Under questioning again yesterday about the purchase of F-35 fighter jets, Julian Fantino offered the following in response to the NDP’s Christine Moore.

The one thing that should be stated in the House is for NDP members to state categorically that they do not support our military, that they do not support our men and women, that they do not support our airmen and women. That is really the theme here.

After QP, Ms. Moore rose on a point of order.

Mr. Speaker, during question period, in response to my question, the Associate Minister of National Defence said that I do not care about the well-being of the Canadian armed forces. I would like to inform the minister that I served in the Canadian armed forces for three years and I can honestly say that I care a great deal. I would like to offer him the opportunity to withdraw his comments.

Ms. Moore apparently served as a physician assistant.



  1. Fantino was a disgrace to the police and now a disgrace to the commons. 

  2. This conservative tactic of being with us or against us is abhorrent.  Shame on you Mr Fantino and the rest of the Conservative caucus.  I’m disgusted!

  3. I don’t know who’s more entertaining. King Julian from Madagascar or King Julian from Vaughn. 


    • How about the London version? Or the Toronto version…. Mind you, I can’t stand him in any of his roles.

    • The madagascar guy had the better lines…
      “Oh, suddenly throwing a giraffe into a volcano to make water is crazy?”

      Maybe king Julian from Vaughn can riff on this a little?

      “Oh, suddenly signing a blank cheque on a plane that’s useless is crazy?”

  4. Fantino acted like a brittle, humourless, defensive, self-important windbag when OPP Commissioner. I see he’s carried his skill set into his role as an Con MP.

  5. Did he withdraw his comments?  Because, uh, why doesn’t he support the troops?

  6. Once more the Harper government try to hide their lies, crass ineptitude and stupidity behind the deaths of our service personnel. Only this time he made the ridiculous error of believing his masters propaganda about lefties not supporting the troops, so thinking a lefty might actually have been in the military could never have entered into the grey mush between his ears. In fact he is probably to found wandering the corridors of the House in complete confusion.
    The fact that this fool rose so high in his previous and present positions is a sad indictment of those who promoted him and a validation of the Peter Principle.

  7. Ms Moore was NOT a physician assistant. She was a Corporal medical technician – physician assistants are Warfrant Officers with many years experience.

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