committee, I fully expect the Tories to ensure that any meeting where Tony shows up will be held in camera.  There’s no way he will provide the information to the public.

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