Trudeau responds -

Trudeau responds

The Liberal response to the Conservative attack ads


The new ad from the Liberals.

Et en francais.


Trudeau responds

  1. Good for him…..I hope they do a national ad buy on TV as well, on the same programming that those loathsome Action Plan and Attack ads run. I am getting more than a little sick of watching the government spend money on ads to promote themselves about an economy they are (at the very best read) simply caretaking…..and as for the attack ads, real tired of those especially out of an election period.

    • Personally, I wish all sides would stop wasting money on this nonsense and focus on governing. This is of course, a pipe dream. We are struggling with shortages of $$ for all sorts of projects, meanwhile all sorts of $$ is dumped into these sorts of ventures. In this case, I can’t really find fault with the Liberals, as they are pretty much forced into responding. Were they to ignore this, statistics/history shows that they would pay a price. I agree on your take on the “Action Plan” ads too. Less talk about doing things, and get more with the actual doing of things.

    • So have you donated to help fund “a national ad buy on TV”?

  2. I wonder why there is no actual channel change in French.

    • Just watched the french version, and am wondering the same. Did the Conservative attack ads also have french versions, and if so, were they substantially different from the English ones?

      • Yes, the same ads appeared in French and they were almost identical to the English ones. This is why I’m a bit perplexed.

        • I can almost imagine a Conservative twist in framing this – JT – He thinks Quebec is so much better that they warrant a distinct advert. ;)

          • Thank you for your thoroughly non-partisan view.

      • The strategy makes sense….his claim has been that the NDP and to a lesser degree the CPC have different messages in different parts of the country….

    • I would guess because in Quebec, the Liberals real opponent is the NDP and Bloc. The Tories are a non-factor there, adding the commercial wouldn’t add anything valuable (assuming it’s even getting airtime in Quebec – my question, is it?)

  3. As a non partisan observer, looking forward to how this plays out. My immediate reaction was that I thought the math background was misleading, as someone had mentioned he was a drama teacher. Turns out he did teach math. Serves me right for believing comments from people whose goals are to blindly discredit anything and everything to favour their narrow ideologies.

    • “Drama teacher” = Con lie.

      Here are the facts from Wiki: “After graduation, he worked as a social studies and French teacher at West Point Grey Academy and Sir Winston Churchill Secondary School in Vancouver, British Columbia.”

      • And that would matter if he were applying for the job as Premier, as education is in provincial jurisdiction.

        • Would you kindly explain then why it was OK for the Conservatives to attack/mock him for being a teacher? Using your logic, why are they bringing up provincial powers in the federal realm? Am waiting for what should no doubt be an amusing retort.

          • If the LPC (and supporters) is going to spend their time and money defending Trudeau’s resume as a teacher, it is they , Liberals, who think it is Trudeau’s weakness.
            So who is the target audience and what is the point?

          • First off…..if Trudueau did not respons with an ad, you would likely claim they are weak, if he did respond with a negative ad, you would say they doth protest too much…..So why don’t you just be honest and say that you like the CPC and any defense is going to bug you….it’s much more honest a response than the spin. So to your comment, where in the ad is he defending or even explaining his real background (as opposed to the imagined one the CPC is trying to push)? The mere fact that he is willing to create an ad and appear in it himself ALREADY differentiates himself from Harper as having much more integrity….please take note how Harper NEVER takes ownership of HIS odious little screeds.

          • I don’t think the goal of this ad is to defend JT as a teacher. I think the goal of the ad is to humanize him. Furthermore, I think the goal was to prove that he was not lying when he stated that he will not launch attack ads. As far as I can tell, they are banking on appealing to Canadians who are sick of the “attack all the time” style of politics. I am such a person. What is far from certain is whether this will work. With that said – what I think or feel about any of these ads is not really relevant, as they are targeted towards a different demographic.

          • “why it was OK for the Conservatives to attack/mock him for being a teacher?” Because having experience as a teacher makes you cut out for being a teacher, not leading a sovereign nation of over 30M people.

            Would you consider it an attack on teachers if I said I didn’t want a teacher doing brain surgery on me?

          • Do you honestly believe you have made a valid comparison here Rick (brain surgery – political leadership)? Your logic is ever so flawed, but I suspect bringing light to this will not matter one bit for you. So tell me Rick – What are the acceptable occupations? Explain to me the magic formula that defines your position.

          • Yes, I think the comparison is very apt. Both have to make decisions that affect people’s lives every day.

            There’s no magic formula. Political leaders should have experience with leadership, should be able to make the right decisions. Teachers lead children, and they don’t make decisions, everything they teach is dictated from above them.

            Now, if Trust Fund Trudeau had ever been a school principal, it’d be a different story. But teaching was too hard for him, so he quit.

          • This means that a teacher, who has to control a class room of around 30 kids or teenagers or older and has to make decisions for these kids is not good enough training. Look at the house of commons debates, I believe the level of experience as a school teacher will serve him well with a house of children.

            Same old story if the debate does not go the way cons want they start calling people names and making negative remarks. The comment above proves my point.

          • So by your logic a teenaged babysitter would have enough experience to be PM? You really think that a classroom of 30 children is on par with a country of over 30,000,000 people?

            I will concede that a classroom of 30 students is pretty close to the current Liberal caucus, however.

          • And having experience in a mail room makes you cut out for what, then?

          • Newsflash pal, Harper’s got 7 years of experience as PM. Which makes him cut out to be PM.

          • How much did he have in 2006?

          • The next election is in 2015, not 2006. If you want to try to re-fight the 2006 election with a different leader, I suggest you start building a time machine instead of trolling for Trust Fund Trudeau.

          • We were talking about the issue of experience for PM. Presumably if you’re not a hypocrite — which I understand is reaching — you realize all of your arguments wrt Trudeau’s lack of experience for PM apply equally well to Harper back before he was PM.

          • Yes, well again, this isn’t 2006. The 2006 election was about throwing the crooked Liberals out, wasn’t about experience. 2015 will be about Trust Fund Trudeau trying to make a case as to why he’d be better than Harper. Big difference there, if you care to understand the context. But I know, understanding isn’t your forte.

      • Hehe, it also doesn’t say anything about him being a math teacher.

        The truth about Trudeau’s teaching stint is that he was hired for his name, much like his current situation. The school brought him in because they thought his name would help with fundraising. It was one of the most elite private schools in the country, and that takes money. Nothing like a famous shiny pony to help bring in the donations.

    • Trudeau should be prancing about in a leotard teaching students how to emote if this ad was accurate.

      Maclean’s Nov 2012 – “Justin’s first real job, teaching French, literature and a bit of drama, was at Vancouver’s exclusive West Point Grey Academy.”

      • Harper was a mail room clerk before becoming a career politician. A high school teacher certainly trumps that. Given the hatchet job Harper did on the economy, clearly he’s the one in way over his head.

        • Yes he was a mailroom clerk, holding down a job while he got an education.
          Not born with a silverspoon in his mouth so he could hit the slopes, he had to work.
          And that is supposed to make him look unqualified?
          Harper has his masters in economics, and a long political career that includes writting platform policy for the Preston Manning.

          • Sharon….are you offended that someone refers to his mail-room roots? Don’t be, it’s the same facile malarky that the CPC are trying and have hurled at others elsewhere, diminishing their accomplishments, ‘skewing’ the facts to suit…..BTW Harper flunked out of U ot T before he got to U 0f C and his master in economics makes his economic guidance of this country all the MORE baffling AND I might add…..other than his stint as mail-room guy, Harper has always been in politcs in some way, he is no more an ‘ordinary guy’ from Calgary than I am. Also, if education is the bea and and end all…..I daresay that Dion, Ignatieff or Rae would be PM right now……Trudeau BTW, released his financial records and no, he wasn’t born with a silver spoon, isn’t rich and worked his way through school, as did his brothers…….

          • “he wasn’t born with a silver spoon, isn’t rich and worked his way through school” – That is a bald faced lie. Being born with a million dollar trust fund isn’t enough of a silver spoon for you?!?!

            Trust Fund Trudeau – He’s not middle class, but he’d like you to think so.

          • Not born with a silverspoon in his mouth so he could hit the slopes, he had to work.

            Yeah! He was barely able to dig his way off of the mean streets of a wealthy Toronto suburb, what with being the son of an oil company accountant. And we all know how little money they make.

          • Ya, because being the son of an accountant and working your whole life is totally comparable to being the son of a former Prime Minister who was left with a multi-million dollar trust fund.

      • Thank you for proving/qualifying my point Hester. You focus on one thing (drama teacher), but ignore other relevant information (that he taught other subjects). Keep drinking the kool-aid, and should anyone question the nutritional value of the kool-aid, just gulp it down even faster!

        • Ya, 2 long years as a substitute teacher. That must have really broadened his horizons.

    • As a Liberal observer, I find your claim of being non partisan quite funny. Care to read over your comments on this page?

      • Sure. I am clearly defending JT here. Do you believe that in doing so, that I must automatically be a Liberal? My personal belief is that attack ads are to be used when a writ is dropped. In between, I’d prefer focus to be on governing, and not pantomime. Does this help clarify?

  4. I bet Trudeau had to have a proper teacher, or even a clever student, do the math problem on the board behind him.
    Orwell – Political language — and with variations this is true of all political parties, from Conservatives to Anarchists — is designed to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable, and to give an appearance of solidity to pure wind.

    • I’ll also wager that he does not understand your extremely adept formula of “2+2=jello”. I imagine that such advanced learning is reserved only for special students such as yourself?

    • Trust Fund Trudeau doesn’t need to know how to do basic algebra, he’s got a team of highly intelligent high school math students surrounding him. Leadership is all about style, not silly mathematics! Why do you think he quit engineering?

  5. Speaking of TV ads. The Harper Conservatives spend $100M/yr of taxpayer money promoting themselves as awesome economic stewards.

    But the reality is all the strengths the economy *had* were due to Liberal policies:

    a) prudent banking regulation that prevented a financial market meltdown which afflicted many other countries (which Harper opposed.)

    b) sound fiscal management (Harper wasted the $14B surplus on a GST tax cut economists hated before the recession hit.)

    c) a stimulus package to cushion the blow from the Great Recession (Harper planned austerity measures like the UK [now in a triple-dip recession]; the Liberals and NDP intervened with a threat of non-confidence.)

    All Harper has managed to do is squander the advantages he inherited:

    CP: OECD says world economy beginning to rebound; Canada lagging U.S., Japan Germany;%20Canada%20lagging%20U.S.,%20Japan%20Germany

    • “The reality is all the strengths the economy *had* were due to Liberal policies”
      The debt to GDP ratio of liberal governments since Trudeau is an economic strength?
      Exact historiography teaches a different lesson: Ontario conservatism and Albertan anti-liberalism have filled the coffers of Ottawa and kept Canada on the political and economic rails for the past 50 years. The Quebec Regime in Ottawa from 1968 until 2006 has squandered a lot of the treasury on political and economic irrationalism, especially in French-Canada.
      Wake up and smell the coffee.
      Thousands of Canadians die each year because the do not receive the proper medical treatment they deserve when they need it the most.
      The high liberal apparatchiki always received the proper medical treatment they required when they needed it the most.

    • I like how you keep referring to tax cuts as a “waste”. It ensures another CPC majority in 2 years.

  6. In the Con attack ad, Harper takes Trudeau’s words completely out of context:

    The misleading attack ad :

    “Quebecers are better than the rest of Canada because, you know, we’re Quebecers or whatever. A lot more of us are bilingual, bicultural, a lot more awareness of the rest.”

    What he actually said:

    “[My father’s] philosophy, certainly as he passed it on to us, has always been Quebeckers are better than the rest of Canada because we’re Quebeckers or whatever — I mean, this idea that a lot more of us are bilingual, bi-cultural. There’s a lot more awareness of the rest and that’s a richness. Who’s to say that we should need special protection or special deals or special allowances that make us protected?”

    NP: Chris Selley: Conservative anti-Trudeau attack ad contains a whopper

    • Then why hasn’t Trust Fund Trudeau come out and unambiguously stated that he believes all Canadians are equal, regardless of where they come from?

      Hint: It’s because he doesn’t. He’s a Quebec elitist, always has been, always will be.

  7. Justin says he’s a son. Justin says he’s a father.

    Well, as far as most people know, Harper is a son. Harper is a father.

    So the difference here is that Justin is a teacher? And Canadians are his students???

    • You really should leave your logic to science you know.

    • That was exactly what I took from the ad. It was terribly condescending. We Canadians are just an unruly bunch of children that need Trust Fund Trudeau to keep us in line.

      • Bias makes one see what one wants to see. It’s pretty clear that you loathe the man, so I imagine your mind finds all sorts of ways to twist anything and everything to suit your views. In other words, I don’t think it would really matter how the ad was put together – you would simply find a way to justify it rubbing you wrong.

        • I don’t loathe him, I just don’t respect him because he’s accomplished so little in life, yet he think’s he’s cut out to run a country.

  8. Okay ad, I suppose. Found it rather dull, no real clear message. I like they’re staying positive, but think you need something a bit more adventurous than this.

    • I think the purpose of the ad is to show that Trudeau is a real person. The Republican attacks work by dehumanizing the target. It also shows him standing up to Harper’s bullying and taking the high ground.

      It can work by giving Canadians something to think about next time they see Harper’s sleaze polluting the airwaves.

  9. Lee Atwater always said to attack your opponents’ strengths, not their weaknesses. The Conservatives’ greatest strength by far has always been their incredibly effective negative ad machine. Just sayin’.

    • Conservatives may be following a ruthless Atwater type strategy, but why would Canadian progressives used American Republican techniques from the 1980s? We aren’t ruthless: we are ruthfull.

  10. Who is the target audience and what is the point?
    Education is provincial jurisdiction, and it looks rather like an intro to an on-line self improvement course…. for just $29.99 a month you too can……

    • I take it you haven’t seen the CPC ads where his teaching credentials are somehow considered a negative.

      • Ignatieff’s teaching credentials, which were far far superior to Trudeau’s, didn’t qualify him to run a country either.
        Why is the LPC going down that path again, it’s just puzzling.

        • Most bizarre logic. Translation – If you have ever been a certified teacher, you are not capable of leadership in politics. Make sure you share this insight with all teachers that you ever encounter.

          • It’s his political career that is lacking. Like that commercial where a guy on his graduation day expects to be handed the job of prez of a corporation.
            But heh, if a pedigree and great hair is what floats the LPC boat, knock yourselves out.

          • Sharon – If you study Canadian history, you will find that there were many leaders/politicians (of various parties) who had marginal/undeveloped political experience and did well. You will also find that there were many who had well seasoned political backgrounds, but failed in the task of leadership. I’m not saying JT has what it takes to lead Canada into a prosperous future – I simply think it is way too early to tell. As a matter of principle, I loathe anyone who tries to peddle such false certainties.

        • Average Canadians relate to classroom school teachers far more than to Harvard professors.

    • What a literal read of the ad….What kind of a red herring is the statement, education is a provincial jurisdiction? Right across this country people in THIS NATION can value the work of teachers and relate to the fact that their work has value and tranferable skills that can benefit leadership……what ARE you not getting? or did you really just want to say that you support another party and are miffed that this ad exists? it’s a fair thing to say….and it would have made much more sense.

  11. Trust Fund Trudeau is just getting more and more condescending as the weeks pass. I’m pretty sure he’ll be calling all Canadians who vote for Stephen Harper stupid red neck rubes by the end of the month.

    • Well, that would certainly be the progressive thing to do.

    • lol @Rick. Seems if JT does not call the HarperCons names, then the HarperCons will do it to themselves!

  12. B-b-but he didn’t slander mock or denigrate. Is this a political ad or isn’t it?