To Ed Broadbent, Roy Romanow, Joy MacPhail, Shirley Douglas and a half dozen New Democrat MPs, Brian Topp adds the support of the United Steelworkers.

“Under Stephen Harper working families are falling further and further behind,” said Neumann. “That’s why we need a federal leader who has what it takes to beat Stephen Harper and to govern well with strong New Democrat values. That leader is Brian Topp.  And the United Steelworkers is proud to strongly endorse Brian to become the next leader of the NDP.”

Thomas Mulcair appears set to announce his candidacy tomorrow morning in Montreal. Paul Dewar has a town hall event in Winnipeg tomorrow with Manitoba MLA Kevin Chief.



  1. Not to mention The Globe and Mail.

  2. Is this a paid political broadcast? 

  3. I’m shocked—shocked, I tell you!—that the unions are lining up to endorse a lifelong union shill for the NDP leadership.

  4. I really find this “working families” mantra to be a ridiculous turn of phrase.  I thought we outlawed child labour.

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