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Wayne Easter says Justin Trudeau supports supply management.


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  1. That should make Coyne’s day!

  2. Of course, JT will support supply management. He needs the Quebec vote and Quebec supply management farmers have always held a disproportionate amount of the supply.

    Supply management will never disappear as long as the politician needs the Quebec vote in order to win power.

    It really is that simple.

    • Perhaps Ottawa could devolve the responsibility to the provinces. Quebec could continue with supply management, and those provinces that think it’s a useless, featherbedding program could get rid of it.

      • But that’s not how it works. Quebec could NOT run a supply management system independently. The supply management is all about border control of those products and the high tarrifs for keeping the domestic production safe from price fluctuations.

        What is interesting though, is that the Quebec farms are outdated in comparison to farms in the west. The modern dairy farm in the west could survive without the protection of supply management while the Quebec dairy farmers could not – not the way they are run right now, on average.

      • Have a look at the number of dairy farms per province. Quebec has almost as many dairy farms (6281) as all of the other provinces combined (roughly 7000).

      • Average dairy herd in Quebec : 59
        Average dairy herd in Ontario: 79
        Average dairy herd in Alberta: 152

    • Isn’t restricting abortion really just supply management?

      Isn’t birth control, really just supply management?

      So are you for supply management? Or opposed to supply management?