Tax plan will result in hundreds of millions in lost revenue: report -

Tax plan will result in hundreds of millions in lost revenue: report

Evan Solomon talks to Assistant Parliamentary Budget Officer, Mostafa Askari about what the report means


A new report from Parliament’s budget watchdog is more bad news for Canada’s Finance Minister Bill Morneau. The report found that the new Liberal tax bracket changes will cost them hundreds of millions of dollars more than they expected in lost revenue. That depressing report comes on top of another one that found the Canadian’s consumer debt is sky high. Where will the revenues comes from?

As Parliament resumes on Monday and the Trudeau government starts to deliver on all its promises, they may have to start looking under the couch cushions for pennies to pay for them.

Evan Solomon spoke with the Assistant Parliamentary Budget Officer, Mostafa Askari.


Tax plan will result in hundreds of millions in lost revenue: report

  1. After the Selfie hangover concludes, its going to be awfully fun to watch Canada’s Robin Hood Prime Minister go through his Dumb as a Dumptruck economic phase.

    • Oh,oh, maybe instead of people wanting to take their picture with Trudeau he could have a video crew follow him around at taxpayer expense and make videos. He could call it “24/7” just like Harper did.

      Then you would be so impressed by it.

      Then maybe he could cut the GST by 2% and instead of costing a speculative “hundreds of millions” it would cost tens of billions. Then you would be praising him for cutting taxes instead of hating him for cutting taxes.

      But I doubt you’ll ever realize the the PBO’s not stating a fact but simply reporting on the results of their particular economic modelling which could be wrong just as it has been in the past.

    •’re pretty smart and I get your point, however, haven’t you noticed that Justin and Rona are actually politician-bots who will eventually shed their skin, pull out ray-guns, and barbecue all the dopes that actually thought they were real people instead of temporary top end skimmer’s of our tax dollars cuz they went to University or they knew some one that did…c’mon don’t take these ” Mar’s Attacks” poop-bots seriously…it’s their hair that trick’s your eyes…trust me just a few feet away a supernatural invisible being is pooping himself laughing…

  2. This means he will be leaving hundreds of millions in our pockets, right? I am good for keeping my small portion of that.

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  3. The Trudeau government appears more interested in reverse every single thing the previous government, did as opposed to understanding to managing the economy.

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