Trudeau: 'I'm going to act' -

Trudeau: ‘I’m going to act’

The Liberal leader offers to pay back money earned from public speaking


After a CTV interview in which he said he was “willing to pay back all the money, if that’s what it comes to,” Justin Trudeau has issued the following statement this afternoon.

“Political leadership is about raising the bar on openness and transparency. Canadians faith in public office holders and politics has been seriously shaken in recent weeks by the ethics scandal rooted in a $90,000 payment by the Prime Minister’s Chief of Staff to a sitting legislator, and the continued secrecy of the Harper Conservatives

As a Member of Parliament, as a Leadership Candidate, and now as Leader of my Party, I have taken every opportunity to raise the bar when it comes to openness and accountability. As a Member of Parliament, I proactively sought and rigorously followed advice from the Ethics Commissioner regarding my personal financial affairs. As a leadership candidate, I voluntarily disclosed the full value of my financial holdings, and my sources of income. As Leader of my Party, I made raising the bar on transparency and openness my first major policy announcement, so that Canadians can better hold their leaders accountable.

For me, transparency isn’t a slogan or a tactic; it’s a way of doing business. I trust Canadians. I value their opinions. And now that I’ve heard them, I’m going to act.

It is in this spirit that I have decided to reach out to all the organizations that hired me as a professional speaker while I was a Member of Parliament to engage with them to find a satisfactory solution. I am open to exploring all options with them to ensure that they are satisfied with the outcome.

I rigorously ensured that my professional income while serving as a Member of Parliament followed both the spirit and the letter of every rule governing Parliamentarians. However, I believe that leadership means setting a higher standard, not just meeting the existing one.

In short, Canadians hold me to a higher standard, as they should. I accept and endorse that expectation. I will continue to work hard to maintain it.

I seek to represent all Canadians as their Prime Minister, and the Prime Minister should raise the bar on openness and accountability, not simply meet it.”


Trudeau: ‘I’m going to act’

  1. If he’s going to open the door on Duffy; in the name of ‘openness and accountability’ he should mention Senator Harb.

    • Yes surprising seeing Harb took over twice as much as Duffy and has hired a lawyer to see he doesn’t have to pay it back. Not forgetting he is willing to take Harb back into caucus.

  2. He more or less concedes that it was beyond his moral competence to discern whether taking cash from labour orgs and charities as MP, while voting on matters which affect charities and labour orgs as MP, was right or wrong.

    Typical blank slate liberal, no concept of right and wrong until a conservative comes along and explains it to him very slowly.

    • Un-be-lie-va-ble that CTV QP interview!

      The Conservatives are smearing??????? because they ask what Justin has been up to???? Un-be-lie-va-ble!

      If Justin used some of his own money when campaigning for the Liberal leadership race, then YES, some of that money DID come from those speaking fees! Absolutely!!

    • Seriously??? He followed the rules, and is now going above and beyond what is required. Compare and contrast that to the Cons who have already pled guilty of breaking election financing laws, who are dodging and skirting responsibility left and right, and who have convicts as sitting MPs / Ministers. And then you have the gall to write “no concept of right and wrong until a conservative comes along and explains it to him very slowly”? You’ll have to look long and hard for a CPC member who actually understands the concept – let alone one capable of then putting voice to it without direction from the PMO as to which words are allowed.

    • “More or less”? Are you more or less sure about how suspect that phrase makes the rest of your assertion?

  3. CTV QP Keven Newman calls the Justin Trudeau ‘double-dipping’ practice a ‘distraction’!!!!

    Are these people for real?

  4. Question to MP Trudeau:

    “Would you permit all paid MP’s to go out and give speeches to charities, schools and libraries for hefty fees, while the House is in session?”

    Yes, or no?

    (Warning: if you allow such double dipping practice for ALL MP’s, who then will serve in Parliament?)

    • A fundraiser is just that. A fundraiser.

      If the organization determines that their most effective means is to pay whomever, whatever, that is their choice. And why some of the executives of charities make the big bucks.

      So, whose fault is it if the forecast tickets are not sold? I’d say the heads of the charities. The hired gun is not responsible for raising the funds and ensuring the event makes money.

      • The fundraiser issue is a red herring!

        The CHOICE was ENTIRELY Justin’s to either speak for a fee or to speak for free (as all other MP’s do!)

        The CHOICE was entirely Justin’s when deciding to skip the House to then go out and stuff some extra cash into his private pockets!

  5. Headline:

    “Trudeau: ‘I’m going to act’

    He’s acting alright!

    Drama! Denial! Dufous! Distinctly so! Do-over!

    ‘D-‘ for Justin the student!

  6. Heh heh..Justin eluded the Cons again.

    • So, if Duffy now gives the $90,000 back, will you forgive Duffy then too?

      • No, because Emily is a transparent partisan troll.

      • The difference is that, while you may not like his actions, Trudeau did not actually break any existing rules, and was fully transparent in his actions. I agree that he probably should not have been charging those fees, but that just means the rules need updating.
        Duffy, on the other hand, has no such excuse.

        • Keith….the problem with the entire issue is that Justin Trudeau had no sense that he “probably shouldn’t have been charging those fees.” He just doesn’tt GET IT that although it wasn’t “against the rules”, it is very distressing for the ordinary Canadian who gives time and/or money to charity. We don’t GET IT that the man who wants to be the PM does not use his celebrity and privileged position in life to give to charity and not only that but even goes so far as to charge charities for his time and pretty large amounts of money at that. Justin Trudeau thinks this is about transparency. I don’t think so. It is about a profound disappointment in learning that he is somewhat shallow and greedy. If he needs to make $400K per year as he did prior to becoming an MP, he shouldn’t have become an MP. He should have stayed on the speaking circuit and never entered public life or he should have put aside his speaking engagements until his retirement from public life and then cashed in then. If I as a nurse, skipped out on my job to sell pharmaceuticals while still collecting pay from my nursing work, I would be fired and rightly so. I work in the public service. They trust me to be there to do that work on behalf of my patients. I am not supposed to accept so much as a sandwich from a pharmaceutical company. As nurses in Alberta, we are looking at a pay freeze and possible pay roll-back just to keep more staff from being laid off and beds from being closed. To think that taxpayer money is going to fund MPs for speaking at charity events when they are already being paid a pretty good salary makes me sick. Brad Wall was right to bring up this issue. No doubt his government had to put in the money that was paid out to Justin for his speaking fee at the literacy conference.

          • Is it the monlighting, generally, that bothers you – or the nature of the moonlighting? As was noted elsewhere ( almost half of our MPs have additional income – 51 of whom ” listed income ranging from speaking and consulting fees to rental and farm income.” My emphasis; quote from the G&M article Wherry linked to.
            If so many other MPs have side employment, why single out Justin? If the event planners were going to hire a speaker, why would Justin’s job as an MP disqualify him from being the one chosen?
            Like I said – maybe not the most politically astute move, but at the time he may not have had leadership aspirations (or maybe not this soon). Which makes him just like all those others earning from speaking and consulting fees.
            Singling him out for doing what others are doing, when it is not against the rules and when he made no attempt to hide what he was doing – is a partisan position. If you are anti-Trudeau, that’s fine. But at least be honest about why you are singling him out.

          • You know what Keith, I have NO issue with Justin doing speeches for money at fat cat private clubs, etc. They do not take funding from donors or apply for government grants. They also are not doing any kind of charitable work. It is a straight up for profit business arrangement. My issue with Justin Trudeau, is that he would think it was a good idea to accept money from charities for speaking when so many speak at charitable functions for free. Do you think Betty Fox, the mother of Terry Fox EVER charged the Canadian Cancer Foundation when she spoke at a fundraiser for cancer research? Yet Justin charged Canadian Mental Health $35K and his mother has been plagued with a terrible mental illness. Now, people can say, Justin doesn’t have to donate the money and that is absolutely true but it sure makes Justin look selfish, shallow and greedy when he pockets it because I will bet you anything he spoke about his experiences with his mother’s illness on those occasions when he was asked to speak. Justin’s pocketing the money is also a kick in the head for the millions of Canadians who give their time and money to charities. I expect better behavior from someone who wants to run the country.

          • OK; that’s a fair criticism. Unlike some who have been trying to equate it to what Duffy did and trying to make it look like he broke Parliamentary rules &/or the law.

  7. I was hoping that one upside of this development was that it might put an end to Francien’s endless ranting about the topic.

    No such luck.

    • No, she’ll just move on to the next talkinig point…..since blackmail didn’t work.

      Cons forgot Justin has money,

      • Keep trying EmilyOne to undermine me. People now see the evidence of what I have been talking about for weeks!

        You don’t believe me because it’s me. But I have been speaking the truth for weeks. Difficult for you to admit, right?

        But I knew that already!

      • Other peoples money.

        • No, family money from owning gas stations.

          Politics doesn’t make enough money for squat.

          • Yes that politics pays sooo poorly. Hmmm, I wonder if the poor, unpaid Justin Trudeau had to stoop to charging Teresa Spence for showing up at her teepee for a publicity pow-wow. Of course, it was all for a good cause…so Ms. Spence could raise more money…..

          • Now you’ve dragged racism and class envy into it for some reason.

          • Really is that what I have done. Well I was just wondering if there was anyone Justin wouldn’t exploit for a buck. He has exploited the mentally ill and the illiterate as well as senior citizens….why not the First Nations people. Is that somehow crossing a line for him? Would he not charge a First Nations charity to speak at their fundraiser? Because after all, politics pays so poorly and no one else shows up in the House so why shouldn’t he make money off whoever he can.

          • Oh enough with the nonsense…..surely you’re brighter than FV

    • I have been right all along about Justin’s double dipping practices. And I will not change my mind even if you find it acceptable that Justin changes his on the turn of an opportunity!

      I have been consistent all the time! Justin not so much!

      • Good for you. Now move on.

        • I should move on because you don’t like hearing the truth?

          Waw, that says a lot of who you are.

          • Yup. It says I have a low tolerance for pointlessly repetitive rants.

  8. The oganization made a contract with Trudeau. He met the contract requirements of the contract. Often people over estimate what people are willing to pay for a speaker or an event. Therefore it should not fall on the speaker make up the difference.

    • U are missing the issue. U are being taken for a fool like so many others!

      This issue is about making choices and about the practice of double dipping!

      JT has double dipped for 3.5 years! Making a total of $277,000 while skipping the House! He has charged foundations, schools, liberaries, universities etcd.

      Schools and universities and libraries are being paid for by tax dollars. Lots of tax dollars. And Justin skipped the House (for which he still receives his $150,000 salary) to then deliver speeches for his own advantage but to the disadvantage of schools and foundations!

      And you would call THAT leadership material??

      • Regardless of the intent. We have a wonderful opportunity aid this organization with out any poltical affilation.
        If you would join me, without any of the poltical parties involved, We could call upon all Canadians to come to the aid of these people. Should Mr Trudeau chose to return the money, the seniors home would the better for it with other canadians having an opportunity to directly assist. If you would like to join me in the , pls let me know. (Just as a note I am not affilated nor do I belong to any poticial party.) I am located on the west coast. Not sure where you are. However if you feel like working together on this. I will be waiting to hear from you.

  9. If there’s a mistake JT keeps making, it’s thinking the CPCers are acting honestly and in good faith rather than just making up crap and bleeting it incessantly. Now they will say “HA we were right now he admits his unethical behaviour” and more on to something even more inane. It’s like the twitter fight with Kenney over barbaric cultures, instead of giving up he should have pressed Kenney to tell Canadians which cultures Kenney assumes are barbaric.

  10. Justin’s Motto….Charity begins at home..haha

  11. Is Trudeau getting his advice from Judy Sgro now ?……I guess that shaming our politicians really works…..that means we need total transparency !!!…..not more transparency…

    • Strippers and Pizza Judy, now that was a shame.

  12. So sad seeing all of the Leftist Mental Disorder on display on these threads.

    Don’t these people know that there is help available?

  13. Ah, yes Justin. It is clear to me just how transparent you really are. A narcissistic, rich idiot .who represents exactly what the Liberal Party has always been all about. Harper’s cat Cheddar has more brains than Justin does….and he doesn’t charge charities to speak, er, meow.

  14. I’m liking how Justin’s handling this. Obviously there’s going to be a lot of confirmation bias here, but I think under the circumstances, this is the best approach to take. I don’t really care if he charges/gets paid to speak by charities, but the optics aren’t favourable, so while those who aren’t his supporters will no doubt continue to rise in outrage, his supporters can be well comforted by his conciliatory gestures.

    I like Justin’s choices with his language, he’s showing the requisite level of grace and humility that will console his supporters, demonstrating that he’s heard their concerns, and he’s ready to set new and higher standards for himself, for them. This should of course, play quite well with them. Of course, his detractors will call it cynical, pandering, a flip flop, etc, but I can’t see Justin losing much of any support over this. Especially now that Justin will have the opportunity to arrange dozens of new and undoubtedly well publicised occasions to speak to large crowds in service to worthy charities, further growing his profile and appeal. He’ll have all summer to overcome this stumble, and a nice tour through the summer events/barbecue circuit should be just the trick.

  15. Complete nonsense and I can’t believe that the Tories’ transparent attempt at changing the channel actually worked. Trudeau does not owe these NGOs a penny. This is ridiculous!

  16. The poor little fella just doesn’t get it. This has nothing to do with “transparency”, as he’s trying to make it out to be. It’s about a charity calling to ask him to do a speech, and his response is “Yes, for $20,000” instead of “As an MP I’d be more than happy to help with your fundraiser”.

    No, he didn’t break any rules. But it speaks volume’s about his judgement. Here we have a guy born with a million dollar trust fund and an elected official charging charities $20k for a half hour speech. You don’t need the ethics commissioner to tell you that doesn’t pass the smell test.