Tough on prison guards -

Tough on prison guards


Prison guards are planning to protest outside the Prime Minister’s constituency office.

“Our members are telling us that today’s prisons are a much more violent place than they were six years ago when the Conservatives took power,” he said. “The current ‘tough on crime’ approach is not working when it comes to handling Canada’s prison population.”

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Tough on prison guards

  1. The Government dos not care if it’s working: the “tough on crime” approach is not meant to help society, it’s meant to get them elected by playing the fear card.

  2. And yet prision guards were all keen on the ‘tough on crime’ platform.

    Cons…they never think things through.

    • I’m sorry but it’s just not the case that prison guards supported the platform. Visit the Correctional Officer union’s news page and you’ll see a litany of complaints, news releases and even sit-ins organized to protest the Conservative Government’s direction.

      • That’s now….after it’s happened.

        They couldn’t wait to get rid of Martin and the ‘mollycoddling’ of prisoners, and were delighted when Harper got in

        • Martin? You mean pre-2005? I seem to remember we used facts to back up our arguments in those days too. Have any?

          • Prison guards posted online then too.

  3. “Maybe if the guards didn’t spend all their time hugging those thugs, they could get the prisoners under control.” – Stephen Harper, probably.

  4. Shocking. Union members protesting. What is the world coming to?!