Trudeau on Obama


The son of Helen Thomas’ favourite prime minister considers the new president’s inaugural.

We’ve long known that the massive, global challenges facing our economies, our environment, our quest for social justice and our desire for peace would require the participation of everyone. With his first speech, President Obama just reminded us all that our efforts can only be successful if they begin in our hearts and minds.

For the next four years, the most powerful man on the planet will be so not because he can affect our lives and world, but because his words can touch our souls. And we’ve never needed it more.


Trudeau on Obama

  1. Surely that was a translation from:

    We’ve longtemps su que les massive, global challenges facing nos economies, notre environnement, our quest for la justice social and our desir pour la paix would require la participation de chacun. With his first speech, President Obama just rappeles tous que all that nos efforts can only be successful s’ils commencent dans nos coeurs and minds.

    For the next four years, l’homme le plus puissant sur la planete will be so not because he can affecter les nos vies et monde, but because his words can toucher nos ames. And nous n’avons jamais besoin it more.

  2. Who’s ‘we’, speak for yourself. I have no desire to participate in anything governments cook up now nor do I need a pol to ‘touch my soul’.

    I had Chretien derangement syndrome for a couple of years but I gave it up. It was not worth it, it was making me bitter/angry for no reason and I was only causing myself grief. I told myself no more derangement syndromes no matter who the pol is but Trudeau Jr could seriously test that promise if he continues talking like this and becomes PM some day.

    • Cheer up.

    • JWL
      As a liberal, i can confidently assert that as a conservative, you don’t have a soul to touch.[ if you don’t find this even mildly amusing, just turn it around.]

  3. Brave Lady! Hope she has a protege.

  4. She is indeed a brave woman, and was snubbed and not a little kicked around by the Dubya administration. Of course, she did say things like “if Cheney becomes president, I’ll kill myself,” and also asked lots of questions about torture, etc. Wouldn’t she be fun to have supper with? A smart and outspoken journalist with standards.

    • Yeah, wonder why W moved her out of the front row? Definiately NOT a brave man!

  5. Her peak period was during a time when there was a lot of ” gotcha ” journalism around. Which involved a fair amount of silliness. But better than the recent press release cheerleaders.

  6. I’m with JWL. Hands off my soul, Obama!

    Question for someone more familiar with him than I: does JT seriously believe what he’s saying, or just trying to sound poetic and profound?

    • i’m somewhat hopeful that JT can turn out to be at least half the man his dad was. Unfortunately, unllike Trudeau senior JT does seem to have a touch of bright boy syndrome. Personally i hope he grows out of it, his future looks promising.

  7. Economy? Check.
    Environment? Check.
    Social justice? Check.
    Peace? Check.

    Justin Trudeau’s mental checklist for any kind of public statement. Bonus points if he can squeeze all of these points into a single sentence.

    • Something wrong with that list, you have a better one perhaps?

  8. I admire this women terribly – I remember quite some time back an interview with her as well as a few other journalists back when Iraq was just starting and she was giving the media more of her acerbic countenance than Dubya’s crew – and let’s be honest that’s why the left turn went crazy it wasn’t Bush and crew as everyone knows exactly where they are coming from, it was the Congress, Senate and the Media that rolled over and rubbed Georges belly. It’s also the reason I give major Cudo’s to Obama as he was one of the very few on both side of the aisle that stood up and said wait a sec.