Triumphalism runneth over


Bob Rae talks to Postmedia.

Rae was critical of the “triumphalism” that has marked the government’s attitude during this session of Parliament is a problem, saying it has eliminated the “give-and-take” that is the mark of a truly functioning democracy.

However, the Liberal leader said Canadians will turn on that brand of politicking in the long run. “I think there’s a growing appetite in the country for a very candid discussion about the nature of how our democracy is or is not working,” he said. “I think that’s a real issue for people.”


Triumphalism runneth over

  1. Read the polls Bob, read the polls – highest satisfaction amoung Canadians that the government is going in the right direction.

    • Hubris Le_o, hubris.

      • Ouch!

    • LOL

      First off, kudos for responding to a post about the dangers of partisan triumphalism with partisan triumphalism.  That was classic.

      Second, 63.5% of the people think the COUNTRY is going in the right direction.  Country is not synonymous with “government” (though I get that the Tories are having more and more trouble with separating country and party these days).On whether or not the Harper government is doing a good job, 40.2% think the government’s doing either a good job, or a very good job.  That’s not bad, but it’s hardly impressive.

      So, everybody figures things are pretty good, and we’d all rather be Canada right now than Greece or the U.S., and people who voted for the Tories tend to still think the Tories were worth voting for, a whopping 7 months later.  Those are pretty low bars to crow about.

      • Wrt conflating ‘country is going in the right direction’ and ‘governemnt is doing a good job’….

        On the one hand we all know that government can’t do anything worthwhile….yet on the other hand, apparently, if it weren’t for the steady hand of Harper, Canada would be a ‘basket case’…..uh huh.

        At some future time I suppose that you could square that circle if the government had, over the intervening years, significantly withdrawn from participation in our lives, and by doing nothing they had ‘unleashed’ the country, so that, on it’s own, it could finally begin to head in the right direction.

        But I’d say that we are a long way from that level of disengagement.

    • What does that sentence even mean?

      • Let me help:

        In the comment section disatisfaction with the country is hovering at 85%.

        In the real world out there satisfaction with Canada is 64 %.

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