Topp on the arts


Brian Topp has released his fifth policy paper, this one on the arts.

I propose a cultural industries investment fund for the rest of Canada, and a matching offer of federal support for SODEC to help promote its own work. The federal government’s program of targeted tax credits and other supports in the cultural industries would be reviewed to ensure they complement this new approach…

I propose a careful, top-to-bottom rethink of the CBC’s television and internet service; the re-launch of Canadian public broadcasting on a model that will work in the 21st century — and then a substantial, sustained investment in that model…

I propose a review and modernization of the Broadcasting Act, and some clear dialogue with the CRTC (perhaps in the form of a Cabinet directive) to ensure the Act is enforced – including in its requirements that broadcasters (conventional, cable and internet) earn their access to the Canadian market through an appropriate commitment to Canadian content…

I propose our party commit to updating and modernizing federal status of the artist legislation and, in the course of doing so, review how basic federal income support and taxation policies (pensions, EI, the issue of income averaging) work for people pursuing artistic careers. 

And on that note there are new endorsement clips from Colin Mochrie, Peter Keleghan, Wendy Crewson, Art Hindle, Jani Lauzon, Tabby Johnson and Teresa Tova.

Last night, he picked up the endorsement of Chris Charlton.


Topp on the arts

  1. Bastiat ~ That Which Is Seen, and That Which Is Not Seen:

    Should the state subsidize the arts? ….. 

    Far from entertaining the absurd thought of abolishing religion, education, property, labor, and the arts when we ask the state to protect the free development of all these types of human activity without keeping them on the payroll at one another’s expense, we believe, on the contrary, that all these vital forces of society should develop harmoniously under the influence of liberty and that none of them should become, as we see has happened today, a source of trouble, abuses, tyranny, and disorder.

    Our adversaries believe that an activity that is neither subsidized nor regulated is abolished. We believe the contrary. Their faith is in the legislator, not in mankind. Ours is in mankind, not in the legislator

  2. We have a word for state-financed “art”, and that word is propaganda.  The state has no place in the art studios of the nation.

    Artists are whores, and art follows money.  

    • I might have known the world of ideas would escape you.

      What are you, the winter temp?

  3. None of it really matters. But if Wendy Crewson were doing laundry, I’d still
    watch her.

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