Topp’s pitch


A new video from the Topp campaign.

Steve Paikin seems impressed by yesterday’s speech.


Topp’s pitch

  1. Once again we have an NDP leadership candidate doing a soft-focus tribute to Jack bundled with a bunch of lofty statements that anyone in the NDP could have made anytime between 1961 and now .

    I presume this is happening because their internal polls show that that is really what NDP members want to hear right now.

    What stands out for me is that there is no indication in this ad that Canada is now run by the most right-wing government in its history, and that defeating Harper in 2015 is an urgent priority if there is to be much left of the country that the NDP can actually fix by the time Harper next goes to the polls.

    Which leads me to conclude that the real focus of the NDP and its leadership candidates right now is not on the urgency of defeating Harper, but in making sure that they stay ahead of the Liberals so they can continue to be the official opposition until 2020.

    By that time, of course, Harper and his successors will have indeed changed Canada so much that, as he promised, we won’t even recognize the place.

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