Topp v. Dewar


On Monday, Paul Dewar went after Brian Topp. In an interview with the Globe, Mr. Topp returns the favour.

“My sense is that Paul Dewar does not have the ability to speak to French-speaking Quebeckers in their language, which in my view is something that the next leader must have,” Mr. Topp said, echoing concerns among many of the 58 NDP MPs from Quebec.

“It’s very hard to imagine how you can be … at the head of a party whose whole future at the moment turns on holding a big breakthrough in Quebec, when you cannot speak to French-speaking Quebeckers,” said Mr. Topp, who grew up in Quebec and now lives in Toronto.

Alice Funke reviews the maneuvering. Francoise Boivin wonders if the candidates have given in to the press gallery’s complaints.


Topp v. Dewar

  1. Globe gives space to one of its columnists to attack his political opponents? How is it appropriate for Globe to publicly take a side in who next NDP leader should be? What favours can we expect Topp to grant to Globe publisher if he wins NDP leader race?

    I wish Canada’s lickspittle msm took itself more seriously and realized they have important role in democracy – criticism of public officials – which they seem to have abandoned for at least a couple of decades.

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