Trudeau v. Ignatieff


Someone with an impressive video library has uploaded to YouTube footage of a younger Michael Ignatieff interviewing Pierre Trudeau. Fifty minutes in English. Then, apparently, 50 minutes in French.

Rather fascinating meeting of minds and voices. 

Full English conversation after the jump in five parts. French links here. (First spotted by Red Tory.)







Trudeau v. Ignatieff

  1. Wait till they get the Ignatieff BBC interviews on Youtube. Must see TV!

    Any idea when this was taped — 1994, 1995?

  2. I know quite a few liberals who will experience a spontaneous orgasm after watching the first 30 seconds of this video. Aaron, you should have posted this in the evening to avoid embarassing situations for those liberals who watched this during working hours.

    • Classy.

      • Thanks. I should also mention that the more I see of Ignatieff’s old video footage, the more I like him. The Liberals would do well to disseminate clips like these to a larger audience.

    • Not even remotely funny, are you from Alberta?

  3. Wow….

    That is all.

  4. (8:57 in the third video):

    Trudeau on Keynesianism: “I don’t think Keynesianism is dead…the idea of countercyclical budgeting is still a good idea and I think even a very conservative economist would realize that it would be a mistake to greatly increase taxes in a time of depression in order to retire a deficit that had been retired in earlier times.”

    From Maclean’s interview with PM Stephen Harper:

    “First of all there’s nothing—I should be clear—there’s nothing unconservative about running deficits during a recession. There’s actually pretty strong economic theory that would indicate that you don’t start raising taxes and reducing government economic activity during a downturn, but what we’ve got to be sure of as we enter a deficit [is] that those spending measures are short-term and that we’re in a position where, as the economy recovers, we move back into surplus. ”

    Long live Keynesianism?

  5. Videos no longer available? Who would pull them. I´m sorely disappointed.

  6. disappointed too – if they were worth pulling down then they must have been interesting – sorry to have missed them.
    Liked the quotes from Trudeau echoed by Harper. Funny how he plagiarizes!

    • June
      he didn’t plagiarise … there are similarities of thought (very few) but all the PM is saying (to those who would call running a deficit “unconservative” that he believes they’re wrong- besides even PET admits that conservative economics don’t believe in raising taxes in a recession ….Harper is actually contemplating reducing taxes….
      you’d do well to bone up a bit on your economics – try reading Frederic Bastiat or Milton Friedmann – there’s actually vids on youtube of Friedmann
      or Hayek – then you will see that PET didn’t have the corner on economics but actually there’s quite a dvierstiy of opinion and theory in the field. Bastiat wrote his classic “Essays on Political Economy: 160 yr ago – not intentional but interesting that it was the same year that 2 other guys wrote an economic treatise from the opposite end of the spectrum, namely Marx & Engels “Communist Manifesto”

  7. I lived the through the Reign of the first Saint PierreTrudeau. Just the thought of this man still sends my hair to stand on end.

    Now there is another Trudeau in the wings.

    There is one thing positive about getting old. I will be dead and I won’t have live through another Trudeau Regime, the worst PM Canada ever had, and the younger Trudeau will one day be PM because most Canadian voters haven’t go a clue when it comes to marking a ballot in any any election.

    May God have mercy on your souls

    • It shows that you never met the man! And a poor judge of character you are.

      • I met the man alright, and for a short time at his second kick at the the can, I was a young Police Officer attached to the RCMP Security Service guarding him.

        I like the others providing security, it was my job to take a bullet for him if it became necessary. Then I watched him devistate the economy.

        I never voted Liberal again and never will.

        He wasn’t even a real Liberal. He was a closet scolalist.

        • I just love it when some devastate the English language.

    • As a Westerner (BC), i too lived through that period, with Pierre Trudeau as PM. It is laughable to have Mr. Harper slammed as an autocrat and virtual dictator, after suffering a real dictator with those years of Trudeaus reign.

      • Funny, i thought we lived in a democracy. He lasted 15yrs, somebody must’ve liked him.

  8. Why? Could you atleast tell us why we can’t view the ideos now?

  9. June,
    Evidently you do not live in Alberta and or do not having even a basic understanding of the sordid history of Trudeau regarding taxes and the Canadian economy. Trudeau was responsible for implementing a program wherein the federal government would apply a tax on all oil and gas shipments to the US. Of course this was the infamous National Energy Program which effectively robbed the Alberta treasury of upwards of 100 billion dollars. The NEP near;y cost us the province of Alberta. Today such an action would seriously divide the country to the extent that it would probably end up as two countries. If that is not enough character for you, add in the finger that he gave to British Colombians and the infamous “F Off” he gave in parliament to a western Canadian MP and the huge deficits he run up in the name of “a just society”, (which nearly left us “just” out of money),. From a fiscal perspective, definitely a complete disaster, no doubt about it. Do we need another one like him? Only complete fools would.

    • Actually i did live in Alberta and while i’m not qualified to pass judgement on the nep i do know that it was forever afterwards in the interests of Alberta’s conservatives to keep this ” outrage” alive in the publics mind, but that’s just politics i guess. There is even some evidence that the collapse of the drilling industry was not just because of Trudeau’s policies but due[ in part] to a collapse in oil prices[ yes the nep hardly helped] If it was simply the nep why did the industry also collapse in Dallas? Hardly Trudeau’s fault.
      The finger in salmon Arm was juvinile, i don’t remember the context. The fuddle duddle incident is something that every harrassed mp in the house has fantisized of doing ever since. The debt was his great weakness, but i remember some pretty tough times around that period and they weren’t limited to Canada. Any way, we westerners had our chance under Mulroney to set things straight, we all know how that turned out. To be fair to Mulroney, ” shit happens” and good intentions go awry. It’s a comman failing which we are all subject to at one time or other.

      • KC,
        I doubt very much that you worked in the oil industry, at least in a capacity where you would know what was going on vis-a -vis pricing and economics or you would have known that the Canadian oil industry was far more damaged by the NEP than any price decline that affected the US industry. Oil drilling in Alberta , unlike in the USA, nearly came to a complete stoppage. Tens of thousands of people lost their jobs and thousands more lost their businesses. I resent your inference that the NEP was not primarily responsible for the horrendous damage to the Canadian oil industry when it was.

        The Canadian Petroleum Association supported cutbacks in Alberta production to the east in protest of the price cutbacks that the Trudeau regime brought in their equally infamous”two price system”. In the two price system, Canadian oil producers (primarily Albertan at the time) received a lower price for oil that was sent to eastern refineries as opposed to that oil that was exported to the US. The selling of oil below world oil price equated to a subsidization of eastern gasoline and other oil products prices in eastern Canada by Alberta producers and Alberta tax payers.
        You did say that you lived in Alberta, perhaps after but not during the NEP, or were a child at the time, in any case you are not displaying that you are knowledgeable on the subject thus I agree with you when you say “while i’m not qualified to pass judgement on the nep”, thus I question why you did comment on it.

        • Michael
          Way to confirm my pt that that many folks in Alberta have kept this issue alive for political reasons. And yes i did work briefly on the rigs and lived through those times. [ does 15yrs qualify] I qualified my remarks because i don’t have indepth knowledge of the economis issues. Yes lots of folks were harmed economically, and no i did not say it was good policy. I was surprised myself to find an article that argued that the whole industry collapsed [ us too] thus raising a possibility that the NEP was not entirely responsible fo the collapse. Sorry to spoil yr enjoyment of a 30yr+ resentment of eastern Canada. try and remember we live in one country , it’s called Canada. It’s well past time for old resentments to be retired, whether we are talking about Alberta or Quebec.
          It may interest you to know that M

          • sorry – Mulroney kept the NEP alive for 3 more yrs. He probably had a reason. Like i said: shit happens.

          • KC,
            You don’t understand. I have no resentment towards my fellow Canadian be they Quebecers, Ontario or Nunuvations, I do however have lots of resentment for a certain political party and it’s leader, at the time a very arrogant, very autocratic fellow by the name Trudeau who was responsible for the NEP and the other wholesale damage that was done to the Canadian economy during his time in office. What is so amusing is that so many Canadians (like KC), still liked this disaster of a Prime Minister because he was flippant, he had sex appeal, he was so athletic, he had such a social conscience and other equally irrelevant attributes unrelated to those of a real statesman. He shall remain our most arrogant PM ever who brought much damage to the country from both an economical and unity perspective.
            Such a fine gentleman, well I salute him As he saluted British Columbians one winter morning, and I say “F- Him” as he said in parliament, and I will not beat up on my wife and give her black eyes as he was believed to have done. Why on earth would any Canadians want another one like him?

  10. The videos have already been removed. What’s up with that? Why were they on YouTube to begin with?

  11. Put the damn video back!

    • Once the gods hath taken they never exlplain.

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