Trudeau requests meeting with Harper, Mulcair on Syrian refugee crisis

Parties respond to what has been a global outcry over shocking photos of a drowned three-year-old Syrian boy



LAVAL, Que. — Justin Trudeau says he wants the major federal party leaders to sit down together before election day to discuss Canada’s role in the Syrian refugee crisis.

The Liberal leader says he has requested a meeting with Stephen Harper and Tom Mulcair to talk about what can be done to support refugees and help them come to Canada.

Trudeau says he has heard Mulcair is open to meeting and he hopes to hear from Harper in the coming days.

The refugee crisis has dominated the campaign trail over the long weekend as the political parties respond to what has been a global outcry over shocking photos of a drowned three-year-old Syrian boy who recently washed up on a Turkish beach.

The Liberals say Canada should take in 25,000 Syrian refugees before next year while the New Democrats say they should bring in more than 46,000 government-sponsored refugees to Canada by 2019.

The Conservatives have committed to 10,000 Syrian refugees over the next three years.

Trudeau says Germany is “putting us all to shame” with its willingness to let in thousands of migrants this weekend alone.

“Unfortunately this government has put out more modest targets that it has then failed to meet,” Trudeau said at a campaign event in Laval, Que.

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“We feel that 25,000 is a good start that we could get rolling on that would indicate our willingness, as a country, to step up and be once again a place of solutions in the world for people fleeing crisis.”

The issue became a major issue in the campaign after word surfaced last week that relatives of Alan Kurdi wanted to bring the three-year-old boy and other members of his family to Canada.

The boys’ aunt Tima Kurdi, said last week she applied for her eldest sibling to come to Canada but an incomplete application discouraged the family and prompted her other brother, the father of Alan, to try to smuggle his wife and two young sons to Europe. The boat capsized and the two little boys and their mother died.


Trudeau requests meeting with Harper, Mulcair on Syrian refugee crisis

  1. I can’t see Harp agreeing to this…..but responding as a group would be good for them and Canada.

    Even the Pope is opening the Vatican to families.

  2. The Liberals and the NDP (and the media) have misrepresented Canada’s response to the refugee crisis in the region.

    The refugees which have fled south to Jordan are being cared for in camps, and Canada has provided a large amount of humanitarian aid to these camps. This is helping hundreds of thousands of people in region. The urgency here is aid, not relocation.

    For the refugees fleeing North to Turkey, there have be bureaucratic bottlenecks in refugee processing because of existing Turkish law (laws written to satisfy the EU), which slowed down the relocation process. Turkey is a sovereign state. Canada cannot just order them around.

    There also was no massive migration until ISIS began their “ethnic cleansing” (ethnic = read religious) and the air campaign in support of locals on the ground is necessary to contain and limit the “ethnic cleansing”. The Liberals and NDP don’t acknowledge the success of the containment of ISIS within Iraq because of the military mission, which is preventing mass migrations from Iraq elsewhere on the scale of Syria.

    Neither the Liberals, nor the NDP acknowledge that Canada has taken over 20 thousands refugees from the region, mainly from Iraq. Canada hasn’t been sitting on its hands.

    So if the Liberals, the NDP, (and the media) are in misrepresenting (for political purposes) key aspects of the crisis and Canada’s actions, why should Harper meet with them, especially since his number 20000 Syrians basically as fast as possible is the same order of magnitude as that of the Liberals and the NDP. There is nothing that can constructively be done because Trudeau and Mulcair only want to focus on the front page aspects of the crisis, and not the multidimensional aspects of the crisis.

    All Trudeau and Mulcair have demonstrated is that they are not ready to become prime minister.

    Nobody in the media has demanded that the Ottawa Citizen correct the misrepresentations in their original story, and it has still not done so. The NDP has not apologized for the initial misrepresentation of of the facts by their BC MP.

    • Harper in a phone booth switching from Clarke Kent to Superman, savior of migrants, when we weren’t looking eh?

      He sure has a thing for phone booths, closets, cupboards etc to hide in.

    • Needless to say this refugee crisis can be very confusing.
      I am hearing a lot of reports that say the refugees we now see in Greece, Hungary, Austria and now Germany were driven out of Syria by Assad, not ISIS.
      Harper has been somewhat misleading in trying to link these refugees directly to ISIS, and use them rev up the war rhetoric.

    • You are missing that whole law change in 2012 thing that makes it almost impossible for any of the refugees to come here.

      Also, when the PM uses a little boy’s death to justify putting troops in to bomb a country, that is using the situation for political gain. Not that I am not suggesting he is alone in doing that, but at least Trudeau and Mulcair are trying to do something for these people right now.

      I don’t think Harper is going to have a choice but to do something.

    • If you’re going to accuse others of ‘misrepresentation’ it would probably be a good idea not to fill your comment with them.
      Those camps are dealing with severe funding shortfalls. If the urgency is aid, why is Canada contributing less than countries a fraction of it’s size like the Netherlands and Norway?

      The Assad regime is responsible for by far the largest portion of the death and destruction in Syria. They’ve depopulated cities by indiscriminate bombing that forces those not killed to flee.
      If you’ve got evidence that IS is somehow responsible for more of the refugees, you’ll have to present it.

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