The NDP’s Francoise Boivin rose shortly before Question Period with a rhetorical question for Vic Toews.

After the 1999 Manitoba election, the Minister of Public Safety was charged with breaking election laws and he hired a defence lawyer to plea bargain for him. Was he at least grateful then for lawyers who choose to defend criminals?

Ms. Boivin demanded that Mr. Toews apologize for his comment yesterday about Joe Comartin. Mr. Toews laughed and waved his hand dismissively.



  1. I`m not sure what the 1999 Boivon rhetoric has to do with the tendency of the 2011 NDP to be more concerned about criminals than crime, but I`m sure the usual suspects will line up with their LOL`s and  “Sighs”  at just another Wherry cutie.

    • What is amazing is that Toews made it through a law school. 

      • What’s amazing is that he got in at all.  I’d love to see his LSAT scores.

    • No, the NDP just isn’t stooopid on crime .

  2. Another legacy moment for Toews….

  3. You know how people often say that Harper thinks he is the smartest person in the room. Try not to hold it against him; the room is often filled with the rest of the Conservative caucus. Not only is he the smartest guy in that room on a one-to-one basis, he is the smartest guy in that room on a cumulative basis. In an intellectual tug-of-war Harper can take on the entire remainder of the Conservative caucus… and WIN! 

    • When he steps out of the room the average IQ drops – what – 100 points?

  4. Wait a second.  Didn’t we just finish establishing that only criminals need lawyers???

    Ohhhhh.  I see what she did there.

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