Towards the eject button -

Towards the eject button


Whoever the next leader of the opposition is, he or she will apparently soon receive something of a gift from the auditor general.

The Auditor-General has both National Defence and Public Works in his sights when it comes to the troubled F-35 stealth fighter program, senior government sources say.

A draft copy of the scathing review, circulating in Ottawa for weeks, suggests the air force didn’t do its pricing homework and government officials failed to follow procurement rules, those who’ve read it say.

The Globe says the auditor’s findings are behind the Harper government’s recent change in tone. John Ivison has reported that a draft of the auditor’s report accuses the defence department of misleading Parliament.


Towards the eject button

  1. Misleading parliament, a family value held in high esteem amongst Conservatives.

    The report should be an interesting read.  I hope that they don’t go in camera – again – when the AG goes to the committees of both houses. 

  2. Keep digging, Michael Ferguson.  There are skeletons and dead bodies everywhere, hidden by this unethical government.

    Why Regina’s own Andrew Scheer, our fearless speaker, has a little robopoop on his shoes too.  My my my.

  3. I’m kinda curious: was the government official in that document claiming AG is out of bounds because he’s “assuming” that: “a decision to acquire has taken place and it hasn’t.”, just hired straight out of the womb with no awareness of what’s been being said in the House for the last 2 years or were they simply stoned out of their gourd  for that whole time because I have trouble believing anyone awake for that period could make that statement with a straight face.

    I mean, seriously: first there was a contract, now there’s just a memorandum, and today we’ve not even decided to actually purchase the planes despite a formal announcement that that’s the what we want to do in the House by the Minister himself in 2010 and explicit statements DND backs the decision on numerous occasions?

    Is this what one calls implausible deniability?

    • You’ve got me confused. However, the government has got itself into a box that’s getting tighter because they were never straight forward with an explanation of their position on this purchase. Now they’re in dance mode to get out of the box with some integrity…. good luck with that.

  4. Wow the military fudges over valid questions as to whether its big boys toys wish list needed more scrutiny ; they’ll be discovering steam next!

    This is part of the price we must pay for Harper’s choice to opt for a divisive, chaotic and über partisan approach to Parliament . Is it so unreasonable to expect the new MoD to call someone who knows the system in the previous govt and ask for a heads up? Of course not. Did it happen? Ask Harper.
    If they received good advise from the appropriate bureaucrats, what are the odds these arrogant know it alls paid any attention ?

  5. Worth pointing out that was one of the issues Ignatieff was criticized for pushing during the campaign.

  6. I, too, look forward to the “scathing” review – I’m reminded of the outrageous spending by Harper on the flawed F35s every time I see one flying overhead.