Trudeau says Tory defector Eve Adams must prove herself -

Trudeau says Tory defector Eve Adams must prove herself

Floor-crossing MP Adams confirmed that she intends to seek the Liberal nomination in Eglinton-Lawrence

Chris Wattie/Reuters

Chris Wattie/Reuters

OTTAWA – Tory defector Eve Adams’ willingness to prove her mettle in a difficult Toronto riding was a key part of the decision to welcome her into the federal Liberal party, Justin Trudeau says.

Adams confirmed Wednesday she intends to seek the Liberal nomination in Eglinton-Lawrence, hoping to take on Finance Minister Joe Oliver in the election scheduled for October.

She currently represents Mississauga-Brampton South but last year attempted to switch to the newly created Oakville North-Burlington riding, where she became embroiled in an ugly Conservative nomination fight last year.

She and her opponent were forced to withdraw amid allegations of dirty tricks on both sides. Late last month, the governing party barred her from running anywhere due to the alleged misconduct in Oakville.

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In an interview Wednesday with Winnipeg radio station CJOB, Liberal Leader Trudeau conceded Adams’ baggage did give him pause when she approached him about switching parties.

“Certainly, there is always a reflection to be had around this. But Eve has been a very strong local voice, municipal councillor for many, many years, deeply committed to service.”

Trudeau indicated that Adams’ willingness to do some tough slogging in a difficult riding was central to his decision to welcome her into Liberal ranks.

“One of the things that we agreed is that she’s going to have to convince an awful lot of Liberals and local folks that she is the best voice for them … and then she’s going to take on someone who is a pillar of the Conservative party to demonstrate her strength and her value as a politician.”

Oliver did not appear overly concerned, noting in a statement that the Liberals have yet to nominate a candidate to run against him.

“In the meantime, I will continue to do what I have done for the last four years; represent the values and interests of the people of Eglinton-Lawrence,” he said.

Oliver may yet benefit from a split in Liberal ranks over Adams’ defection.

The riding’s provincial Liberal MPP, Mike Colle, told The Canadian Press on Tuesday it’s “preposterous” to think a former Tory from Mississauga can simply parachute into a riding and a party she knows nothing about.

In an interview Wednesday with Toronto radio station CP24, Adams said she has some family in the riding, worked there for a time and intends to buy a house in the constituency.

“I can tell you that I have received a great deal of local support but it is going to come down to meeting with people, winning them over and ensuring them that in fact I am here to work awfully hard and to advocate for them,” she said.

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The riding was a Liberal stronghold until 2011 when Oliver defeated former Liberal cabinet minister Joe Volpe by a comfortable margin of about 4,000 votes.

Volpe had been considering running again but insiders say he’s decided to remain on the sidelines, as has his son, Flavio.

According to insiders, Adams met with Volpe on Tuesday and asked him to co-chair her campaign. He declined.

Lawyer Marco Mendicino has already been cleared by the Liberal vetting committee and has been campaigning for the nomination. He is emphasizing that he’s a longtime Liberal with deep roots in the riding.


Trudeau says Tory defector Eve Adams must prove herself

  1. Cons are predictably panicked about this…Eve and Dimitri know where all the bodies are buried.

    • The regular Conservative Ottawa pundit types are so busy piling on Eve like tigers yesterday and today they don’t get what’s happened at all.
      Trudeau now has Dimitri on his side and nobody has to do anything.
      The CPC are preparing their attack/hate ads right now and Dimitri Soudas is a DETERRENT.
      The nuke option now exists.

      • LOL yes you wouldn’t know there was anything important going on in the world….everything is about Eve. Which wouldn’t happen if she wore a brown bun and glasses….or gawd forbid, grey hair…either.

        But she was at the Con table just last week…..and she knows all the players and all the secrets…..[and what she doesn’t know, Dimitri does] and…. she knows the election campaign plans.

        And she’s not even a candidate! So there’s nothing to squawk about.

        • Oh yes, clearly these two, after being tossed to the curb by the Conservatives, are clearly big wins for team Trudeau. I mean, look at how pretty they look together in that picture? It’s totes adorbes!

    • Yes they are Emily, but the MSM need to sell news and a smear campaign seems to be more attractive than the real story. Like I posted in an earlier comment, Eve Adams was as close to Harper as her side kick, and if anyone knows where the bodies are too, it’s Eve. She had to use Harpers bullhorn in the HOCs everyday, she was face to face with Harper everyday until 8:59 the day she walk across the floor. Harper was jilted, so he used the media to smear her and Trudeau, and again the media as hungry as they are for instead of real news, took the bait and ran with it. We may find out the truth down the road, like we normally do, and it may not be anywhere near what the media have been spewing, remember the “root cause”, I didn’t hear the media defending Trudeau when the American general told the world, we need to look into “root causes”. The MSM didn’t bother to defend Trudeau’s comments then.

      • The totally sexist trashing of Adams has been wild, with the media not even seeing their own actions in an honest way.
        For example they could have said “what discipline and self control and political maturity she showed in keeping the Cons in the dark as she negotiated with the Libs.”
        Only if the crosser was male me thinks.

        • Saying the phrase “political maturity” in the same sentence as Eve “Car Wash Hissy Fit” Eves is pretty funny. She got banned from running for her party, after not even serving a full term.

          • Lot of hate out there.

          • They did pile on her for keeping mum until the day of the announcement and fooling everybody.
            In her case I guess it’s hypocrisy, Harper does the same thing a genius.

  2. Hello all;

    This is all heady stuff, and I love reading about it. Politics: Plots within plots and games within games.

    The Conservatives gain by “losing” somebody they did not want anymore. Eve Adams was poison, if not toxic to them.

    The Liberals (or at least Justin Trudeau) seem to think that they have gained something and are titillated because they have a new, attractive “rising star” on their side, but whose real value lies in her husband’s past job and inside knowlege as the (strategic) executive director of the Conservative Party of Canada.

    Upon review, and after digesting the public reaction, Mr. Trudeau has now stated that Ms. Adams will need to earn her nomination to run as an MP, and that she knew this before she walked.

    Maybe her husband knew this as part of the secret deal for her defection, but I really wonder if she did. It didn’t seem like it at the initial press conference.

    Maybe this most recent announcement is an afterthought as damage control to save face after the Liberals started to realize that the public was somewhat less than impressed with the political value of their new star candidate and how she seemed to expect special treatment (to be parachuted into the riding of her choice) for services rendered to the now wonderful, inspiring Liberal leadership of Mr. Trudeau.

    Here is the thing: When does Mr. Soudris share his inside knowlege, and how much of it does he share? Before his wife/fiance gains the (or “a”) nomination, or afterwards? What really is the quid pro quo (payback) for the “cross over to your side” deal here?

    Maybe Mr. Soudris is an opportunistic double agent, and this is really a double con . . . or a triple con, or even a quadruple con . . . . What I do know is that somebody has been conned and is being “used” here, and it is probably Mr. Trudeau conning himself.

    Am I cynical? No kidding. . . Is Mr. Harper pleased? No doubt.

    Have I lost faith in the Liberals? Not at all.

    As cynical as I am, I did not have any faith in Mr. Trudeau’s youthful good looks to start with. After the honeymoon is over, “youthful good looks” are not much of a political asset.

    In closing, best wishes and best regards to all;
    I am most sincerely yours;

    Mr. Brian Leslie Engler

    • So one guy(TM)steals 2.7 million of taxpayers funds to run satellite offices to cheat in the next election and another guy(SH) using bribes to shut up a senator and now has to possibly become a witness to his own crime, and that’s all we get from you is Justin Trudeau is too good looking for you to vote for, you need help man. He(JT) opened the door for a Conservative parliamentary secretary from the Harper government to walk across the floor, and because it jilted Harper, the MSM helped him(SH) run a smear campaign again against Trudeau, and you think Trudeau doesn’t have the assets to be PM. I guess corruption is your forte. There is nothing corrupt about crossing the floor, they do all the time in politics. You know Eve Adams may have more knowledge of how Harper ticks than her sidekick ever would know, after all, she was very close to Harper, she had to use Harpers bullhorn in the HOCs, and she new the day to day activity too place up to 8:59 on the day she joined the grits. This is all inside the bubble and the media were waiting like sharks chum for a smear campaign, after all Harper only answers two scripted and well advanced question, but loves the camera and more narcissistic than any PM in Canadian history. One more thing, Harper would kill to have Trudeau’s hair, because if he didn’t, people like you wouldn’t have anything to complain about.